allahpendant08lgFor this edition of the Open Thread, I feel that it’s time we have a good dose of spirituality before we dive into the gritty news once more.

A dip into MM’s Inspiration and Spirituality archives yields many amazing results from which we can all take benefit. These days, with so much focus on the latest political news around the world, we are perhaps forgetting some of the most important, core aspects of our Deen: our relationship with Allah, our worship of Him, and how it affects us as individuals and as a society.

On that note, we present some MM Golden Oldies:

In explaining the hadith: “Know Allah in times of prosperity and He will know you in times of adversity,” [7] Ibn Rajab writes about ma‘rifah , or knowing Allah:

“A servant’s ma‘rifah of his Lord is of two levels: Firstly, a general acquaintance which involves acknowledging, affirming and having faith in Him: this type of ma‘rifah is common to all believers. Secondly, a deeper type of ma‘rifah, or acquaintance, which leads to hearts being totally inclined to Allah: devoted to Him; intimate with Him; at peace when remembering Him; being shy of Him; and being held in awe of Him. This is the specific type of ma‘rifah around which the gnostics, or ‘årifun, revolve – as one of them remarked: “The poor people of this world have departed from it without xperiencing the most delightful thing in it.” He was asked: What is the most delightful of things? He said: “The ma‘rifah of Allah, Mighty and Majestic is He.” Ahmad ibn ‘Asim al-Antaqi said: “I desire not to die until I attain ma‘rifah of my Lord. I do not mean ma‘rifah in the sense of merely believing in Him; but a ma‘rifah so that, when I know Him, I feel shy of Him.”

Having fortified our souls with reminders of spirituality, we can turn our refreshed gazes to the grim reality: (more…)