April 9 Mobilization for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – 11 am

Bismillah walhamdolillah was salamu alaykum.

Please support this muslimah by sharing the information with everyone you know who can be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area tomorrow. And if you can attend, too, even better!

May Allah make this event a relief for this sister who has undergone torment upon torment since the beginning of this odyssey of injustice.

May Allah give you khayr for all you do and pray on her behalf. Ameen.

Saturday, April 9 · 11:00am – 2:00pm

FMC Carswell across from the Quik Trip Service Station
6301 Westworth Blvd, Westworth, TX

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Facebook event: http://on.fb.me/he5qIr
Justice for Aafia Coalition: http://bit.ly/f2aMKt

\\Added April 11, 2011//
Please find below a sample of the FB supporters of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. MashaAllah, there were so many that I limited myself to those groups of 500+ supporters. The graphic is not hyperlinked to those FB pages, and they are not listed here in any particular order. Listing a group does not endorse it or its actions (sorry for the lawyer-speak) but it is meant to show how easily any of us can find Muslims and other good people who want to stand up against injustice.

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10 responses to “April 9 Mobilization for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – 11 am”

  1. bob elmendorf says:

    Dr. Siddiqui is totally innocent of all charges. She was abducted, tortured and framed for a crime she never committed. She never even shot the gun. The trial was unjust on all counts. I think of her often and pray for her.
    She should be returned to Pakistan and set free to be with her two remaining children.
    Bob Elmendorf

  2. Tariq Ahmed says:

    May Allah reward the organizers and put shifa in the event for Dr. Aafia. There are so many Muslims who have been incarcerated, a mix of outright lies, trumped up charges, and entrapment. And these Muslims are in prisons throughout America. Many have never received justice. Almost all have been held in unconscionable conditions.

    What if there were similar vigils outside all these prisons protesting all these injustices all at the same time?

  3. Abdullah says:

    What exactly to take place inshaAllah? I’m not quite sure what mobilization is supposed to mean.

    • Tariq Ahmed says:

      My understanding is that the event itself is a rally from 11am to 2pm. And everyone who attends has been moved from complacency or mere objection of thre heart to actually take action by being counted and protesting.

  4. Abdullah says:

    It’s wonder why there’s so few comments on this topic. Even just comments of support would be something, but then again our sister isn’t american I suppose. :)

    • I think that especially in on-line environments we cannot make assumptions about what has not happened or what has not been written, etc. Rather we should stick with what can be seen, what is known, etc.

      If there are few comments, perhaps the most favorable explanation is that people did not even see this page because I did not do a good enough job of making it accessible or noticed by on-line search engines, etc. Or now that the event is passed, those who see the page, find little reason to comment here, whereas they might comment somewhere else.

      I really appreciate your comment, though. I searched Facebook before creating the event for the rally — my first searches did not find any other events for it, but later I did find that others had created events, too. Along the way I also found, and joined, a lot of FB supporters of Dr. Aafia — there were so many, mashaAllah, that I limited myself to joining those with 500+ supporters.

      And I have created a graphic showing the names and icons of those groups on FB so that others can join them, too. I will add that graphic to the bottom of the article.

      Bi’idhnillah, when we become better connected as an ummah, then we will better demonstrate the sunnah of the Prophet sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam in showing how much we hurt when another Muslim hurts, and by showing in word and deed our responses to injustices.

  5. nancy says:

    i recently read that the vienna conventions definitely allow for dr. aafia to be visited by the pakistan consulate. i wrote to the pak consulate, cageprisoners org, and the support dr aafia website to find out if they visit her, but i didnt receive a reply from any of them. the conditions of her incarceration must be terrible and will lead to her mental deterioration. i think every pakistan citizen should write to the pak embassy and demand that they make regular visits to see that she is given humane treatment. it is the obligation of the pak govt to see that their citizen is not abused. [ i dont think she belongs in a usa jail at all, but what can be done?] i cant insist that the pak gov do its job because i am not pak. but i think every pak should do this.

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