Handling Painful Moments with Grace

By Sayeda Habib Life is uncertain. We don’t know what any day will bring, but one thing that human beings have a lot of is resilience. We CAN bounce back from anything– even a crisis situation. We...
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Portfolio Investment Options for Muslims in the United States

Therefore, if you are trying to save money for a large expense at some point in the future – Hajj, retirement, higher education for you children, etc. – it will be akin to aiming at a moving target since the value of those expenditures appreciates at a multiple of the general inflation in consumer expenditure such as groceries, rent, etc. Both of these reasons force us to seek other avenues for our extra non-rainy day funds.

Free Filastin | Spoken Word Video by Shahroz

The new spoken word piece by Shahroz called “Free Filastin (Palestine)” is an attempt to raise awareness about the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. The Israel-Palestine conflict has...

Aylan’s Story

By Abdul Rahman Latif   One day little Aylan went out to play. He got on his tippy toes for some ballet. His brother Galip said, "Hey let's pretend!" So Aylan was a vet saving a hen. Galip...