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Spruce Forest

Asma was always one to focus on what was missing: the sun on a cloudy day, the tiny smudge on her otherwise beautiful painting, the single wrong answer on a test. She feared imperfection like it was a debilitating disease. And it showed. Read More »

Being a People Pleaser


So what’s wrong with being nice? Just like with anything taken to the extreme, being too nice can hurt you when people take advantage of you and use you because you are too nice to say “NO”. Read More »

Bring Out the Best in Others

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey (calligraphy)

A quality that holds weight as a true leadership skill is to bring out the best in others. What makes one a true leader is to be able to do so even if he himself is not interested in the qualities a certain person may have, or may not be interested in the possibilities which could come about from using these skills, but still actively helps others to capitalize on their potential to benefit society. Read More »

Khalid Al Ameri | A Natural You


In my humble opinion there is no greater platform for personal and professional success than being who you are, and doing what you do best. Being you is something that requires no effort, no thought, it just flows, it’s natural. In the words of purpose finder Jullien Gordon “The best career to have is when someone asks you what do you do? And your response is, I was just me all day.” Read More »

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