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The Niqab Debate | How Muslims Contribute & Articulate Faith in British Society [Part II]


Part Two [Part One of this debate can be viewed here] Although the pseudo-controversy surrounding the niqāb is at the vanguard of the tabloid agenda, we must ask ourselves why it is that in a liberal democracy, wherein religious freedom of its minorities should be protected, there seems to be an attack on these religious symbols of Muslims; whether it ... Read More »

The Niqab Debate | How Muslims Contribute & Articulate Faith in British Society [Part I]


Part One Once again a 'piece of cloth' (Niqab) has dominated our newspaper headlines and discussions on the internet. On Monday, Liberal Democrat Home Office minister Jeremy Browne called for a “national debate” as to whether or not Muslim women should be banned from wearing the niqab, especially in places of public social interaction. His call was echoed by Conservative ... Read More »

‘Walking Wounded’: Discuss Spiritual Crisis


“For some, this period [of religious development] was characterized by increased insularity, intolerance, and estrangement, sometimes from family…At the time, this felt right…But a curious thing happened to many of us as we aged…We began to see ourselves as individuals rather than members of homogenous 'whole'. And, of course, this led to friction as others saw us change, evolve and ... Read More »

The March Initiatives- 3 Rallies for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

free Aafia

Action Alert March 30, 2013 will mark 10 years that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has been engulfed in an unending regime of brutal political imprisonment. As part of the international Free Aafia Movement's “10 DAYS FOR 10 YEARS” campaign, the U.S. branch of this international quest for justice will afford supporters of Aafia in America with three opportunities to contribute to this very important campaign. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, ... Read More »

Quandary of Female Vaginal Discharge: Pure or Impure?


When I wrote my last piece on female wet dreams, I received many requests to add a portion on vaginal discharge as well. However, since vaginal discharge is a common quandary among Muslim women and a subject of controversy among the scholars, I wanted to write a separate entry on this. Read More »

Protection from Skin Cancer — and 101 Other Reasons for Wearing Hijab

question mark2

I realized that although not all sisters are into da‘wah or want to be explaining and defending their faith all the time, we are all thrown into the da‘wah scene the moment we step outside wearing ḥijāb. Read More »

Positively Muslim in the West: Sister Asma Hanif


Sister Asma is our latest example of Muslims making a positive contribution in the West. Sister Asma is one of the founders and the current Vice-Chairperson of Muslimat Al-Nisaa, a women’s shelter in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) that was designed to assist homeless, Muslim females across the United States. Read More »

Shaykh al-Ghazali and Laying the Foundations of Da‘wah


As du‘at (callers to Islam) we must not make anyone feel that they are second-class human beings. Everyone has the potential for greatness. It is our job to be welcoming and merciful. Read More »

Relief on The Runway- Empowering Women through Modest, Chic Fashion


By Nada Shawish Modern Mary founder and designer Seema Sahin believes that modesty is something that all women can appreciate. At her Washington, D.C., boutique, she exhibits creations that are modest and stylish, with vibrant colors and carefully organized details. She's worked with a lot of organizations to pursue charity work through her fashions. At Islamic Relief's Relief on the ... Read More »

Conversation of Curiosity


Wearing hijab, especially in the West and post-9/11, is not an easy task for us Muslim women because, unlike our male counterpart, the hijab makes us an outward symbol of Islam. It no longer means that Islam is just between you and Allah. It also means that now you are a walking da’wah. Read More »

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