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Food for Thought: The Eid of Sacrifice


I want to challenge myself and my readers to really make ‘Īd al-Aḍḥa a sacrifice. For the next year when you really want something: a cup of coffee, a new phone, a new purse, a trip, something you really care about, slaughter your nafs and put that money aside. Read More »

Is Kosher Meat Ḥalāl? A Comparison of the Halakhic and Sharʿī Requirements for Animal Slaughter


Since the normative applications of Jewish law are stricter than those for Islamic law, in most cases these laws will not affect Muslims who wish to consume kosher, but would affect Jews who might be interested in ḥalāl meat. The most pertinent examples will be discussed in this paper. Read More »

Can We Get Past the Meat?

On a recent business trip I went to a restaurant. The hostess noticed I was Muslim and said, "Oh you don't need a wine list right?" I told her she was correct. When I sat at the table she handed me the menu and then asked me, "Do you eat meat?" To this I replied essentially that some Muslims are strict about a Muslim version of kosher meat [I have not encountered many non-Muslims who understand what 'halal' is - or many Muslims who understand halal vs. zabihah but that's a different story]. She responded to this by saying, "Oh yeah, my boyfriend is from Saudi Arabia and he only eats halal meat." Read More »

Haaretz: New Zealand outlaws kosher slaughter

New Zealand has become the fourth country to outlaw Jewish ritual slaughtering, authorities said Sunday, after Iceland, Norway, and Sweden took similar measures in the past. Under the newly instated Animal Welfare Commercial Slaughter Code, announced by Agriculture Minister David Carter, commercially killed animals would have to be stunned before slaughter, making kosher slaughter, or shchita, illegal, according to the ... Read More »

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