A Message from Yasir Qadhi & Nouman Ali Khan

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donation.jpgAsalaam Alaikum

It is with great pleasure and pride that we note that our website, MuslimMatters.org, which was launched a little over two years ago, has become one of the premier Muslim blogs on the internet scene (and all praise is due to Allah for this). Our blog has now become, for many of its readers, a primary source of information for political, social, and theological issues of relevance to the Muslim world. Additionally, the pragmatic and realistic vision that it has, coupled with its commitment to the classical tradition of Islam, makes it extremely unique on the Internet scene and a source of inspiration for many.

As with any organization that grows, it now feels the need of taking the blog to higher and higher levels, and this, of course, requires many resources. Time, computer talent and Islamic scholarship are definitely required, so if anyone can help out, please do drop a line to our website stating how you feel you can help. We’re also in need of finances, and your generous donations would contribute effectively in this cause.

And whether you’re able to give your time and money or not, the least that we ask, and in fact your most precious input, will be in the form of your duaas. As this holy month comes to a close, let us remember to pray for all efforts and causes out there that seek to spread the pure worship of Allah based upon the methodology of His Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

Yours in peace,

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Yasir Qadhi


Muslim Matters, more than any other forum I know of, has the potential of turning into the unified voice of reason for the mainstream Muslim community in the United States.

In addition, I feel that it is the means by which communities from across this vast country can truly start collaborating and synchronizing their efforts in areas of activism, education and social services.

Not only do we need to ensure that it thrive, but that it grows far beyond its current scope and sphere of influence, both of which are already remarkably impressive.

Nouman Ali Khan

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4 responses to “A Message from Yasir Qadhi & Nouman Ali Khan”

  1. Ahmed says:

    Yasir & Nouman

    Jazakum Allah kheir for all your efforts. I really like the blog. But just as you suggest there is room for improvement. I recommend you open it up to different topics that are important to our community to discuss. We need to stay abreast of community news and projects. We need to hear about: business, philanthropy, social projects, and political organizing. I know of a few people who would be great at contributing such content. In addition, your podcasts need to improve in sound quality. If you need help with that, let me know what you are using and I’ll try and help. Barak Allah feekom and insh’Allah this is just a start for an excellent discourse.

  2. Amad says:

    Br. Ahmed, jazakAllahkhair for your suggestions. Please email us with your suggestions and names/articles of writers… we definitely could use help in the areas you mentioned. Most of our writers do not operate or specialize in the areas you mentioned, so it will be great to hear your perspectives on them inshallah.

  3. Ahmad Najib says:

    Dear Nouman and Yasir,
    MashAllah good effort, deep insight and well reflected website.I am a great admireer on internet and the profound effects it has on today’s youth, simply a click away.Your time and efforts will be well rewarded InshAllah here and herefater.keep up the good work.also let me know how can i help, because I have free weekends every other week and would love to help.I am not a computer whizz but can post some articles from various websites.I have compiled a small booklet conating stories of revrts around the world.with your permission i would like to post them here.May be some day non muslim stumble on it and get Allah’s hadaya.I have also some simple poems on faith if you guys are interested.
    Eid Mubarak brothers, especially to Nouman and his family.
    Your brother…Najib

  4. Allah's slave says:


    Assalaamualekum wa rehmatullahi wabarkatuhu

    First of all Jazakh Allah Khair brothers for the unremitting zeal and inspiring effort to uplift morally starved youth of today who reside in the west….Masha’Allah your impact has whirlpooled far and wide and continue to impress many ….there may be many silent avid readers of your blog and i am sure their duas are always with you….not just this blog but the many islamic lectures both of you give are an elixir for the imaan …truly we all need an alchemy of hearts in these times of trial….May Allah swt reward you and all the people around the world who are reviving the pulse of the Ummah within their own capacities with the best in both the worlds…aameen

    Jazakh Allah Khair

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