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A poem inspired by events in Libya and Egypt...Don't forget them in your Du'a!

Poem | A Night’s Prayer | Ammar AlShukry

“Do you belittle du‘ā’ and discount it

While not knowing what the prayer accomplishes

The arrows of the night do not miss their target

But they have a span, and the span then finishes.”

- imām Al-Shafi'i

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  1. Jazak Allahu Khairan MM for showing such a beautiful post! MM truly beats reading other news media and may Allah help you continue to contribute inspiring pieces to uplift the ummah.

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  2. This was truly beautiful! May Allah reward MM for providing us with inspirational messages and continue to help them in uplifting the ummah with their posts.

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  3. subahanallah.Jazakallahu khairaan for sharing such a beautiful video.

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  4. Thank you brother Ammar. That was beautiful ma-sha-Allah. I really love the way you worked the Quranic verses and dua’s into the poem, and the English captions that were added helped tremendously as well.

    I hear the passion for the people, and the pure reliance on Allah.

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  5. MashaAllah- this is Muslim Art- a pleasure to listen to, a pleasure to read inspiring me to get off the computer and go make dua. Well produced video too.
    JazakAllah khair Brother A

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  6. The full transcript to the video is available on Muslimness::

    Essential & excellent dua.

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  7. This was amazing. JazaakumAllahu khairan to everyone who was involved in producing and sharing this!

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  8. This was awesome, thank you MM!

    At the risk of seeming uncultured and lacking in creativity, I have to ask: what is the analogy between arrows and du`a? What is the connection between the arrows having a “span” and our du`a? Someone enlighten me por favor.

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  9. May Allah Reward Him With the Good in This World & in the Hereafter Inshallah. Beautifully Recited.

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