The Muslim Manga Project

By Matin M These days the Western mass media often portray Muslims and others who look Middle Eastern, as violent or dangerous. They throw out buzzwords like jihad and Sharia law to get the attention of an...

The Gift of Iddah

A part of me died four months and ten days ago. But, alhamdulillah, it wasn't hope. It wasn't courage. And it definitely wasn't faith and trust in my Lord's perfect plan.  The call that changed...

Stand Up For Urban Justice with MuslimARC

By Margari Hill What does medina mean for Muslims in the United States? With major Muslim centers of population along the two coasts, in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit, Islam in...

In Pursuit of Female Islamic Scholarship

“Knowledge without action is insanity, and action without knowledge has no reality.” Those of you who notice problems in our community, be it gender inequality, the lack of good role models, or the dearth of practical Islamic education, know that there are solutions, we just have to be them.
Ramadan Kareem

How to Make Ramadan Dawah Jars

By Zuhair Shaath Ramadan truly is something special. On top of the spiritual, physical, and emotional discipline we build, it comes with a built-in opportunity for da’wah. With opportunity however, comes...

The Night’s Whisper

By Nooria Masood   In the depths of the darkness When the whole world sleeps There is a quiet disaster Wreaking havoc like a beast The birds may not chirp The cars may not honk But there is a...

Ramadan: A Celebration of Guidance

By Abu Ibrahim Introducing Ramadan: the month of fasting This Ramadan 1436/2015, I thank Allah for giving me this opportunity to share my reflections on the amazing verses that Allah revealed concerning...