Why Robert Davila is the Most Famous Muslim in America This Week

Assalam ‘alaykum wa rahmatulah,

Sometimes we land in a spiritual slump and want to stop doing what we are doing, and then Allah sends us inspiration when we need it most.  I watched this last night and had to share this with our readers. Although it has probably been shared all over the world, on forums, Facebook pages, and websites (yes, even soap opera sites), it deserves to be shared even more, mashaAllah!

What a story, what an inspiration! JazakAllah Khayr to Ustadh Nouman for sharing the story of Robert Davila.

I relayed this story to three different people today, and each of them felt rejuvenated on his/her journey to Allah, including my daughter, who was struggling with her Quran lessons. To encourage her, we were reading Khuram Murad’s Way to the Quran together and at the part where he writes about making sure that we are “constantly alert with intense praise and gratitude to [our] Master for having blessed [us] with His greatest gift- the Quran and for having guided [us] to its reading and study,” Brother Robert was the most perfect example that I could give to her, having seen this video.

It really, truly reminded me that Allah’s work doesn’t stop–we need Him–he doesn’t need us. May Allah guide all of us with the light of His Guidance in whatever position we may be in and give us the taufiq of dua (supplication), shukr (thankfulness), sabr (patience), and ridha bil qadha (satisfaction with Divine Decree). Ameen.

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Update: Here is a photo of Robert for those who were doubting his existence. Ustadh Nouman plans on airing an interview with him soon. Yusuf made some great points in comments. It is not enough for us to celebrate and be inspired by conversion stories, we have to realize that disabled and New Muslim support is severely lacking in many of our communities. If you were moved by this story, use the inspiration to start a support group in your masjid or community center. One immediate thing you can do is teach people how to talk about disability with respect. People with disabilities live in a world designed primarily for the able-bodied. We can only really start to empathize when we think of how inconvenient or unkind circumstances are getting to the places where people worship and socialize; things that many of us take for granted.

Robert speaking at a masjid in Texas. Photo Courtesy Ustadh Nouman's homepage

Robert speaking at a masjid in Texas. Photo Courtesy Ustadh Nouman’s Facebook page

Muslimmatters had our own dawah cheer to share this week. Yesterday, Br. Sebastian took his shahadah and shared this tweet with us, and another brother who cannot drive to the masjid due to a disability asked if he could take shahadah online with one of us. Allahumma taqabbal ya Rabb.



How were you inspired by these stories?

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45 responses to “Why Robert Davila is the Most Famous Muslim in America This Week”

  1. Mahmud says:

    wa alayk

    Definitely the(whole video) was the best video I’ve watched in my life. All two something hours of it was worth it and this was definitely the best part..

  2. NAS says:

    Such an inspiration, mashAllah.

  3. Reality says:

    Seriously, this guy is a fake.. paralysis means lost of sensory. There is no way the guy could have felt anything below his neck! The confirmation came., when he realized his story was flawed., his body language turned into lost of confidence ( hands in pocket) and 2nd his voice turned louder and more assertive., and his speech has become a loose thought of mind..as opposed in the beginning when it was more structured like a memorized plot.. I always believed that we should always be thankful to the messengers..that is the way everything works.. if God does it, then it becomes a miracle..

    • Mahmud says:

      Exactly what on earth are you talking about? I get the sense you are calling Robert a liar, but your post is incoherent. Extremely incoherent. It’s one thing to slander a person on the internet, it’s another to make sense while doing it.

    • Robert Davila says:

      Seriously, I’m not a fake.

      • Amad says:

        wow mashallah, the celebrity brother himself is here. Robert, only trolls believe you are fake. If you are fake, then no one is real!

        Brother Robert, it is an honor to see you here… seriously your story is inspiring adults and kids alike… i told your story to my 7 year old last night and she was so excited to meet you one day! inshallah i will try to see you when i come to dallas in summer

        P.S. Folks, this is the real Robert commenting– i have checked the IP address as well to confirm location :)

      • ma sha Allah great to see you respond directly brother.

      • Hena Zuberi says:

        Assalamalaykum wa rahmatulah,

        I would love to hear more from you Br. Robert.. Any suggestions for us on what else we can do on Muslimmatters to serve our new Muslim brothers and sisters?
        Keep us in your duas.

