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The Case for Reviving the 5-Minute Khutbah


I believe the more optimal sermon duration to be closer to 5 minutes (plus or minus 1 – 2 minutes), with consideration for varying attendee schedules, attention spans, khateeb Islamic knowledge and communication skill levels, and masjid logistics. To be clear, what is meant by a five minute khutbah is the sermon part of the khutbah, not including the opening and closing du’aas, and not including the time the khateeb sits. It also doesn’t include jumu’ah salah. Read More »

Confronting Your Problems – a Khutbah by Sheikh Waleed Basyouni


Lecture by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni | Transcribed by Anonymous [The following is the video and transcript of Shaykh Waleed Basyouni's khutbah, "Confronting Your Problems" delivered at ISGH masjid Hamza on 12/09/2012. The transcript includes slight modifications for the sake of readability and clarity.] Video: Confronting Your Problems – a Khutbah by Sheikh Waleed Basyouni at ISGH masjid Hamza on 12/09/2012 My dear brothers and sisters. Allāh created this ... Read More »

Top 10 Terrible Khutbahs (and what I learned from them)


The Khateeb's killing it this Friday! …Literally. Dr. O blogs at Muslim Medicine, a site that strives to serve only the freshest grade-A certified ẓabiḥah ḥalāl comedy. Contact your local ḥalāl butcher for more details.  Every Friday morning, Muslims with a Y chromosome (and a bunch with two X's) around the globe get ready for their weekly trip to the Mosque for a sermon, or “khutbah” as ... Read More »

We Need YOUR Feedback on Friday Khutbahs


What do you want to hear when you come on Friday? What kinds of things are you hoping to get out of Jumu'ah? What types of things irk you? What kinds of topics do you feel should be discussed or not discussed? Read More »

Khutbah | Hajj: The Time is Now – Yaser Birjas


In this khutbah, Shaykh Yaser Birjas advises going to Hajj as soon as you can and also describes some of the beautiful experiences of Hajj. Read More »

America’s Shame + Muslims’ Double Shame = American Muslims’ Triple Shame


It is America's shame that poverty and racism continues to this day. It is Muslims' double shame that they have even more massive inequalities and racism (to the degree of quasi-slavery in some Muslim countries) despite having a religion that orders the opposite. Read More »

Yasir Qadhi | Khutbah: O Bilaad al-Shaam! You are in Our Hearts!


In this khutbah, delivered February 10, 2012, Sh. Yasir Qadhi discusses the status of the land of Syria and what we can do as Muslims to help our fellow Muslims. Read More »

Shaykh Yaser Birjas | Khutbah Talking Points for Syria Crisis

Burial shrouds, symbolizing bodies of the protesters who were killed during protests in Syria, are seen at an anti-Syrian government protest in Cairo

My dear Imam and Khateeb, by the time you read this perhaps another 10 more innocent lives have already perished in Syria. Do your part. Take an action. Tomorrow. Read More »

Yaser Birjas | Khutbah- Didn’t make it to Hajj this year?


Khutbah on the Virtues of the first 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah Shaykh Yaser Birjas urges us to make the best of these 10 Blessed Days in his Friday Khutbah at the Irving masjid. Read More »

Domestic Violence Series: Dedicate a Khutbah Drive | Sample included


Muslimmatters is hosting a khutbah drive- please pledge to host a khutbah addressing domestic violence and abuse in your masjid or musalla. A sample sermon by Shaykh Joe Bradford, originally published on his blog, has been attached for your ease. If you are not a khateeb, please request your imām to address this topic, inshā'Allāh.  May Allāh SWT reward you, ... Read More »

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