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Muslim Teenager Posts

By Nura F.

Don’t you hate that awkward moment when you read a Teenager Post you can’t relate to because of how different your lifestyle is from that of many other teens? I’ve stopped that, with my new Teenager Posts for Muslims! The point behind my Muslim Teenager Posts is to provide the countless Muslim youth with appropriate posts to view on the Internet, seeing as there are not that many appropriate ones. Muslim Teenager Posts can also show non-Muslim teenagers what it is like to be a Muslim as a teenager. It is a perfectly harmless, entertaining, and small way to spread Islam, especially since so many of the children these days spend their free time on the Internet. I hope that my Muslim Teenager posts will change the way people think about Muslims and will be relatable for Muslim teens everywhere.

mtp001 mtp002mtp004mtp005mtp006mtp009mtp010mtp011 mtp012mtp013mtp015mtp016mtp017mtp020About the Author:

Nura F is sixteen years old and is working to become an author for both children and teens. Her two favorite genres to write about are humor and adventure. Outside of her writing career, Nura loves to bake, read, and draw. She is also an avid blogger and keeps a number of blogs: one about her baking creations, one containing passionate rants, and one about reflections on ayahs in the Qur’an (which she really, really needs to update). Nura lives in Texas, USA, with her parents, sister, and two younger brothers.

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10 responses to “MuslimKidsMatter | Muslim Teenager Posts”

  1. Fifi says:

    JazakAllahu Khayr! How cute!

  2. Ibn Adnan Al-Yutaawi says:

    This is a little too female-centric.

  3. iffat sharif says:

    Masha Allah !! Those posts are funny and relatable:)))

  4. Umm Hadi says:

    Dear Nura,
    May Allah bless you and increase you in knowledge .May you be the leader of the Muslim Ummah.Ammen
    I have a daughter who is 7 and loves to write as well. Noor did write for MM once and it was published.

  5. Asalamualaykum, great job nura!!

  6. Fatma says:

    I’d sooooooooooooo one plus all those posts. Good ones i’m going to print all these out and hang them on my bedroom wall.

  7. theAMTG says:

    Jazakallah so much for this! I’ve been waiting for something like this for Muslims for ages. I was actually considering doing one, but I doubt it would be this awesome. :)

  8. Arian Baig says:

    I am pretty late but this really does help me relate as a muslim, thank you!

  9. Fatma suhaila says:

    Manshallah may allah bless you for starting this page

  10. Shafia says:

    Is it bad that this all happens to me…LOL

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