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3 Prophetic Friendship Principles for the Social Media Age


I'm just old enough that I remember a world before the social media age. That meant arranging going out with friends via landline house phones shared with the family, and feeling innovative when AOL Instant Messenger became popular. Going out with a friend usually involved some sort of vetting process where our parents got to know each other before granting ... Read More »

Is Media to Blame, Or is it Just a Case of Bad Parenting?


By: Maher Budeir We often hear the phrases, “When I was your age…”, or “The youth these days are different” or, “It is all because of access to video games and other bad stuff on Facebook,” when we hear our elders speaking of the younger generation. But, is it really so? Is the current generation really worse off? Are the ... Read More »

Twitter Battles: 3 lessons for Muslim Tweeters from the Boston bombings

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The recent tragic events in Boston have been noteworthy for many reasons. One of these is that it cemented the new age of information gathering and sharing. The post-news era is upon us with social media becoming the primary vehicle for gathering, sharing and debating information. To put it bluntly – Twitter is the new CNN. This has profound implications ... Read More »

Fiqh of Facebook: The Manners & Etiquettes of Social Media Interaction


Facebook is seen as quite controversial today by some Muslims who see it as a platform for fitnah and as a result warn others not to use Facebook. There is some misconception surrounding this because Facebook is a communication tool which can be used in a good way or a bad way. This lecture (dars) insha'Allah will help address some of these misconceptions, present some of the good and bad aspects of Facebook and also present some guidance with regards to how Facebook can be used to add value to a person’s time online or at least avoid the dangers of online communication. Read More »

It Was Just One “Like”


She had developed a tick–she started logging onto her Facebook more and more everyday, constantly on the hunt for a post of his. He kept popping up in her mind more and more as their interaction via social media had increased. She just had to go back onto Facebook multiple times a day. It seemed like an addiction had developed in her halfway through the month. She would go and check his profile daily. Read More »

Muslims, Supporters Mobilize Against Lowes For TLC Ad Pull

Muslims and other outraged consumers are flexing their social media muscle over the news Friday that the home improvement chain Lowes pulled its advertising from TLC's “All American Muslim” TV series after pressure from a Florida-based right wing conservative group. The Twitter hashtag #LowesHatesMuslims developed overnight, and while semantically not ideal, it seems to be the one with the most ... Read More »

MuslimMatters and Social Technologies

Recently, I wrote a review for Groundswell. Today, I want to show how we are trying to utilize some of these technologies with 2 goals in mind, 1. Make it easier for you to follow MuslimMatters through our various avenues (blog, podcast, newsfeed, etc.) 2. Get some ideas for utilizing these technologies in your own projects. Read More »

Book Review: Groundswell – How Muslims Can Benefit from Social Technologies

I often feel the Muslim world is 2 steps behind in all technologies. When the world was listening to CD's, Muslims still insisted on using audio cassettes. Now when the entire world has shifted to mp3, many of our Muslim media companies unfortunately are still clinging to the CD age. Being a step behind everyone is never a model of success in any environment. We cannot make the same mistake when it comes to social technologies. Read More »

Tutorial: Making Muslims Socially Relevant Online (StumbleUpon)

StumbleUpon is a very interesting (and addictive) tool of social media, and it is used by a lot of people (their website boasts over 6 million users). It is an amazing tool that can drive tons of traffic to your website. Read More »

Tutorial: Making Muslims Socially Relevant Online (Digg & Reddit)

Exploring social media websites that help spread content to others. Digg and Reddit are tools that Muslims can and should utilize. Future tutorials will explore other social media websites. Read More »

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