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Kill the Courier | Part 5 – Is it Other Than Allah That You Fear?

Odd Fellows Temple, San Francisco

He removed his windbreaker - the left sleeve was badly torn - and stripped off his blood-soaked t-shirt. He held his arm over the sink as blood poured from the wound, staining the sink red. His exposed skin broke into goosebumps and he began to shiver violently, his teeth chattering. Read More »

Kill the Courier|Part 4 – The Sharpest Blade Ever Made


There was an ayah from Surat an-Nahl, the Chapter of the Bee in the Quran, that had been running through his head lately: “Afaghayrullahi-tattaqun?” Is it other than Allah that you fear? No, Ya Allah, he thought. Only You. Read More »

Kill the Courier | Part 3 – Your Gun is Not Your Life


Hassan still held hope that Sarkis had not recognized him, and that he could go on with his life just as before, working, teaching class, and - if Allah blessed him - finding a way forward with Jamilah. A green garden and a woman with kind eyes. A Western sky and a bell of brass... Read More »

Kill the Courier| Part 2 – An Enemy at the Consulate


The hair stood up on Hassan’s arms and all his muscles tensed. He felt as if a ghost had just walked through his body. He knew that voice. Read More »

Kill the Courier |Part 1 – Hiding in Plain Sight


Hassan himself was not in any fight. Not anymore. He felt deeply for the Muslims of Palestine, Chechnya, Myanmar, East Turkestan... the list of oppressed Muslim peoples was long. A part of him felt that he should be using his skills to save his brothers and sisters, even if that mean saving only one soul. Maybe a time would come when he must live and die on that path. But for now his soul needed peace. Read More »

A Lion is Born|Part 5: Wedding? What Wedding?


This is part 5 of a multipart series; you can find the other parts here: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 January 2009 Layth cruised up Highway 101 in the fast lane, on his way back to the City. He'd dropped a fare at the airport, waited in the cab line and picked up a return fare. Between the two, he'd already covered ... Read More »

A Lion is Born | Part 4: Lion With an “L”


This is part 4 of a multipart series; you can find the other parts here: part 1 part 2 part 3 Louis scrambled up the slope, digging his fingers into the dirt. The roar of an enormous lion boomed across the hillside and Louis hunkered down against the dirt and covered his head. His heart pounded like a wrecking ball against ... Read More »

A Lion is Born | Part 3: Make a Move


Louis splashed water on his face, pulled on a t-shirt and pocketed his wallet. Watching Hassan leave had felt like watching his last chance go up in a puff of smoke. He'd wanted to say, "Hold on, don't leave. I'm not a drug addict." But he couldn't say the words, partly because of pride, and partly because... well, what came next? Read More »

A Lion is Born | Part 2: Losing It

shutterstock_98402219 (1)

Several days had gone by since he had read the Quran, and his mind kept returning to the verses he had read, but he didn't want to think about that right now. He turned up the music louder. Read More »

A Lion is Born | Part 1: Life After Lifelessness

shutterstock_144203029 (1)

Author's note: This story is a sequel to “Pieces of a Dream”, picking up immediately where that story left off. If you haven't read “Pieces of a Dream” then please go back and read that story first, otherwise parts of this story will not make sense. October 2008 – San Francisco, California With a last, longing look to the east, Louis turned and ... Read More »

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