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How to Extract Gems from the Quran


I prayed to Allāh [swt] to grant me the ability to understand Qurʾānic Arabic, and within a small period of time, I was able to grasp the meaning of the Qurʾān’s text and its linguistic beauty. Whenever I'd open a copy of the Qurʾān, I could feel the subtle yet powerful meanings Allāh [swt] was conveying to us. Read More »

Bayyinah Dream – So How Was It?


Long story short, I had developed a desire to understand the Qur'an a few years ago and since then wanted to take some time off to study Arabic. I heard about the Dream program in 2008 and had intended to go when it was announced. Last year I was blessed by Allah to move to Dallas for a year and attend Bayyinah’s 10 month Dream program. Read More »

Conversations about Masjid Leadership 2: Finding the Right Imam

Is your masjid looking for an imam? What is a realistic way to figure out who is qualified to be your masjid's imam? Watch the next section of the series on Masjid Leadership. Read More »

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