Trump Makes Praying at Airports Cool Again

“You Pray, We Stay! You Pray, We Stay!”

Such were the cheers protesters chanted as thousands across the US gathered at airports to express their disapproval of Trump’s unprecedented travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries. The executive order, disguised as a security measure, only affected innocent families and vulnerable refugees fleeing war and looking for safety.

Almost immediately following the ban, protesters rushed to occupy all major airports in the country to demand the release of innocent travellers with valid travel documents.  One of the unintended outcomes of these demonstrations was the public acceptance of the Muslim ritual prayer at airports. As times of the five daily prayers entered, dozens of Muslims at the protests joined together to pray in congregation; the prayer somehow managed to become a form of protest itself at that point. This was a stark contrast to the usual circumstance where Muslims generally try to find secluded spots at airports and pray anxiously with hopes of avoiding too much attention. Moving images of protesters circling around Muslims as they say their prayers have gone viral on the internet; we share a few below that capture this historic moment.

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3 responses to “Trump Makes Praying at Airports Cool Again”

  1. KAREEM says:

    Salaams to all. Can anyone tell me who is the person (I am assuming he is an imam) that recited the Fatiha? His recitation sounded amazing, I would like to hear more.


  2. WAJiD says:


    Great article Waleed. While many have seen the images online, to see them concentrated in one place evokes a much more powerful response.

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