10 Rules of #TwitterFiqh

The following tweets were published in order to establish an Islamic etiquette in tweeting – #TwitterFiqh.

Remember these wise words:

1- Do not feel entitled to comment negatively on something you disagree with. You do not have the right to criticize and critique everything.

2- Leave off what doesn’t concern you directly/personally and turn to that which concerns you personally.

3- If you have nothing good to say, keep quiet.

4- It is a form of deception to transmit everything you hear or read from one group to others.

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5- The one who carries a tale from one person to another to cause dissension shall not enter Jannah.

6- To speak truthfully about someone not present in a way that they would dislike is sinful gheebah, punishable in the grave and hereafter.

7- Advice is intended to be sincere (meaning intimate, personal, and best done privately according to your ability [see one & two]).

8- DON’T ever speak on behalf of Allah. You have an opinion that was taught to you. OTHERS have opinions too.

9- Love for others what you would love for yourself.

10- The one who shelters the mistake of someone, Allah will conceal their mistakes.

Bonus: Look to yourself before you look to others.

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7 responses to “10 Rules of #TwitterFiqh”

  1. Jaffer says:

    Masha’Allah – a very useful reminder and lesson for all. Many of us in Twitter lack patience and get quickly excited and the nature of the medium allows us to respond and react in an instant.

    Easy on the Re-Tweet Button: confirm confirm confirm !

  2. Melanie says:

    I hated twitter, I found it boring. Most people my age prefer Facebook and this advice is applicable to FB. It is hard to give written criticism without it sounding like a personal attack…. ugh… You constantly have to check your intention. And I guess it is kind of arrogant assuming the person is even interested in feedback from me.

  3. Ayyoosh says:

    Do you have a dalil for this?

    Only kidding :):):) Thankyou for the reminder.

  4. O H says:

    Jazak Allaahu Khair. This is applicable to FB, twitter and other social media as well as our direct interactions with people. Different people have different weaknesses from among these points-May Allaah make it easy for us to adhere to these crucial points! Ameen

  5. Idris says:

    On the sixth point, what if the person being talked about is mentioned?

  6. Kilian Smith says:


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