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What Makes Islam Special: Five Tips on Sharing Your Deen with Others


Here are the five points that I mention that makes Islam the perfect religion and special to me. Read More »

My Take: It’s time for Islamophobic Evangelicals to Choose


At a time when U.S. embassies are being attacked and when people are getting killed over an offensive, adolescent and puerile film targeting Islam - beyond pathetic in its tawdriness – we must begin to own up to the reality of evangelical Islamophobia. Read More »

Finding the Jesus of Islam in Early Christianities


From the woman quietly praying in a church, to the missionaries helping in a developing country, to the televangelist screaming about terrorists on television- a picture of modern Christianity is anything but uniform. Compare that to the muezzin performing the call to prayer, the children playing in the refugee camp, and the young extremist studying in a madrasa and an equally diverse group of people is seen among the followers of Islam. It is evident that over the many centuries since Ashama might have drawn that line in the sand, the gap between Muslims and Christians has grown quite a bit larger. Read More »

What Drew Me to Islam


In college, I began to question and re-examine my religious-cultural background. Where did I stand as an individual? What kind of person would I choose to be? Would I follow that which I had always been taught, settle close to home and live the same life I had always lived? Would I become an atheist or an agnostic like my family feared I would? But why does being a rational, scientific, intellectually honest person mean I have to be an atheist or an agnostic? Who can use science to “debunk” God? “I want to be smart,” I said to myself, “and I also want to believe. So how is it that one can be too smart to believe?” The answer, I found, ten thousand questions and answers later, was: you cannot. This January, I embraced Islam, a decision that was informed in equal measure by my mind and my personal religious sensibilities. It was the culmination of a great emotional and intellectual battle to secure not just my faith in God but also my integrity as a thinking person, beleaguered as I was by the false fear that true faith may come only at the expense of intellect. Read More »

New Year’s Eve Bombing in Alexandria, Egypt

Terror struck Alexandria on New Year's Eve, taking innocent lives from amongst the Christians and Muslims, both. Muslim Matters' Hebah Ahmed was in the city and sends in her feelings and the mood in the country as the tragedy unfolded. Read More »

Dr. Sherman Jackson: Sharî’ah: Between Two Popes

While it started out as a minor footnote, opposition to sharî'ah has now morphed into the mantra by which many justify their opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” If we allow this mosque to go forth, so the logic goes, the next thing you know, all the bars in the country will be shut down (and those infidel lushes flogged!), ... Read More »

Boston.com: Enter Christianity – The ghosts in the room during the Mideast peace process have a long history in another religion

JUDAISM AND Islam developed with only marginal reference to Christianity, but Christianity's evolution has been entangled with the two other monotheisms — as essential foils. That has nowhere been more evident than in the Middle East. European Christendom came into existence in tension with an imagined “Holy Land” to which both Jews and Muslims had competing claims. That competition continues ... Read More »

Thoughts on the “Arrivals” Video Series + Radio Panel Session with Ulema in S. Africa

In The Arrivals many theories and ideas are presented as if they are one cohesive body (conspiracy), however the linking data or linking evidence to connect these ideas is not given. I am not saying that these theories are wrong or right, rather than they are presented as if they are all connected without supporting evidence. Read More »

The Huffington Post: Does The Hutaree Militia Represent Christianity? A Muslim Knows Better

Nine members of a Christian militia group, Hutaree, were charged Monday with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more with homemade bombs. According to the indictment, the actions were done in hopes of igniting an uprising against the U.S. government. News of this terror plot is likely to spark a great deal of discussion around the idea of ... Read More »

Sunday Open Thread 1-10-2010 | A Really Bad Case of Ganges

"A bad case of Ganges" -- Fox host so desperate to attack Islam, that he mocks Hindus and India. Read More »

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