Debt Free Muslims Podcast 8 – Economics, Warlords, and Riba|Dr. Jerry Hionis

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Debt Free Muslim Podcast Episode 8

This episode is brought to you by – Because Muslims matter.

Jerry Hionis holds a PhD from Temple University located in Philadelphia, PA. His primary research is in conflict theory with an emphasis on civil conflicts and Warlord-like competition. Other research interests include game theory, economic development, Islamic economic theory and history, political theory and African economics. He is also a professor at Temple University.

In this podcast we discuss:

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  • How Dr. Jerry Hionis got into his field of Economics
  • How does Economics affect us individually?
  • Information on Islamic microeconomics
  • The differences between economics and personal finance
  • Economics of Warlords and conflicts
  • The history economics of interest and usury in Judeo-Christian and Islam
  • The types of riba/usury
  • The history of Islamic economics

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  1. ahmedmader says:

    great topics , really see this taking off. Try using soundcloud or another platform that will help you promote and a lot of people already use.

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