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10 Rules of #TwitterFiqh


The following tweets were published in order to establish an Islamic etiquette in tweeting - #TwitterFiqh. Remember these wise words: 1- Do not feel entitled to comment negatively on something you disagree with. You do not have the right to criticize and critique everything. 2- Leave off what doesn't concern you directly/personally and turn to that which concerns you personally. 3- If ... Read More »

The Shaykh ‘N Bake Shame Grenade – A Muslim Internet Phenomenon


Presenting the Shaykh 'N Bake: A critical analysis of the utilization of shame grenade discourse by Muslims on the internets and its efficacy. Please watch the following video along with the written explanation immediately after. Definition of Terms Shaykh 'N Bake: To reverse a regular conversation into something serious, religious, or self-righteous. Characteristic of manipulative behavior. In other words, to lob a ... Read More »

Muslim Parents’ Guide to Reddit


Whether you've heard of Reddit or not, chances are your kids are spending time on it. In some cases upwards of a couple of hours a day. For those parents who just "got the Facebook" or know "how to Tweeter" this can be quite frustrating as more and more new networks pop up. Read More »

3 Ramadan Traditions at Risk of Extinction


When was the last time you went out of your home and tried to physically see the moon for yourself rather than trawling through your twitter feed to see whether #Eid was trending? Read More »

I just flew to Makkah without leaving my chair

Yes, maybe the whole world discovered this neat plug-in already. Alhamdolillah, alaa kulli haal. It's cool to me: I just flew to Makkah without leaving my chair. And did I mention virtual tawaf? Read More »

Tutorial: How To Record Islamic Talks & Audio

A few decades ago, the thought of recording a local khutbah, talk, or lecture was unheard of in the Muslim world. Today we find that recording an Islamic talk is not only much more common, it's a walk in the park to pull off. But as the number of people recording Islamic talks continues to grow, many Muslims are finding themselves with questions on the best ways to do so. InshaAllah the goal of this article is to act as a tutorial on how to record Islamic talks. Read More »

Review: Al-Mudarris Quran Software

*Discount coupon code at the end A few months ago I got a copy of Al-Mudarris software. It's essentially a software that incorporates ayaat with multiple translations and audio recitations of each individual āyah. That is nice, however, what really prompted me to utilize the software is the notes and tafsir features. The program gives you the ability to add ... Read More »

Tutorial: Making Muslims Socially Relevant Online (StumbleUpon)

StumbleUpon is a very interesting (and addictive) tool of social media, and it is used by a lot of people (their website boasts over 6 million users). It is an amazing tool that can drive tons of traffic to your website. Read More »

Tutorial: Making Muslims Socially Relevant Online (Digg & Reddit)

Exploring social media websites that help spread content to others. Digg and Reddit are tools that Muslims can and should utilize. Future tutorials will explore other social media websites. Read More »

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to RSS

Anyone who spends any time reading news or blogs on the Internet must have seen the term RSS thrown around, or seen this ubiquitous little icon. And yet, many are still unaware what RSS means, what it does, and why you should be taking advantage of it. It’s simple, fun, and can save you a lot of time in your daily dallying on the wonderful world of the Internet. Read More »

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