MM’s Ramadan Special: Short Story Contest ’08 (Cash Prizes & More!!)

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Co-Sponsors: AlMaghrib Institute & Texas Dawah Convention (TDC)

Nights of Power: Short Tales of Inspiration.

Ramadhaan is the best and most blessed of months, one in which we challenge ourselves to strive and improve in ‘ebaadah, emaan, and akhlaaq: an emotional month of soft hearts and tears of taqwa. Every Ramadhaan is a month of personal challenges, spiritual growth, learning experiences, and beautiful memories etched into our very hearts.

Now, MuslimMatters wants YOU to share a particularly poignant Ramadan moment with us. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us bow our heads in awe at the Mercy and Might of Allah ‘azza wa jal – in 1000 words or less!

  • Type of stories: Inspiring Ramadhaan experiences/ moments (non-fiction). Ramadan in other countries… anything interesting and unique. ETA: Any inspiring anecdote, as long as you can link it to Ramadhaan!
  • Length: Maximum 1000 words.
  • Deadlines: No later than mid-Ramadan or September 23.
  • Exclusivity: Must be original, not previously published. Full copyrights will belong to MM  
  • Restrictions: Nothing that is of course haraam, or encourages haraam. Must have some quality of inspiring.
  • Judges: Staff will choose best 3. Our Shayookh will vote for 1 through 3. The winning articles will be posted on MM, as well as potentially other non-winning articles (at MM’s discretion).
  • Send Questions/Stories to:


  • 1st Prize ($350+ Value):
    • $150 Cash + Book: “Towards Understanding Our Religion – collected articles from al-Basheer, the magazine” edited by Sheikh Jamal Zarabozo + 1 Free AlMaghrib Registration
  • 2nd Prize ($275+ Value):
    • $75 Cash + Book: “When the Moon Split: the Biography of the Prophet” + 1 Free AlMaghrib Registration
  • 3rd Prize  ($200 Value):
    • Book: “Ar-Risaalat at-Tabukiyyah” by Ibn al-Qayyim, edited by Muhammad al-Jibaly + 1 Free AlMaghrib Registration
  • Three Consolation Prizes ($50+ ea):
    • Texas Dawah Adult Single Registration

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48 responses to “MM’s Ramadan Special: Short Story Contest ’08 (Cash Prizes & More!!)”

  1. Amad says:

    I am going to beat MR on this one… talking about competition, another good one goes on on MR’s site every year… prize is lots of ajr :)

    MR’s Online Qur’an Reading Contest Ramadan 2008/1429

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    I am so totally hyped for this… I can’t wait for the stories to come pouring through, insha’Allah! :D
    Masha’Allah, I know that the MM crowd is made up of amazing brothers and sisters with much to share with us… so come on, people! Dig up those memories and type them up and send them in! I’m waaaaaiiiiitttttiiiiinnngggg!!!!!!

  3. MR says:

    LOL @ Amad!~ man I even woke up extra early before fajr to adveritse! LOL

  4. sarah says:

    assalamualaikum… i really want to participate inshallah.. but almost feel blank…………….awwwwwwwwww plz make dua for me

  5. Komal says:

    This is an awesome initiative mashaAllah!

  6. Komal says:

    maybe the MM admins could post this on the almaghrib forums as well

  7. iMuslim says:

    I take it MM staff are not eligible to enter? Awww… {sad face}

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  9. Sana K says:

    MashaAllah excellent idea!

  10. Reem says:

    i want to participate, am i too young :( ?
    if it was fiction it would be much easier :)

  11. Reema says:

    I am a first timer here, this website has come a long way in a short time – good luck.


  12. sara says:


    I’ll try and I may have a good chance

  13. Ameera says:


    Are the prizes exclusively for American/Canadian Muslim bloggers? What about possible Asian winners? (not that I’m ALL concerned about prizes… or, um, well… maybe I am… :$)

  14. amad says:

    Salam… Sr. Ameera, anyone can participate. Of course, if you don’t live in these areas, you may not be able to use the maghrib/tdc prizes, but cash and CDs are good everywhere :)

  15. Reem says:

    I hope my story wins, inshAllah. yup, i already wrote one :D

  16. SH says:

    What a sweet reward ma sha’ Allah! Who wouldn’t give in for a free class with the coolest shuyookh on the block ? :) Alhamdulilah.

