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Who Was Jesus, Son of Mary?

Jesus in  Quran

The Muslims believe that Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him, was a human being, from among the progeny of Adam. He was created from a mother, with no father. The Muslims believe that he is the slave of Allah and His Messenger; for he is a worshiper, not one who is worshiped; and a Messenger who does not lie Read More »

Finding the Jesus of Islam in Early Christianities


From the woman quietly praying in a church, to the missionaries helping in a developing country, to the televangelist screaming about terrorists on television- a picture of modern Christianity is anything but uniform. Compare that to the muezzin performing the call to prayer, the children playing in the refugee camp, and the young extremist studying in a madrasa and an equally diverse group of people is seen among the followers of Islam. It is evident that over the many centuries since Ashama might have drawn that line in the sand, the gap between Muslims and Christians has grown quite a bit larger. Read More »

Yahya Ibrahim | Love Jesus-’Isa Son of Mary

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey (calligraphy)

He, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, is of average height. Not too tall that he stands out in a crowd, nor too short that you notice a disparity between him and others. Gentleness and modesty define his character. When he spoke, the disciples paid heed. The words he chose, of course, where divinely inspired and concurrent to all that they knew. Read More »

Who is Jesus? An Interfaith Discussion

The following is a hexalogue (a dialogue between 6, and yes it's not in the dictionary!!!). In total, there was 4 sessions on 4 different days, but I only participated in 2. The following session about Jesus was one of them! Read More »

My Passion for Jesus Christ

This is a guest-post submitted by Brent Graham, a native of Down Under (Australia): When I first started to read an English translation of the Qur'an (also known as Qurʾān) that was available in my Secondary College's Library, Christianity was my professed religion. I can still remember today how fascinated I was with what was being discovered by this 17 ... Read More »

What About Thy Hallowed Freedom of Speech?

Before I get too far and people wrongfully accuse me, I wish to be clear that I am indeed very much in favor of free speech and very thankful that I do not have to be afraid of what I say in this country. This though does not detract from what many people feel is an abuse of this great privilege of ours in America and elsewhere....I was thus quite surprised two months ago to read about how a number of outraged Catholics in Austria succeeded in having a sacrilegious painting of the Last Supper removed from Vienna's Roman Catholic St. Stephan's Cathedral museum. Read More »

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