Debt Free Muslims Podcast: School, Work, and Other Advice from a Full Time Youth Director

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This episode is brought to you by – Because Muslims matter.

Our guest for this episode is Zuhair Shaath, Youth Director at the Clear Lake Islamic Center.

In this episode we cover:

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  • His path to becoming a youth director
  • Why do high school grads choose their major?
  • How to explore scholarships while in college
  • Having a work ethic – especially from a young age
  • Parental/community reactions towards making Islamic work a full-time job
  • Advice to those who are working 9-5 jobs and the importance of doing that work

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2 responses to “Debt Free Muslims Podcast: School, Work, and Other Advice from a Full Time Youth Director”

  1. Ali says:


    May Allah reward you for this work, It’s really beneficial.

    Keep it up!

  2. Stranger says:

    JazakAllah khayr for these series, they are very informative and beneficial.

    I have just one comment, and I hate to pick on something so minor, but if you could have the interviewer not respond to every thing the interviewee says, it would make the interview flow better. For instance, on this particular webcast, hearing “yeah,” “really,” “mm hmm,” or “wow,” every other second just got a little off-putting. I just feel the interview would flow better without these reactions. Because of the sound quality of these as well, the interviewee is generally a softer voice and the interviewer ends up being louder (because he’s closer to the mic?), so it throws me off a bit as a listener. Again, I love the series and this is probably something very minor to other listeners. Thank you once again for holding these every week; may Allah reward all of you.

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