Angelic Curse and Intellect Over Revelation

A sister here painted a rather grim picture of a sahih (authentic) Prophetic tradition. Interestingly, many others joined in the chorus of objection to the hadith and eventual rejection of what the Muhaditheen (scholars of hadith) have authenticated. This is only a small sign of the ‘trouble with blogs’ or more aptly the ‘trouble with recognizing what we know and what we don’t know’. When I start questioning Newtonian principles of motion based on my errant observations, I think many scientists will take objection to it. Perhaps we need to feel a little humbled by those who have preceded us and still around us, those who have spent their entire lives studying this noble religion, and then be careful of talking on behalf of Islam… is that too much to ask?

Another sister responded here, respectfully and appropriately. You can make your own judgment, or you can defer to the simplicity and safety of ‘hearing and obeying’.

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