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Review: Al-Mudarris Quran Software


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A few months ago I got a copy of Al-Mudarris software. It's essentially a software that incorporates ayaat with multiple translations and audio recitations of each individual āyah. That is nice, however, what really prompted me to utilize the software is the notes and tafsir features.

The program gives you the ability to add your own personal notes for each āyah, and save it. You can save tafsir notes separately from your own personal notes. This is ideal for any student, or khateeb, to keep track of their own personal notes for each āyah.

That is the feature I like most, but it is also useful if you are doing hifdh, because it allows you to have it play specified ayaat at a fixed number of repetitions with a pause for you to recite after each āyah. There's tools for this online as well, but this can be used without any internet connection (i.e. directly from your hard drive).

The full feature list is on the website.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi adds,

Al-Mudarris software is a fantastic way of learning the Qurʾān and the art of tajwid. It is one of the best programs I've seen in this regard, and I have no hesitation in recommending it for others. Its so easy that even my kids learnt how to use it in no time.

There is a demo video online that you can view here and tutorials as well. One other feature is that upgrades to the software are free. Here's a list of the upcoming enhancements inshā'Allāh:

Get a copy here and make sure you use the special coupon code for MM readers to get $5 off


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Omar Usman is a founding member of MuslimMatters, Qalam Institute, Muslim Strategic Initiative, and Debt Free Muslims. He is a regular khateeb and has served in different administrative capacities in various national and local Islamic organizations. You can follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @ibnabeeomar.


  1. try zekr, it’s open source and free and has many of these features – http://zekr.org

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  2. I have copy of this software, it is professionally done, very advanced audio repetition options.
    Thing that I didn’t found anywhere in all available programs is option for pause after the verses. It will give you break so you can practice. Break is not in seconds it is in length of the verses and also can be made longer if you are slow reciter. Also you don’t need any internet for recitation it comes with audio data which is also convenient.
    Another thing that I use a lot is it has one thing called one button copy of the text of the qur’an next to the verses so you don’t go and select, copy, paste add sura in parenthesis it will do it for you.

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  3. Assalamu Alaikum,

    The coupon doesn’t seem to be working.

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  4. I would highly recommend using Zekr, being open source which means you can make copy and pass it on to your fiends and family with being called a “Pirate” and live a guilt free life.

    Also of interest is the Sabily (formally Ubuntu Muslim Edition) a complete free alternative to Microsoft Windows packaged by by Muslims for Muslims. It comes with a lot of Islamic Software not seen in others. Most important thing is you can pass on a copy to as many people you like without being called a “Pirate” and live a guilt free life.

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  5. +1 for zekr as well. Its a great software and is open source. Plus it works on all platforms, linux, windows and macs. The nice feature I like about it is the ease with which you can add translations and audio recitations. The website does not have the translation by Hilali and Muhsin Khan, but I was able to do it myself in a few hours.

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  6. Open source rules!

    I can’t remember the last time I paid for any software. :-D

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  7. I downloaded Zekr it’s good it is similar in some points but doesn’t have those features for audio repetition and for memorization not even close to Al-Mudarris Qur’an Software.
    You can take a look at the first video to see recitation options here

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  8. @Abu Muhammad – Good idea. Someone should develop it since its open for anyone to. I might check it out although it is written in Java on Eclipse framework. Not an expert in both.

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  9. Can anyone recommend a good digital Qur’an please? The ones I have seen don’t seem to be very durable, and the screen is tiny, making it difficult to read. I need one with Uthmani script (preferably a replica of the standard page), verse by verse with repetition and pause, and the option to hear with headphones or speakers. Any suggestions?

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  10. Mashallah, This software is very nice and Jazakullah for providing a discount :)

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  11. Umm Hurairah said:
    Can anyone recommend a good digital Qur’an please? The ones I have seen don’t seem to be very durable, and the screen is tiny, making it difficult to read. I need one with Uthmani script (preferably a replica of the standard page), verse by verse with repetition and pause, and the option to hear with headphones or speakers. Any suggestions?

    As-Salamu Alaykum, I have ENMAC.. alhamdulilah, it’s the best by far.

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  12. Jazzak Allah khair for the review…been thinking of getting this software for a while now so this defn. helped. Zekr looks pretty good too though !

