Open Thread Sunday 8/24/08

After inadvertently missing last week’s Open Thread, its time to vent two weeks’ worth!

But before you vent, we have a special request. A brother is going to be interviewing Jamal Zarabozo, and wants to know what questions would you ask him specifically, and any shayookh in general?? Add your question in the comments below.

As you may have heard, Channel 4 is up to its dirty tricks again! Another fakeomentary coming up on September 1. Interesting timing? If it didn’t hit you… its going to be the first of Ramadan likely! Is there more evidence of their sinister, evil and lowly intentions than timing their lies on the same day as the start of the holiest month for Muslims? And of course eleven days before 9/11… nice time to stoke Islamophobia!

So, who’s up to writing a little investigative piece on who is financing the channel, the program, and what Muslims should do preemptively against yet another attack on the Muslim community? I wonder when these haters will go into orthodox Jewish synagogues or Southern Baptist churches and record some other anti-homosexual, or anti-Muslim rhetoric? Well, in fact, the latter rhetoric is on all the time… but it is ok. As long as it is Islamophobia, its fine. But touch antisemitism or homophobia, and you are branded as intolerant, uncivilized, and “unBritish” or “unAmerican”. What hypocrites! Hope this encourages one of you to want to write about this. If it does, email us with your piece!

bidensharon.jpgAs we all know by now, esp. if you signed up for a text message (anyone here did?), Obama picked Joe Biden (Pennsylvania born, Irish Catholic, Delaware Senator) as his VP choice. I hope to write a more detailed piece on this, but here are highlights that don’t look too good for Muslims (almost McCain’ish): Supports the US having a long-term presence in Iraq, supports unilateral military action, is a self-described Zionist [Foreign Policy]; a little better on civil liberties but not much– supports habeas corpus for Gitmo prisoners, opposes torture, but like all senators (save one) voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act [Civil Liberties]. On education, he is a strong public-school supporter (no charter or voucher-based system that would have helped Islamic schools) [Education].

I was actually a bit surprised by the choice because I wasn’t sure if Biden added anything. But the Zionism part makes this all crystal-clear now :) As a resident of Delaware, I have written to Biden’s office protesting airport treatment, but the office did nothing. And that’s what I see the elections to do for Muslim and non-Muslim Americans: nothing.

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6 responses to “Open Thread Sunday 8/24/08”

  1. Abū Ilyās says:

    To Jamal Zarabozo:

    Al-Salamu ‘alaykum,

    Many years ago you gave a detailed lecture series on the Modernists and their infiltration amongst the Muslims. Do you have any plans to, or would you please consider, revisting this topic with a similiar level of depth and precision – especially with reference to the new attacks that this movement has been making since your last summary of the topic?

  2. Abû Mûsâ Al-Ḥabashî says:

    Question for Jamaal Zarabozo
    He was asked in a previous interview posted on MM, about which books he would recommend be read. He didn’t have an answer at the time, and I’m not sure if he ever got around to answering it, but could that be one of the questions as well.

  3. Sharif says:

    What are his (Shaykh Jamaal’s) plans for da’wah in the future, and, is he working on any new books?

  4. Amad says:

    I would urge everyone to read this article that covers courtroom drama, and the ugliness of the Prosecutor’s case. Consider this.. the Prosecutor said that bail should not be granted to Sami to be with his daughter, because, “in this particular [Arab-Islamic] culture, she would not be able to stop him from leaving.”

    Riveting Court Drama in the Al-Arian Case

    Is this REAL?? I mean, can it get any clearer about these individuals’ biases against Islam.

    Keep up with Jonathan Turley’s blog, who is fighting for the civil rights of Arian and Timimi, while some Muslims, one of whom I discussed in this article have already convicted these individuals! The last I checked Turley wasn’t a member of Ikhwaan… unless our conspiracy theorist brother has received some evidence from LGF!!

  5. anonymoos says:

    I’d love it if the following questions could be considered inshallah..jazakAllahu khairan

    1) What were the best ways in the shaykh’s experience, in memorising the Quran. Does he have any practical tips?

    2) In a talk I recently saw of the Shaykh where he was talking about purpose of life and seeking happiness through ibadah, etc. he quoted an author from the IEEE (an scientist/engineering body – which I am a member of!!) journal. How did the Shaykh stumble across this?

    But what i really wanted to know was to ask him: Shaykh, how important would you consider it for people involved in da’wah or general islamic social reform to reading material which is, either not from their speciality(ie they may be from one prfoession, yet reading from something not particularly islamic, nor from their personal professional line), nor Islamic ‘ilm?

    Is it something important? If so, how does he think the best way of going about that is, since there are so many different fields and walks of life that could be read or studied about?

    3) Are there any books which he would recommend in the fields of history or philosphy say, for individuals who have some grounding in the Islmic aqeedah yet wish to have a stronger basis in knowing what non-muslims or unorthodox muslims would use against the correct aqeedah?

    4) What are some of the best ways, islamcially speaking, for giving good tarbiyyah to one’s children as they begin to grow past their infancy?

    5) It’s pretty well known that people who are either heavily involved in community work often don’t get to spend enough time with their own families and kids. Obviously this shouldn’t lead to actually neglecting the rights of one’s family as that could be disasterous for oneself and for the dawah as well. How is the best way you advise to strike a balance between one’s various responsibilities?

    6) What, in a nutshell, would the shaykh say the mechanisms – in terms of Islamic teachings, is the way of returning ‘izzah and glory to the Deen, as it used to be?

    7) What are the bets professions, in your opinion, for a studnt of knowledge to pursue, bearing in mind that for him or her to reach a good/considerable level, it requires dedication and time? could you possibly give examples of conducive professions or fields of work that you have come across?

    8) In general, what is your advice to one who struggles with getting the balance between: (i) one’s duty towards work (ii) islamic study (iii) family (iv) commitments to community (which often, in terms of the preparational behind the scenes work doesn’t have provision for taking the family with them) (v) one’s own salf in terms of rest and in terms of persoanl ibadah , to fulfill the ultimate goal, but also to allow one to recoup and replenish one’s inner store – in order to be able to give more as well? Is there some practical advice that you could give from your experience and that of others whom you have met?

    9) Does the shaykh have any advice, in practical terms, for a brother trying to help mitigate the relationship of mother towards daughter-in-law and vice versa ?

    10)when encountering difficulties in the da’wah, what is it that often givesthe shaykh the most heart and desire for steadfastness & to continue, not giving-up?

    11) Where can we get more of his talks/lectures?

    If you choose any of them (or all of them) then jazakumAllahu khairan. And likewise even if you are unable to include any of them in your questions put to JZ.

    Wassalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu

  6. Reemo says:


    they are 2 pictures and you have to look for differences and its so hard, i could not find any but i u might be able to (ITS HARD)



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