      • Assalamualaikum, may Allah Bless you for giving me a `sock in the gut’ for the inspiration that is You! Allahu Akbar. Now I feel that I have been missing out on His Great Ikhsan where I should have seen them, Bless you my son. I am a sorry example of a Muslim granny at 65 years old now I am uplifted by you to make amends and repent for my past Ingratitude to Allah for the Bounty He has given me.
        I pray for the day that YOU and Ustadh will come to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because there are many (able-bodied) lost Muslims here too.
        DEfinitely,for me, better approach than Dr. Zakir Naik. Wassalam

    • Muhammad Aarif says:

      Neurons (“wires” that relay messages to and fro central nervous system) can be generally divided into two types, motor and sensory. There are auto-immune diseases that can selectively affecting one type or both. Clearly, if only motor neurons is involved, the affected person can still feels awfully lot of pain even though he is paralyzed. I do feel sorry for your lack of knowledge, and may Allah gives you guidance.

    • yep says:

      Reality? Just what are you talking about? Are you saying he’s not really paralyzed?… I think you have a disease in your heart. You will see REALITY on Judgement Day.

  4. Riz says:

    Jazakallah Khair for sharing your view point sister.. It was truly inspiring to learn that allah will definetly guide whomsoever he wishes no matter which part of the world dey are… And Robert’s dedication to follow through,, amazing man mashallah.. May Allah bless his efforts and for him inspiring many of us who needed it…

    Sister hena in your profile it also mentions you support whole food and organic life, can you please explain about that.. Jazakallah Khair :)

  5. Hansel says:

    Paralysed people can and do feel pain, smartass!

    • Yusuf Smith says:

      As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

      There are different forms of paralysis; some forms (such as when someone has a complete spinal cord injury) mean the person cannot feel anything below the level of injury. So, if someone has a complete injury at C6 (the lower neck), they will have full function down to the shoulders, some arm function but nothing below that. There are also incomplete spinal cord injuries, where someone has some feeling and movement below that level.

      However, if he has muscular dystrophy, he will lose muscle function but not feeling, so he will be able to feel pain. I used to know a brother in the UK who had a form of that (there are several), and his mother looked after him until his 20s and then he got married. (And no, muscular dystrophy doesn’t affect that.)

      • Ariadne la Fae says:

        This kind of paralysis kinda reminds me of David Wong’s story in his self-healing book “Transcendental Connection”, is that similar? (btw I’m no medical person)

        Robert Davila is the best convert story it’s really a wake-up call for us the heedless ones. We often take simple things like health for granted. If such a disabled one like him can have a big heart to accept Divine call, we all should be ashamed of our heedlessness and reflect. May Allah bless him in this world and hereafter. You rock, Robert!

  6. Muslims want what White Christians have made off this country and they have failed in their own country , but they hate whites and Christians

    • Mww-m says:

      Plenty of white Muslims here…

      • Dear Mww-m

        Our Comments Policy requires a valid name or Kunyah to be used when commenting. You may also use a blog handle provided your blog is linked, the email address is a valid one, and it is not advertising a product.

        Best Regards
        Comments Team

    • Yusuf Smith says:

      Why is junk like this allowed on here? Pointless insults like these should just be deleted.

      • Dear Yusuf

        I left it up there as Mww-m had already answered to him very appropriately. Needless to say the concerned person is now on moderation. :)

        Best Regards

        • O H says:

          Could you please elaborate on the point of moderation. Is that the reason why my posts, which are not abnormal, take ages before it appears on the site.

          • Dear OH

            At some point in your commenting history, possibly on request of a particular author or certain comments on a particular post, you may have been put on the moderation list. Usually we keep such moderation on a temp basis. Let me go through some recent history and review the said moderation.

            Also “OH” is in violation with our Comments Policy. We prefer you use your name or Kunyah.

            Best Regards

  7. This news is very important for every Muslim.

  8. farzana begum says:

    I am not able to open d link on Research on Bismillah :( y?

  9. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    We should remember that there are a lot of converts who are disabled and who live in isolated areas. Some of them are physically disabled like Robert, others have learning difficulties like a friend of mine in the UK.

