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The MuslimMax Series | How to Wake up at 4 am Daily


What if the pain of leaving a good action was more than the pleasure of leaving it? What if your mind rebelled and compelled you to go back and perform the action? Now you have a good habit established. We’ll discuss how to go about doing this, using the 4 am wake-up as our example. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | Qiyām-ul-Layl: Ideas of how to stay up during the night


Most people want to do Qiyām -ul-Layl – night prayer – during the last ten nights of Ramaḍān. This year, the night is only about three or four hours because we sleep at 12 or 1 AM after tarāwīḥ and we wake up at 4 AM for suḥūr. Read More »

Good Sleep, Good Health, and Tahajjud: Sh. Yaser Birjas


We shouldn't let the amount of Qurʾān we've memorized keep us from making tahajjud /qiyām’l-layl / night prayer. The important thing to remember is that with making qiyām, we are supposed to stand for a long time and recite whatever we know, even if it's just a few sūrahs on repeat. Imagine how much Allāh would love for us to be so excited to make qiyām and to stand there in front of Him, even if it means that we just end up reading that sūrah (or any other sūrah) over and over again!! Read More »

Jihad by Night: Yahya Ibrahim

“For twenty years I waged Jihad against myself. I struggled, all throughout to remain standing in prayer at night. For those twenty years I never tasted the sweetness of the night prayer. It was only after that that I found comfort and sweetness.” Read More »

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