Eid Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters around the world.  May Allah accept from me and you.  I hope you all had a very happy Eid al-Fitr 2011.

Below is a Khutba I would like to share in hope that it will bring benefit to each and everyone of you.

Here is an outline to help you follow through:

Reflections on the departure of Ramadan:

  1. Everyone should acknowledge their shortcomings
  2. Why are we happy on the Day of Eid?
  3. What's your personal victory at the end of the month?

Challenges facing the Muslim community:

  1. Getting over our differences
  2. Everyone is obsessed with their opinion
  3. Turning enemies into friends
  4. Getting over the culture of retaliation
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About The Author

Born and raised in Lebanon, Hlayhel began attending study circles at his local mosque when he was ten. He came to the United States at 17 and studied electrical engineering at the University of Houston. At its MSA, he met Sh Yasir Qadhi and worked together to raise Islamic awareness on campus. Hlayhel studied traditional sciences of Aqeedah (Islamic creed), Fiqh (Islamic law) and Nahw (Arabic grammar) under Sh Waleed Basyouni and Sh Waleed Idriss Meneese among others. After settling in Phoenix AZ, he worked tirelessly, in the capacity of a board member then a chairman, to revive the then dead AZ chapter of CAIR in order to face the growing Islamophobia in that state and to address the resulting civil right violations. Today, he's considered the second founder of a strong CAIR-AZ. In addition, Hlayhel is a part-time imam at the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley in Phoenix, husband and father of four. His current topics of interest include positive Islam, youth coaching, and countering Islamophobia.

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