    Does anybody know how to play repetitions (w/o having to go back and forth with fwd and rewind buttons) if you are trying to memorize in a car or using an audio mp3 player in the bus while traveling ? Any clues/tips ?

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  13. I have been doing my own research into these software for a while.

    The best free alternative to “Al-Mudarris Quran Software” is ImaanStar’s Juz30 and it has all the recitation repeat setting .. which is not found in the Zerk. But ImaanStar does not say much about its copyright or license or end user agreement aspect on the site, So its not as free as freedom software as Zerk is. (I stand here to be corrected if I am wrong about ImaanStar copyright or license or end user agreement).

    @Increase your Rizq
    I have my Nokia N95 8GB loaded with MP3s from Verse By Verse Quran Recitation which you can download and use on almost any device that can play MP3 on or you can make it into CDs if you wish.

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  14. @AzizurRahman. Good idea, btw, how it behaves when loaded in play list I mean you have more then 6000 files?

    I wish this guys from Al-Mudarris will publish version for cell phones or portable devices like iPhone or Touch, because I believe that what really help in memorization is REPETITION of certain group with BREAK so you can practice and hear your self (which Al-Mudarris has ) because pauses in seconds doesn’t make any sense…

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  15. @Abu Muhammad I don’t think anyone is going to listen to 6000 mp3 files in one go.

    My approach is break it to a small manageable chunk ie a single sura. I load a single sura and then break it to 5 verses at a time.. on my play list, so when playing the play list in repeat mode it repeats those 5 verses over and over. In matter of 2 weeks I have familiarised myself to half the sura during a 10 minute journey to work and 10min back. This goes to show that it a very possible to memorise the whole quran by simply listen and reciting at the same time for 10mins everyday.

    Everyone please make duwa for me, insha-Allah that one day very soon I would complete memorising the whole quran.

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  16. Want Madani Script

    As salaamu Alaikum

    The one feature I want to see in a software is the Madani script incorporated with the featureslike audio, notes, etc.
    Any ideas?

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  17. @Want Madani Script: In this software you have those options, you can add notes to the verses, you can click that verse to listen to it etc. This is in my opinion the best software for the Qur’an available so far.

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  18. Jazaka ALLAH Khair for the comments but I don’t think many of the people commenting actually own the Al-Muddaris Software. It is Obvious the company that made the Al-Mudarris checked all the different softwares and “Free ware” out there, then developed a software that has the good features of those softwares and improved on them while at the same time introduce new features. As a owner of Al-Mudarris I can tell you that this software is well worth the price.

    Zikr and Imaanstar are nice really nice but they simply lack many features which are powerful. Truely Al-Mudarris is not only good for people who want to memorize the quran but also, as advertised, great for people taking islamic course in their masjids and for those brothers who give khutbahs in their high schools, college, or masjids.

    The multiple reciters, even the Mualim version of recitation by shaykh Husary, are included with the software.

    I haven’t mentioned all the other bells and whistles. You’d have to purchase your very own. One last thing that you don’t find with the free or other softwares (to my knowledge at least) is the FREE updates.

    Masha ALLAH we are blessed with all these opportunities to learn our deen. The difference between Free and cheap (Al-Mudarris) is little in cost but the value, I feel, is worth it.

    Sorry just my two cents.

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  19. Salam,

    I am interested in taking notes and adding comments on verses. please shed some light on the following questions:-

    1- What is the limit of text storage for notes/comments on a single verse, any limitations?

    2- Can we export or import notes/comments or even bookmarks. if yes in what format. do we have any universally recognizable format.

    3- How can I add my favourite tafseer into this Software. Any special format to import?

    4- For “Zikr software users” does this support for adding Notes or comments on verses, please elaborate in the light of the above questions.


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  20. I am looking for Quran study software for the M. A. S. Abdel Haleem translation by Oxford World.
    Or any other study software for a quality English version of the Quran that is a widely accepted version.

    I am not looking for anything free as I need a quality searchable Study software. It seems to me that most of the software that I am finding is focused on Reciting the text rather than studying and understanding the truth of the text.
    Can anyone out there help me with my project?


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  21. QuranCode 1433

    Salam all

    I am the developer of the open-source QuranCode software which is meant for serious research with note-taking, verse similarity research, word-by-word gammar, and the choice of any reciter with verse or section repetition.

    It is open source C# project so if you wish to join to improve it, you are most welcome.

    God > infinity

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