It is that time of the year again. Ramadan has begun to signal it’s imminent arrival. For most, that might imply a dread of fasting longer, hotter days. For others, it might mean saving more to stock up their freezers. For some lucky people, it might indicate the time to start making travel arrangements for performing umrah or itikaaf in Islam’s holy sites in Saudi Arabia. For most, however, including me, it implies preparing for project “Yearly Zakaah: Calculation and Discharge.

The basic reasons why most Muslims discharge their yearly Zakaah during Ramadan are:

In the current scenario, when the economic crisis and global “credit crunch” has left many Muslims struggling financially, and like other people all over the world, striving to hold on to their jobs, save and scrimp any extra money they possibly can, look for alternative modes of earning and sources of income, and to spend very cautiously, generating enough liquidity to pay off one’s Zakaah becomes an added concern. All extravagant expenditures have started to be curtailed, or so we like to think, in such a scenario.

So the problem with giving Zakaah this coming Ramadan is (more…)