Open Thread 9-7-08: MM Ramadan Recap

Lots of Ramadan activity lately. Here’s a recap of some of what we have posted at MM this month since its been pretty hectic here lately.

Short Story Contest, Check out the Prizes!!!

Ramadan Reflections and Hitting the Ground Running from Dr. Ali

Executive Ramadan Reminders and Fiqh of Fasting Workshop from AbdulNasir (newest on-board shaykh)

Reading Quran in Ramadan – Abu Bakr

Civil Rights: Afia Siddiqui, Sami al-Arian, Imam Qatanani

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Multimedia: Virtues of Ramadan (Yasir Qadhi),  AlMaghrib Ramadan Shout-out, ISNA recap.

Kicking the Habit – Sh. Tawfique

Blast from the Past: 2007 Conference Call transcript, Moonsighting

More Ramadan Stuff: Ramadan for Kids, Change We Can Believe In, Ramadan to the Max, Hakeem Olajuwon

Also keep an eye out for a special article on the Quran from Nouman Ali Khan :)

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One response to “Open Thread 9-7-08: MM Ramadan Recap”

  1. innalhamdolillah. bismillah.

    it’s not Sunday, but i would like to use this thread to post a request for more articles reminding the readers of the importance of improving one’s akhlaque in Ramadan, of the concepts that the fast is not just to prevent food from going in but to keep evil from coming out of your mouths (and keyboards).

    subhanAllah, there are comments made in some threads this month that it saddened me to have read.

    and for that reason in certain threads, especially the article reporting the death of brother WD Muhammad, there should have been rigorous moderation. when someone tried to report to the Prophet sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam evil about a sahabi who was not present, another sahabah rigorously interceded to defend his brother.

    could not the MM moderators go back and clean up that thread even now? i would remove from that thread, if from no other, every comment other than duas and Allah’s reminder to us all “inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.”

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