Sh. Ibrahim Dremali: Exclusive Ramadan Reminder for our Readers | Health Update & APPEAL

An exclusive Ramadan reminder from our dear Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali. This was especially recorded for you, our MM family.

Once you finish watching the video, please take a moment to read about our Shaykh’s situation. As you enjoy Ramadan with your family, try digging deep in the favors from Allah, and make a donation towards the well-being of our Shaykh. That is the least that we can do for the Shaykh.


If you recall, last year we raised funds for Shaykh Dr. Ibrahim Dremali and the urgent need of supporting him. Alhamdulillah, the positive response and generous donations from our readers were of a great impact.

However, the Shaykh is still going through health complications, and currently on the waiting list for a liver transplant. At this point only 10% of his liver is functioning, which has also led to problems with his blood, bones, joints, stomach, gall bladder, spleen and more.  He is constantly being seen by doctors for these complications, but the underlying cause is that 90% of his liver has scarred and is not functioning.  Alhamdulillah, he stopped working for the last two and half years because of his health problems.

Despite all the health and the financial difficulties he is experiencing, he always has high spirit and ultimate hope in Allah SWT. Whenever possible, he insists on helping the Masajid and Islamic Schools; he insists on sharing knowledge and reminders for the people, he insists on continuing Dawah even while sick and from the hospital bed, and always says: Alhamdulillah, wholeheartedly!

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For those who do not know Dr. Ibrahim, he is one of the pioneers of the Islamic work in the United States for more than 20 years! A co-founder of many Islamic institutes and universities, and a prominent scholar who helped a lot in disseminating Islamic knowledge for the benefit of the Muslim and American community at large in the US.

Being in the month of Ramadan, we want to take this golden opportunity to remind you in helping the Shaykh again.

The Muslim community across the nation owes Dr. Ibrahim a lot! It is time to show our scholars how much we care about them and how much we preserve their dignity. It is time to pay back our scholars some of what we owe them.

So please:
1- Keep the Shaykh in your Dua’a always, and ask Allah SWT to grant him a full and speedy recovery.
2- If you wish to send a donation, here is the information:

Bank Transfer
Dremali Foundation
Bank Of America
Routing #:  111000025
Account #:  488024962759

Dremali Foundation
Ibrahim Dremali
1203 Cedar Brush Trl
Arlington, TX 76014

Do not delay, act today.
May Allah SWT reward you abundantly for your effort.

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28 responses to “Sh. Ibrahim Dremali: Exclusive Ramadan Reminder for our Readers | Health Update & APPEAL”

  1. Hassan says:

    I want to visit him, where is the best place to get hold of him? Does his health permit him to go to masjid regularly (I am assuming he goes to Arlington central masjid)?

    • Amad says:

      email me and I’ll give u the contact info to get in touch.

      I am glad you brought it up because it saddens me that not more people and shayookh from other Masajid and areas of Dallas-FW visit the Shaykh. In a metropolitan city with a huge Muslim population, the Shaykh’s needs should be met by the community easily. When someone like him, who has given so much to us, is not give a 10th back… its just really sad.

      May Allah make the community in DFW recognize the Shaykh’s value even more inshallah!

      Hassan, try to get others to go as well, to keep reminding the Shaykh that we have not forgotten him.

      • Hassan says:

        Check email, I would get some brothers (and sisters perhaps as well) from Richardson and Plano to visit him insha’Allah.

  2. anon says:

    I have send $1000 to Shykh Dremaly.. May Allah accept. I ask others to please also contribute.

  3. lara says:

    Asalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

    May Allah strenghen him in his health, cleanse his sins through this suffering and reward him only with good, ameen.

  4. umm Hibah says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother Amad,

    when i read that shaykh dremali needs a liver transplantation a quick thought came to my mind. My brother in law had a successful operation done by the grace of Allah by Dr ridha in India few months ago. I can send the video link for you to watch insha Allah please let me know. I thought this will be quicker than waiting in the list. May Allah give him quick recovery Aameen..

  5. umm Hibah says:

    ok here is the link insha Allah.

  6. Yasmin says:

    Jazakallah Khair for introducing us to this shaikh since I’m relatively new to this blog this was the first time I heard about this shaikh and his situation Inshallah we’ll keep him in our duas!

  7. This brother, this dear Shaykh, Imam Dr. Ibrahim Dremali, he was the first Imam I ever met in my life. He was my first consistently positive contact with Muslims when I revert all those years ago. He made me love Islam more than I already did.

    I can only say good things about this man and how he inspired me to want to become an Islamic scholar myself. We miss him so much, and as a grown man, I am not ashamed to admit that tears well up in my eyes just hearing his voice and knowing he is sick. He has had this problem for a long time, as I used to notice him sometimes grimacing in pain during jumu’ah khutbah, but I felt it was never my business to pry. And all those years ago when he lived in Florida and was the Imam of our masjid, we will never forget him!

    May Allah reward him for all his efforts! may Allah preserve him! And may Allah heal him this Ramadan, Insha’Allah ta’ala Rabil alamin. Ameen.

  8. Atif says:

    Whenever possible, he insists on helping the Masajid and Islamic Schools; he insists on sharing knowledge and reminders for the people, he insists on continuing Dawah even while sick and from the hospital bed, and always says: Alhamdulillah, wholeheartedly!

