Innalhamdolillah. Bismillah.

[written by abu abdAllah]

Here’s a neat trick for all of you who use Gmail and love reading Muslimmatters.

  1. Open Gmail in your web browser.
  2. Click on settings (located at the very top of the page, among the links at the top right).
  3. Click on web clips (if you use the link, you can skip steps 1 and 2).

Web clip settings

  1. To the left, under the link for “general” settings, you should see a field with these words above it: “Search by topic or URL:
  2. Into the field, copy and paste this text:
  3. Click the “search” button located under this field.
  4. You should see the MM feed in the search result(s) with the choice to add the feed, so do add it.

And that’s it!  InshaAllah, now the web clips that appear just above your e-mails in the Gmail browser will include recent articles from MM (screenshots taken on different days).  Can I get a takbeer?

MM web clips in Gmail

Of course, you can use the same methods to add most any feed to your web clips.

Paste this text to add a Halaltube feed:

And this text for the feed from Kalamullah:

Gmail offers many web clips, too, including news feeds.  Just not a wide selection of feeds about Islam and Muslims from beneficial sources.  Is this important?  Use “muslim” in the same search field, and you’ll see Irshad Manji’s feed among the search results.  And we all know what she’s feeding the world.

So promote good web feeds of Islamic material, so that the search rank for those feeds increases, and you’ll be promoting good, inshaAllah.

Now a personal request: as you may have noticed, I enjoy using the Gmail “planets” theme.  But I would love to use a theme like “Qur’anic Calligraphy” or “Great Masajid of the World” — so will one of you creative types out there please submit such a theme to Google?  Imagine millions of Gmail users worldwide checking their e-mails and admiring the beauty of Islamic calligraphy or architecture.  It would be a low-key and beautiful form of dawah.