There Once was a Lad who Couldn’t Lower His Gaze

There once was a lad who couldn’t lower his gaze,

Distraught and disappointed he tried many ways,

Finally he decided to go to a shaykh well known,

And ask him advice for his desperation had grown


The shaykh said to him, indeed but you’ve come to ask

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About something great, first though I have a task,

I have a friend of mine, on the other side of town,

And I have a daily gift I give him before every sun down

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It was a bowl of milk, almost filled to the top,

He said take this here bowl, and don’t spill a drop!

I am sending with you a friend with great vision

To make sure that you make no mistakes in your mission!


The lad began to walk with the bowl in his hands,

Wishing them steady, he dared not break a command,

For every step that he took, his guide watched with pierced eyes

As if waiting for any mistake to arise


When his task was over he return to the sage

And said, the task is done, now show me the way!

He said, ‘you have done well but first let me see,

Did you happen to see the house with the gigantic tree?


The lad said, no, I’m sorry, I was not aware,

Well, you passed my uncle’s street, did you see him there?

The lad said, no I did not see an uncle or tree,

The milk would have spilled if I looked upward you see!


And I was so nervous because your friend did not blink,

So I watched every step, and that’s all I could think!

The Shaykh smiled and said, leave now, for this task

Has answered the question you had wished to ask


The milk that you carried with focus throughout

Was your book of deeds, much more important no doubt,

If you were nervous by one who records your every mistake

Know that there are angels who write, if such allowance you make


Life is a similar journey, but to a different address

So be gone, and focus young lad, I wish you the best!

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16 responses to “There Once was a Lad who Couldn’t Lower His Gaze”

  1. Shahbaz MS says:

    Brilliant !!!!!!

  2. Hira Amin says:

    Fantastic poem masha Allah…I think you should create a video version! It is so true, when you are focused on your ultimate task, everything else becomes easy.

  3. Hena says:

    Just brilliant. JazakAllah khair — excellent reminder for adults and kids too!

  4. AbuMaryam says:

    Amazing mashaAllah. I second making this into a video.

  5. curry_king says:

    I have to say, this site is pretty cool ! I’m not an American, but the stuff I’ve read here thus far, are great.. keep up the good work folks

    With much love from the other side of the world -Sri Lanka :)

  6. Mahdi says:

    Might be taking these articles for my own website. Requiring your permission

  7. ummfatima says:

    MashaAllah.Love the poem..But I feel like I read this & heard this somewhere.Even when I was a child I heard this story from hindu story books.I may be wrong.Just want to make sure about copyright issues.JazakAllahu Khairaa.

  8. Al-Ghazali says:

    Ma Shaa Allah… Its really nice.. May Allah safeguard our deen day in day out Aamiin.

    All the way from Nigeria, Assalamu Alaikum.

  9. wb says:

    Allah Allah…marvelous once again ya ustaz!

  10. vania says:

    brilliant :) MashaAllah

  11. Ahmed says:

    BarakAllahu feek brother. This is what I go through at times as well. Being 28 and single in NYC has its disadvantages but all Hamd and Shukr be to Allah SWT for everything. This was a great reminder for me and many others insha’Allah. Keep focused on your mission. To please Allah SWT and earn His Paradise. May Allah reward all of us who try and accept our istighfar and replace our errors with good deeds. Ameen. Assalamualikum

  12. Rafia Riaz says:

    Subhan Allah! A beautiful poem with a beautiful msg. Love it brother.

  13. M.Mahmud says:

    I laughed…funny sweet and moral poem

  14. Ali says:

    Wah wah Wah ! SubhanAllah. Beautiful, simple and truly inspiring !!!

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