    This is indeed true, and it really shows his dedication. In the beginning of last year, he taught a semester of online classes via Arees Institute and, on a (pretty much) weekly basis. He would teach Fiqh of Marriage and Tafseer of Surah Anfal, sometimes from his home and a few times from his hospital bed. Even though he was sick, he still had a lot of energy in his voice, hafidhahullah.

  9. Yunus says:

    I truly admire the Shaikh. While he was in Florida, he taught us the real meaning of “Salah” and how to perform the Salah correctly. Some of the 70-75 years old Muslims in our group, told the Sahikh that for the first time in their lefe, they are enjoying Salah.

    May Allah give our Sahikh health

  10. Amad says:

    mashallah, touching tributes. We really have to move beyond words brothers & sisters. Pls pledge what you can so to encourage others as well inshallah.

  11. Shakeeb says:

    Asalaamu Alayikum,

    I am attempting to donate but am unable to do so electronically. I see the routing/account info but my bank is not recognizing it. Is there a website set-up where we can submit our account info and donate to the Sheikh? May ALLAH SWT accept all our efforts insha’ALLAH and grant the sheikh a full and speedy recovery. Ameen. Summa Ameen.

    Jazakallah Khair.

  12. Rationalist Muslim says:

    may Allah grant him shifa.

    That brings me to a philosophical dilemma in my mind. Despite him being a pious Muslim shaykh, he is suffering right now. More than that, his suffering is having no effect on lives of other Muslims, including me. The max we do is maybe donate some money or ask others to pray for his health. But how does that remove the agony of this man? Do our duas matter to him? As far as I can see, he probably is sinking in the deepest depths of isolation and loneliness, loosing in the race of life, while others continue to win through their healthy life. Why is it like this? Why does he have health problems to begin with? Why not someone else, why him? As was mentioned above, not many Muslims and shayks are also visiting him, really? Is that “Muslim brotherhood?” I guess these are just illusions we feed ourselves through religion. It all boils down to darwinian life, everyone is trying to survive for their own selves.

    • Ibrahim says:

      Here is a hadith to help you understand this mystery of life:

      Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas said: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, who are the most afflicted of all people? He replied, “The Prophets, then the righteous people, then those who are nearest to them in perfection and those who are nearest to them. Man is tested according to the strength of his religion. If he is strong in religion, his test is increased; and if he is weak in religion, his test is reduced. And a believer will be tested until he walks on the earth sinless” – [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

      Ibrahim Dramali is being tested either to remove his sins or his status in the hereafter is being raised. As a Muslim, one should look at the whole picture…this life and the hereafter.

      Atheists also believe that hardships are part and parcel of this life, but that doesn’t lead them to disbelieve in this life on earth. Then, could a Muslim have doubts about Islam when he should know that this life isn’t the end of things.

      And, those who live in his community, know him and have benefited from him and still do not visit him are being tested as well. Allah wants to see how much they hold on to His covenant.

      Lastly, Allah admonishes many times in the Qur’an the attitude where people vie for this life and forget the hereafter, what you would call Darwinian life, and just because most people do it doesn’t make it right and it would be preposterous to think that this attitude of people somehow proves Darwinian theories.

      May Allah guide me and you and all of us.

      • Rationalist Muslim says:

        brother jazakAllah for your nice words. very penetrating to my heart. I am happy that some truth is still alive.

  13. Kamran says:

    salamualaykum MM/Br Amad,

    can you please provide the “Last Name” and “Zip” associated with the BoA account so we can do the online transfer?


    • Amad says:

      I am trying to get the information… pls keep the thought (desire) alive :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Facing the same problem. JazakAllah for your efforts. May Allah SWT cure the Shaykh and grant him good Health.

        JazakAllah Khair

        • Relative says:

          Assalamu alaykum, I am related to the sheikh and happen to know that the account is a business account so unfortunately online transfers would not work via personal accounts. Bank wires can work, and depositing straight into the account as there are no fees. Also, another option is writing a check and sending it by mail.

          Barakallahu Feekum, every time I speak to him he almost always mentions his gratitude for all the well wishes he receives. He is being tested in many ways but I have faith he will be fine Insha’Allah as Allah azza wa jal’s mercy has taken care of him every day. Allah uses these tests as a means of choosing khayr for His believers (all of you Inshaallah), by promising forgiveness, paradise, and a reward of 10 times or more for those who give. May you all be rewarded well.

  14. Qasim says:


    Can we get some sort of Online Fundraiser going like was done for Imam SIraj a few years ago? We can get many of his close friends from amonst the Shuyookh and the TDC crew (I’m surprised they haven’t done much till now…Allahu Alam)

    • Amad says:

      I have tried asking but haven’t gotten a good response… if u have access to them, pls do try.

      • Sister says:

        May Allah grant him a healthy liver, a full healing and speedy recovery. Aameen. Online fundraiser is a very good idea. Let’s try again insha’Allah, especially since it’s Ramadan! Our Muslim brothers & sisters are very generous masha’Allah – we just need to get the word out far and wide insha’Allah.

  15. Abu Musa says:

    asalamu alaikum,
    i don’t really know the sheikh, but reading the comments only indicates that he is someone that deserves our depest du’as and most generous help.. may Allah preserve him, grant him total shifaa-, hasten his recovery, raise his status in thee aakhirah, reward all those that help him and make du’a for him…Aameen to all the du’as.

  16. Anon says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum

    Can someone post paypal details please. I remember I donated via paypal the last time, and its quick and easy.

    JazakhaAllah Khair.

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