The Misri Bunch

Calling all Muslim parents….all conscientious Muslim parents! Are you always on the lookout for creative and educational media to instill Islamic beliefs into your child? Well, look no further! “The Misri Bunch” fit the bill right to a T!

Launched in 2011 by a group of friends and funded largely by them “The Misri Bunch” or “Egyptian Bunch” since they were educated in Egypt, got together to do dawah in the best way they knew how. Their knowledge and skills in animation and media gave birth to a most adorable cast of friends who together “learn about Allah” and “strengthen their Imaan”

Already a big hit amongst Muslim audience in Europe and Africa,” The Misri Bunch” breathe new life into Islamic children’s education by starting right at the basics. Tauheed (Oneness of Allah). Introducing little viewers to their Creator. And what better way than to educate them through the Glorious names of Allah? Series one dedicated entirely to this endeavor did wonderfully by introducing one name per episode and then applying it through the rest of the show. The intermingling of puppetry and animation is delightful as is the title nasheed which will have your tiny tot humming even after the show is over.

So with the limited choices out there and the jungle that we call cartoon channels this television show is a gift from Allah for many parents trying to protect their children from the filth of mainstream media.

For more information and ways that you can help keep the show on air go to

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5 responses to “The Misri Bunch”

  1. c kubazdro says:

    Sounds a bit too much like the ‘misery’ bunch. Rename perhaps.
    Surely a consideration if it’s being aimed at english speaking kids.

    • qudrat says:

      actually the word ‘misri’ is from arabic name for ‘egypt’ meanning ‘misr’ bcos they studied in egypt. its n interseting and educating one too. i loe watching it even though im not a child. nd besides there’s need to provide english edu/entertainment programs for our young ones in the islamic way.

  2. Ibrahim says:

    Alhamdulillah, a wonderful effort.
    My only problem with this adventure is that it is too tightly tied in with Facebook.
    They should have a public facing website independent of Facebook. That way, folks like me who have an aversion to Facebook and what goes with it. I don’t sign in anymore, not for a long time.

  3. Amina says:

    I LOVE this show. It is a part of our bed time routine or two year old hasn’t noticed he’s watching the same episodes over and over again. I’m thrilled people are using their talents in media&animation for our Iman and the children of our ummah

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