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by Samiyah Ali Khan
Allah has blessed us with the hijab,  It keeps us pure and protected from committing sin, and with that we will commit even lesser sins. Young women and adults wear a hijab and it sometimes might make you feel uncomfortable at first but after a while you will feel awkward without it. I started wearing a hijab a few months before starting middle school. I begged my mom for just one more day of not wearing it but she advised that the quicker I began, the faster I would get used to it and start loving it.

At first, I got a few weird looks and questions like, “why are you wearing that?” “are you bald?” “did your parents force you?” But eventually both my classmates and I got used to it. I lost a few friends at first but gained even more than before in the end.

We see women with gorgeous hairstyles on a daily basis (on television, shopping, your teacher, you name it) and feel bad but actually we’re lucky. Almost everyday I hear my friends complaining about bad hair days and how long it took them to style hair and make it work, while I just stand there thinking “Wow! I have it easy just putting my hair in a bun and wrapping the scarf around.” Sometimes they even say I’m lucky when they realize how easy my life is in the morning. We don’t need to wake up 1-1 1/2 early to do anything special, even after that I’m sure we look better than them.  Rather than constantly worrying about our appearance, we can concentrate more on getting good deeds and studying hard.

There may be hundreds of hairstyles but there are thousands of hijab styles just waiting to be discovered. Just imagine if someone at the grocery sees you wearing a hijab at a young age it might inspire them, and you’d be the one gaining the ajar.  Don’t feel threatened about a hijab or even uncomfortable because remember that the quicker you begin, the more reward you will earn inshaallah.

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Samiyah Ali Khan is in 8th grade and lives in Delaware, USA.  Some of her hobbies are to draw, read, and do community service.  She also likes hanging out with her friends, going shopping, and relaxing.

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6 responses to “MuslimKidsMatter | Hijab”

  1. Amel says:

    As-salamu Alaykum,
    I love your article, masha’Allah. I did not start wearing the hijab until I was in my late teens (I am an American convert). One of the hardest things I remember about my teenage years, especially in high school, is the anxiety I used to feel when waking up and deciding what to wear and how to style my hair for the day. The hijab and jelbab gave me a feeling of freedom from that whole routine, and I became more confident as a result. I also support school uniforms for this reason. My kids go to schools in which uniforms are required, and I like the fact that the competition over who is wearing what is almost non-existent. You will always have kids who wear expensive shoes or accessories, but it is much less of an issue. I had to wear hand-me-downs from my brother at a certain point, and the teasing got pretty bad. May Allah SWT reward you for staying strong and telling other girls about the benefits of hijab.

  2. CG says:

    MashaAllah, really enjoyed the article. That’s really sweet mashaAllah, and I hope you carry on with your strength and determination.

  3. I really like your point about “The quicker you wear the hijab, the faster you will get use to it” that’s really important in helping youth cover themselves at a young age.

  4. Shafia Karim says:

    MashAllah… well written and inspiring for the teenage girls.

  5. Fatma says:

    Masha ‘Allah I recently found this website. I am currently in 7th grade. I started wearing the hijab in 7th grade. So in 6th grade I was not wearing a hijab but in 7th grade I was. (6-8 grade school). But in 7th grade my mom said I have to start wearing the hijab. Now I love wearing the hijab and now I feel ashamed if my younger sister suggests me to take my scarf off. I tell her that she should start wearing the scarf but then she says people will tease her. Any way my sister is going to start in 6th grade Insha’Allah.

  6. Maimuna says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article. I’m researching how to handle various responses to my daughter taking on the hijab. She will be starting 7th grade and I’m worried how her new school mates (and some from elementary school) will take it. I wish there were more resources for kids and parents that address this issue.

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