    Incidentally, it’s very surprising that he was happy in that nursing home. That is the lot of quite a number of poorer disabled people in the USA even if they have family, because they are unable to afford to care for their relatives in the home — the state is supposed to pay, but often won’t find the money (though the courts often force them to, but this is quite a recent development). Many people who are forced to live in these places say they are miserable, and not just because of loneliness but also because of the restrictions on their liberty and sometimes downright abuse. And of course, they won’t be serving halal food. We may find some of these people inspiring, but some of them need our help also.

  10. Abez says:

    MashaAllah, very inspiring.

  11. O H says:

    May Allaah forgive our shortcomings despite all the ability he has given us to worship Him with ease, Ameen

    Learn this dua, taken from Surah Al Ahqaaf Verse 15, so that we may be grateful to Allaah for the blessings we have been bestowed with.

    رَبِّ أَوْزِعْنِي أَنْ أَشْكُرَ نِعْمَتَكَ الَّتِي أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيَّ وَعَلَىٰ وَالِدَيَّ

    “Rabbi awzi’ni an ashkura ni’mata-ka-llati an’amta ‘alayaa wa ‘ala walidayya

    My Rabb! permit me to give thanks for Your blessing which You have bestowed on me and on my parents

    Jazaki Allaahu Khair ukhti Hena for sharing this. For people who are inactive on social media like Facebook, twitter etc we can miss out on a lot of stuff.

  12. shamsa omar says:

    Inspiration beyond words

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  14. Faiza says:

    salaam to all
    If we are inspired by the story of Robert then we must make dua for his complete recovery as well. HasbonAllah wa naimal wakeel. If he can guide him, he can sure cure him too. There are thousands of people who are inspired, imagine if each one of us make dua for his recovery, there will be vibrations in the air and Allah may accept it. O Allah give Robert complete Shifa as you have guided him. Ameen.

  15. Nida says:

    I feel like crying. Brother Robert I would love to meet you someday if Allah permits. May you enter Jannah Insha Allah

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  17. zaynadu says:

    As’salamu alaikum, brothers and sisters,

    I took Shahada on March 23, 2014, just a few short weeks after seeing this video. It wasn’t the only thing that finally brought me to submit to Allah, but it played a role. I wholeheartedly believe Robert was given a sign and meant to be a beacon to us all. American converts don’t always have it easy, but seeing Robert’s strength can give us the strength we need to take a huge leap or maybe just the last baby step. Alhumdullilah for the signs and guides that Allah gives us!

  18. tarequl islam says:

    mr mark mcdonald… i wanna say something to ya.it is i myself am a Muslim, as well as a native citizen of the USA. i feel proud of myself to be chosen to pray to ALLAH, and thank Him that i was born as a Muslim, BUT I also feel pity and sorry for the people like you who are still non-Muslims.. hope that ALLAH shows you the RIGHT path.

  19. M.S. says:

    SubhanalAllah, what a story!

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  21. Our Brother Robert Davila
    a revert who became Muslim while fully paralysed and he says he is grateful to Allah-Alhamdoulillah

    May our brother who can’t walk in the dunya, run in jannatul Firdous with our beloved Prophet Mohammed, sallAllaho ‘alayhi wassalaam – Ameen!

  22. shah says:

    Assalam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    After reading some negative points in this blog, I was compelled to respond here. I live in Irving and Br Robert Davila visited our Islamic Center. Ustad Nouman Ali Khan give khatira every Monday after Isha at ICI. I came across the blog while searching Br Robert to give reference to my friend about this amazing story I witnessed myself. If anybody has doubts, contact Bayyinah Institute.

    Beyond that nobody can convince except Allah.

    May Allah guide us all. Aameen.

  23. Mohsen says:

    Salam. What a beautiful story. Very inspiring. Sobhanallah! May Allah keep him happier and satisfied by the day and grant his health back. I bet he is MUCH happier than a healthy, wealthy Muslim kid that doesn’t even know a word of Qur’an.
    Thank You for sharing Robert’s story.

  24. Haadiya says:

    Inspirational stories are always soul lifting. Read a truly heart turning story Sarah, it will surely inspire you

  25. Mirza says:

    Masha Allah, deeply moved, May Allah SWT guide us all . Can anyone share facebook page of brother robert devila?

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