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Watch the political journal of Farheen Hakeem, a Muslim American woman and the co-chair of the Green Party, as she gets involved in the US political process.

The Story of Farheen Hakeem – Muslim Co-Chair of the Green Party

Source: AlJazeera English

“Every four years the US elects a new president. It is a process that is scrutinised the world over. But the democratic system includes many other, smaller contests which regularly reflect the nation's character and mood.

The mid-west state of Minnesota was the first to elect and then re-elect a Muslim-American to Congress. And although it was a major milestone for US democracy, it did not necessarily indicate a wave of broad acceptance.

Farheen Hakeem, a maths teacher and girl scout troop leader, wanted to show her students and scouts that democracy is more than just casting a vote and that it can also be about faith.

In the following account filmmaker Sarah Zaman looks at a young Muslim woman that runs for office in Minnesota and tests the system.”

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