10 Tips On How To Stay Hydrated in Ramadan For New Moms And Nursing Mothers


As the blessed month of Ramadan is here, can you please advise nursing mothers who choose to fast how to best manage the long hours without food and drink?  Any advice about the types of food and drink that would be best suited to maintaining nutrition and hydration would be appreciated.

Jazaaki Allahu khairan,

New Mommy



1.  Eat watermelon at suhoor (most hydrating fruit)

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2.  Add a little Orange Juice to your water (to avoid low blood sugar)

3.  Have full fat milk, butter, and any other dairy (to help maintain milk production)

4.  Avoid dry foods like bread and cereal (dry foods dehydrate more)

5.  Sleep as much as you can 6-8 hours (nap during the day if possible)

6.  Make a refreshing smoothie for suhoor (very hydrating)

7.  Drink coconut water at suhoor or Iftar (very hydrating)

8.  Break your fast with dates and milk (replenish nutrients faster)

9.  Keep your meat portion 4-6 ounces (to have better digestion)

10.  Try to drink 48-72 ounces water between Iftar and bedtime (your body needs it)

(Please make sure to get medical clearance from your doctor)

Jazak Allah Khair

Zainab Ismail

Zainab Ismail has over 20 years of experience as a movement therapist, nutritional coach and personal trainer. Her lengthy years of health and fitness experience prior to Islam involve working with top level athletes and celebrities. Zainab teaches the popular “Fit For Allah” women’s fitness class at Mecca Center in NYC.  Zainab is also the Vice President of Nadoona, a fitness movement based in the U.S geared to helping Muslim women in fitness and nutrition and who under Nadoona Extreme have just released a 2 DVD fitness series.  As a full-time therapist, she integrates an eclectic approach of soft-tissue therapy, movement conditioning and nutrition coaching in New York City.

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3 responses to “10 Tips On How To Stay Hydrated in Ramadan For New Moms And Nursing Mothers”

  1. ummtalha says:

    Asslamu Alikum. I am pregnant (29 weeks) and fasting. I found this article very helpful.

    On a second note, if someone knowledgeable could help me with a question I have. I was thinking about naming my unborn Rafay however I know its one of the names of Allah swt so I wanted to know if it would be Abdul Rafay or Rafay alone is fine as well.

    If anyone with k owl edge on this topic could assist me pleaseeeeee.

  2. UmmA says:

    Jazaki Allahu khairan for the informative article.
    Would you advise a nursing mother to fast if her child is under three months?

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