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Zain Bhikha Shout Out for MM Readers [Video]

Zain Bhikha, world famous nasheed artist, gave a special shout out to the readers of MM after his performance at the Global, Peace & Unity conference 2010 in London last weekend. Video produced by members of Sisters Film Club. Read More »

Top Ten Islamic Entertainment for Kids

Zaky Prays

When I was a child, there was barely any Islamic media available for kids. I grew up listening to Zain Bhikha and Dawud Wharnsby’s nasheeds but that was all I had. Alhamdulillah, all that has changed as more Muslims have realized the importance of Islamic media and in the past few years, many products for children have been produced. Read More »

Top Ten People Who Influenced my understanding of Islam – Ismail Kamdar

Dr Bilals Philips and I at the Peace Ceonference, Mumbai 2007

After reading the 500 most influential Muslims list, I began thinking of the people who have had the most influence on my understanding and practice of Islam. I have been searching for the true understanding of Islam since the age of sixteen and since that time, many people have influenced me in different ways. I began to realize that nobody ... Read More »

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