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Khutbah: Living as a Muslim in a Christmas World


We need to evaluate how we make our own holidays meaningful for our children. It also raises an important point in regards to converts. Much of our community discourse orients around whether it's halal for a Muslim to go celebrate Christmas with a non-Muslim family, but how many Muslims actually reach out to new Muslims and make them feel a part of the family on 'Eid? Read More »

Elevate the Discourse Before Voting Becomes The New Halal Meat


Every single conference. Every single lecture. Every single guest speaker. Every single gathering of friends… …Every single time, a halal meat discussion. Is it halal? Is it zabihah? Why should you pick one or the other? For the last 20 years, the level of discourse on this subject has stayed the same. We still have the same arguments, the same ... Read More »

Halal Mortgages: Alleged Misuse of Taqi Usmani’s Fatwa and 3 Important Questions


The latest fatwa spreading like wildfire across the internet deals with a volatile topic - Islamic finance. More specifically, halal mortgages. Even more specifically - a scholar whose signature is used as public proof of endorsement by certain Islamic finance companies has come out and said that he has given no such endorsements. Read More »

Yaser Birjas | The Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

There are tons of reasons why you wouldn’t want to pass up this opportunity. Do you know which one? The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. Read More »

The End of Music

Music is haram. Music is halal. ... and the debate continues ad infinitum. ... One thing that strikes me is that some scholars actually referred to music as the Quran of Shaytaan. Whether you think music is halal or haram is really a side issue when you assess how it affects your heart. Is your heart attached to the Quran or to music? Includes mp3 of the talk by Kamal Mekki on this topic. Read More »

Hookah / Sheesha (Shisha) Smoking: Safer than Cigarettes? Haram or Halal?

As if our youth didn't have enough distractions and bad habits readily available to pick up, we now have the hookah fad. Step aside cigarette smoking, there's something cooler in town (for our youth to destroy their bodies with)! Different flavors, different settings, a “Muslim export”… how cool is that?Actually not cool at all. And what's worse is that some ... Read More »

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