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Intensive Caring

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To mark the 10th anniversary of Charity Week, we'll be sharing 10 inspirational stories from across the years. These are the kind of hidden stories that go behind the numbers and the efforts. They are the kind of stories that open our eyes to the beautiful people who made this all possible. Read More »

Look Who’s Coming Out, But It Isn’t What You Think

Sounds fair enough.

The hardest part about coming out has got to be coming up with a good opening line.  I haven't got one though. So I'll give it to you straight. I'm not gay, but I could be dying. As fas I know, not imminently though.  I've known for years now that certain things in my body aren't working properly – like ... Read More »

From the Nurse to the Shaykh: A Heartfelt Reminder

Sometimes, Allah sends forth a person who speaks words, few in number, weighty in sincerity, that forever changes our lives. Read More »

Abasa – A Frown That Went Unwitnessed

"The Prophet (s) in the early days of the risala, yearned for an opportunity to present the Sacred Message to the influential upper crust of Meccan society. Finally, an audience was permitted. In attendance were those who others respected and put trust in their judgment. From a distance, in quick stride, ‘Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoom (ra) called out to bystanders to lead him to Muhammed (s). The Prophet frowned. A frown that went unwitnessed by the created was Seen by the Creator." Read More »

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