Ramadan Conference Call Audio Download!

The audio from the Ramadan conference call is edited and now available here for download. We would like to thank Shaykh Yaser Birjas and Shaykh Yasir Qadhi for giving us their advice, and taking out time to answer the questions posed. May Allah(swt) reward them greatly in this life and the hereafter.


(download) [file is approximately 87 mb]

*If the inline player is not working please use the download link.

Need Help! We are looking for anyone who can volunteer to help transcribe the talk, or at the least transcribe the answers to the questions so that they can be posted for more people to benefit insha’Allah. If you can help please email us, info//at//muslimmatters dot o r g.

Check out the questions asked here.

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12 responses to “Ramadan Conference Call Audio Download!”

  1. MR says:

    Sweet deal. JazakAllah khair!

  2. SaqibSaab says:

    87MB? Yowza! Looking forward to this =P. Was at my cousin’s shadi during the conference call.

    JazaakAllah khair, boys.

  3. zaynab says:

    awesomeness, just in time. JazakAllah khayr MM

  4. Mansoor says:

    jazaakAllahu khayr for the effort.

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  6. AH says:

    Jazakum Allah Khair for the great work.
    Just a note to the technical guys responsible for the mp3. Is it possible to shrink the file size down to like 10-20MB? You can change the bit rate from 128 kbps to 36kbps.

  7. ibnabeeomar says:

    AH – can you suggest a program to do that with? (freeware)

  8. AH says:

    I personally use audacity:

    And these had been suggested to me but I don’t know if they are freeware:
    cool edit
    adobe audition

    However, the program you used to record the session should have a setting to change the bit rate when you export or save as MP3. Generally, 24 or 36 kbps is still very good sound quality. At 128 that is CD quality and not meant for the web.

  9. ibnabeeomar says:

    AH – we used audacity. it may be a shortcoming with the recording software (its built into the conf call). the file is at 8000hz.

    if you can help edit it please email us at info//at//muslimmatters d o t o r.g

    jazakallahu khayr

  10. AH says:

    OK, I just sent an email with screen shots and instructions to the above email.

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