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Nine passengers were removed yesterday from an AirTran flight. Apparently two made some “suspicious” comments, which in retrospect were completely benign, yet not only these two, but a few other passengers were removed! All the passengers don’t even seem to be related. In fact, one person is African-American, while the others are of Indo-Pak descent!

These passengers need to SUE AirTran!

Muslims cannot be treated like second-class citizens. This is no different than Rosa Parks, who refused to give her seat up for a white passenger. The issue about “suspicious” comments is pure nonsense and an excuse for stripping Muslims off their civil rights. Everyone knows that making a joke about security will land a person in jail, so if indeed these passengers had said something which was akin to a verbal threat (even jokingly), then they would be in jail. And the fact that they are not, implies that other passengers either misunderstood or lied. Regardless, (more…)