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Have We Weaned Ourselves from the Dunya?


How may we know if our souls have been weaned off the world or not? We only have to ask ourselves: ‘What do I really desire?’, ‘What do I most hunger for?’ Read More »

Food for Thought: The Eid of Sacrifice


I want to challenge myself and my readers to really make ‘Īd al-Aḍḥa a sacrifice. For the next year when you really want something: a cup of coffee, a new phone, a new purse, a trip, something you really care about, slaughter your nafs and put that money aside. Read More »

Nouman Ali Khan | Shield of Honor

Nouman Ali Khan

I wanted to dedicate this one session to what I feel is one of the most pressing issues in the lives of Muslim youth and one that I have come to experience myself personally at one point in my life. As I’ve had the opportunity to travel more recently and interact with many young people across the country, I’m noticing it’s not a problem localized to one community or limited to one specific kind of person, but rather it’s happening pretty much almost universally. I guess I want to term it a crisis of faith, and a crisis of confidence in the religion. Read More »

Al-Hayat al-Dunya (The life of this world)

Contains background music. Read More »

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