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What’s The Matter? |My Husband Has Been Cheating On Me

What's the Matter?

One thing that is very important in order for marriages to last after one spouse has cheated, is that the cheating spouse has to feel remorse and that they have truly done something wrong and immoral. Based on your knowledge, he has engaged in this evil act for many years, and it does not appear that he has this belief or this remorse for his wrong actions. Read More »

What’s The Matter? What Is Permissible Post-Nikkah and Pre-Marriage?

What's the Matter?

What is permissible Post-Nikkah Pre-Consummation (Rukhsati/Marriage) Question: I just had my nikkah done with my husband and we are having our rukhsati done soon (in the next few months). The reason for [the] delay is just mainly to prepare for the wedding and  [to] accommodate family members' schedule [for] the wedding. After the nikkah is it permissible to do all ... Read More »

The End to Hitting Women: Islamic Perspective on Domestic Violence | Imam Abdullah Hasan


For a pdf version of this article click The End to Hitting Women Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misconstrued verses in the Qur'an by Muslims and non-Muslims alike is verse 4:34, the so-called 'chastisement verse'. Those who claim that the verse allows husbands to hit their wives argue that the verse suggests a three step solution in the event ... Read More »

Marriage: The Charm of “Thank You”

Islam Muslim marriage

Consider this scenario: A husband buys a house for his family. You ask the wife if she thanked her husband. Wife replies with a surprise, “Why is that necessary?” You answer, “Because he bought a house!” Wife says, “Yes, but its not for me. He lives there too!” You remind her, “Yes but what's wrong with being grateful?” Wife says, ... Read More »

Is Piety the only Beauty?


One day a sister dropped by to pick up something and saw me dressed up with make-up and jewelry, so she assumed I was going somewhere. When I told her I wasn't, the reason I dressed up surprised her. I told her, “Because it is about time for my husband to return from work.” She said, “You still get ready ... Read More »

Sunday Open Thread:

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I came across a statement recently: "El amor entra por la cocina" (loosely translated as “love enters through a man's stomach”), and it sparked the idea to write up this article. Read More »

Muslim Women: Balancing School, Work & Family

Some views and experiences from the working women on Muslim Matters. Can you really have it all? Yes, no, or maybe so. Read More »

Some Advice for Muslim Husbands on Giving Your Wife a Break

I was pretty much "hands-off" dad - diapers repelled me, and I would leave watching the kids to my wife. Since they didn't like leaving her side, it was all the more reason for me to say, "See, if I take them, they'll just cry, so you keep them." I'd let her feed the kids most of the time, and I would pretty much take them when it looked as though my wife were about to have a nervous breakdown. Read More »

O You Who Are About to Marry, Any Last Words? Any First Words?

When you shop for your spouse, what will you look for, who will you ask, and what questions or discussions will follow? Length? Width? Color? Perhaps. The sunnah in Islam is to find out... Read More »

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