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Proud to be a CoverGirl

By Hufsa Lodhi

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~ Vivian Greene. Every hardship and struggle is a firm building block to construct a barrier against the factors that break us. The very reasons that make us want to throw everything away simply because the challenge seems far too overwhelming. Half of the struggle is pushing ourselves to do it and the other half is following it through.

Islam is intertwined with us. Its very existence dwells in each and every soul from the day we are born until our final breaths’. Whether we choose to utilize the powerful gift of the only truth varies on Allah’s guidance. It is the part of us that we cannot ever leave behind or simply forget because Islam is so much more than just a religion. It’s a struggle to stay on the straight path and avoid the darkest of the temptations, dangling at our fingertips. Yet every obstacle we take on makes us closer to Allah. Life doesn’t have its “bumps” along the way.  They are tests from Allah to see the patience and Iman we put forth to please Him and show our devotion. Every battle is noted in the eyes of Allah for He is the Al-Basir, or Seer of All.

Kings and queens wear crowns and heavy embellishments to show wealth and power. They reign superiorly over their vast kingdom and spread their reign. Every girl should be treated like a princess but every Muslim girl is. In the eyes of Allah, we are, for he has given us the utmost respect and privilege with entrusting us, Muslim girls, with our very own “crowns” to wear on his Kingdom to influence and spread the truth to his creations. Hijab raises us proudly so we carry ourselves with value and self-importance. Our reputation is everything to us. We are Allah’s Princesses and no other man can preoccupy our destined partner because we are already taken; we belong to Allah.

It’s not easy keeping up with the duties of the crown. Every Muslim girl has to set good examples to wear their Hijab with purpose. No talking freely with boys, no short clothing, no tight clothing, no makeup or attracting elements, no raising of the voice… the list starts to get long and seems like too much until slowly it becomes us and we lead by example. Before long the years of bullying and separation fades to a blur as the clearer reward shines through. This is all for the sake of Allah and every struggle is rewarded so this is a drive to keep us going because we’re halfway there. Life is just a blink of an eye, Jannah is what really matters.

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We run from darkness our whole lives and huddle by the sheltering light when in reality we don’t realize that the bad experiences are what keep us upright. They build us and teach us to be stronger in the long run. If everything were to be taken negatively then life would be one, long, dreary experience. Small differences aren’t meant to be the end of the world. What you make of it defines who you are. Show your colors and wear your crown with pride because we are Allah’s followers and that fact alone gives us eternal strength. Muslim girls are different for a better reason. We represent our Deen and impact others who might just convert to Islam because of researching out of curiosity of seeing us. Make it your own and  take your Hijab to a whole new level. It’s “easy, breezy, beautiful.” I’m proud to be a CoverGirl.

About the Author:

Hufsa Lodhi is 16 and was born in Long Island, New York. She has a strong passion for animals, writing, reading, and poetry. Some of her favorite sports include soccer, ice skating, swimming, and football. She currently lives in a small city in North Carolina.

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4 responses to “MuslimKidsMatter | Proud to be a CoverGirl”

  1. Sarah says:

    Assalamu alaykum,

    Lovely to see fellow teens getting their writing out there.

    Quick criticism: the last couple of lines come off as being written too much like an American advertisement. ‘easy, breezy, beautiful’ sounds like a t-shirt getting sold rather than a concept being embraced! Also, I find the line ‘Our reputation is everything to us.’ a teensy bit strange.

    Other than that – congrats for being published! :) God bless you!

    • Ayesha says:

      The phrase “easy, breezy, beautiful’ is covergirl’s actual slogan which is why the author has put it in. Well written article.

  2. Reb says:

    Yes, this sounds great if you are already thin and beautiful on the outside. What about us that are beautiful on the inside only. The boys and their parents don’t even notice us. I am no longer a teenager or young adult. The “duties” look great on paper but in real life, we are the ones who are left behind.

  3. Aafia says:

    Masha Allah! Lovely article.

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