  17. AnonyMouse says:

    Book prizes confirmed! Some rockingly awesome titles, masha’Allah… come on, people! Start sending in those submissions!

  18. Ainol says:


    sorry i cannot take any prizes and games.. if you have share and give the donation. Good rewards from Allah , angels…

    happy Ramadan to all muslims , everyone and group… Allah Blessings…


  19. Ameera says:

    I’ve sent in my story, Alhamdolillah! *TOTALLY EXCITED*

  20. Hamdi says:

    Is it allowed to send in more than one story? If not, can someone who already sent in a story send in a new one that replaces the old?

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  22. Anonymous says:


    so…. who won? are you guys going to say the name on the website….. i cant wait to find out!

  23. AnonyMouse says:

    UPDATE! Extended deadline! You have until the 23rd to send in your stories… hurrrrrrryyyyyyyyy! :D

  24. Reem says:

    aww, now i can’t find out who won earlier :(

  25. patiently waiting says:

    So when are the winners going to be announced…………Eid? awwwwww, what perfect timing :D

  26. eu says:

    Tomorrow the big day? Have the winners or not yet?

  27. Amad says:

    Tomorrow is the last day for stories to be turned in… may take another week for winners to be announced.


  28. NativeDeen3 says:

    lol I handed mine in at 12:02 am on the last day…I wonder if it’ll count as the 23rd or the 24th…

  29. Amad says:

    Native, 12:02 EST? We’ll assume you turned it in at 9:02 PDT then :)

    Good luck to all of you… may Allah grant you all ajr for taking the time to enter the competition… win or lose, you have already earned the reward inshallah :)

    I would like to add that because everyone is so busy with the Ramadan Sale, it may be a couple of weeks before we get everything sorted out. We don’t want to short-change the effort of those who participated by doing a lousy job. So, please bear with us… inshallah, we’ll try our best to sort it out quickly.


  30. eu says:

    Yeah, all busy with Ramadan & Eid,i will go back to home town on eid, and many others, i am sure of it, will be fine if is announced on this weekend, or after Eid.Even can`t sleep at night :)

  31. AZZA says:

    Who is the winner?

  32. Amad says:

    salam Sr. Azza, pls see my previous comment :)

  33. ilmsummitee says:

    What does a couple of weeks mean? like 2wks?

    SubhanAllah, I was hoping it would be unveiled as the Eid present. But for the meantime, we all have work to do & lives to run and Ramadan, so patience should do :)

    JazakumuAllahu khairan for organizing this. Cant wait to read the stories.

  34. Reem says:

    aww., it’s been a week…. Gimme the winner names! please? pretty please? pretty pinky please????? im saying it sweetly!

  35. eu says:

    nothing so far.Already going to be weeks.

  36. AnonyMouse says:

    Fasbir sabran jameela :)

    Insha’Allah we’ll have it by this week! We got some amazing entries, masha’Allah, so it’s a tough job for us to sort through them all :)

  37. Amad says:

    Inshallah, our goal is to have the stories and winners announced the week of October 13.

    I have to agree with Anonymouse… the stories were amazing… almost every one of them touched me personally… so they will be a treat inshallah for everyone!

  38. ilmsummitee says:

    Will we be able to read all the stories submitted? or at least the top 5 or 10?

    Again, JazakumuAllahu khairan sis Anonymouse and bro Amad and all the volunteers who are putting all this together! BarakAllahu feekum.

  39. Amad says:

    inshallah, we will eventually share pretty much all the stories… i think at least the top 10… they were really that good…

    starting tomorrow inshallah… stay tuned :)

  40. ilmsummitee says:

    Alhamdulilah and then…………………………….Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  41. eu says:


  42. sara says:

    Looking forward to yesterday.

  43. eu says:

    Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Already 14 Oct, going to 15.

  44. Amad says:

    Sara/eu: I believe you didn’t look hard enough :)

    The first winning entry was posted yesterday (now moved to feature post)… We’ll keep posting winners all week.

  45. Kayleigh says:

    How do I get published? I also have a cool story!!

  46. Celsa says:


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