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Imam Zaid Shakir | Letter to would be Mujahid


I have heard you counter that such an argument is a manifestation of a lack of faith. God has promised the believers victory. Indeed, He has. However, it is very pretentious of you to assume that someone who murders women, children and innocents with blazon impunity in the Name of God are the believers that victory has been promised to. He has promised the believers victory, but that promise is not unconditional. God is not going to give victory to people who murder in His Holy Name. Read More »

Yasir Qadhi | The Lure of Radicalism and Extremism Amongst Muslim Youth

radicalism yasir

Why is it that a few militant clerics are so popular among some American Muslims? The answer is not rocket science, but rather quite simple. Umar Farouk's transformation provides an excellent case-study: the presence of an internal factor and an external factor. Read More »

Muslim Scholars—West’s Natural Allies in Fighting Scourge of Terrorism

The best strategy for prevention is to dismantle terrorist ideologies using the same Quran and the same narrations of the prophet that are misunderstood by them. This is a task that can only be accomplished by established independent credible Muslim scholars. The war on terror therefore is as much a war on ignorance and misguidance, as much as it is a war against the terrorists themselves. Read More »

Who Speaks for Islam? Part 3b: Jihad, Religion & Politics

To most Muslims, jihad implies honor and sacrifice for others, even when interpreted military, it comes with many conditions, including the writ against targeting civilians. Using jihad and terrorism as synonyms is wrong and counterproductive, and the meaning of Jihad to Muslims is much more nuanced than what many Western commentators invoke. Read More »

Who Speaks for Islam? Part 3a- What Makes a Radical?

Against the backdrop of this bleak world situation, the West desires stable, secular democracies in the Muslim countries it deems as “supporting terrorism”, believing this to be the ultimate measure of victory in the “war against terrorism”. But a number of challenges exist in this battle of hearts and minds, and data is ever-important to understand the people we wish to move. Read More »

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