CNN: Officials: Taliban executes boy, 7, for spying

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Suspected Taliban militants have executed a 7-year-old boy, accusing him of spying for the government, officials in southern Afghanistan said Thursday.
The execution took place Tuesday in the Sangin district of Helmand province, said Dawoud Ahmadi — the provincial governor’s spokesman.
In the past, militants have carried out similar killings of those accused of spying, Ahmadi said.
Three years ago, a 70-year-old woman and a child in the Musa Qala district of the province were executed following the same allegations, he said.
During a news conference Thursday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said officials were looking into reports of the execution and said he condemned the act if it is confirmed to be true.
“I don’t think there’s a crime bigger than that that even the most inhuman forces on earth can commit,” Karzai said. “A 7-year-old boy cannot be a spy. A 7-year-old boy cannot be anything but a 7-year-old boy, and therefore hanging or shooting to kill a 7-year-old boy … is a crime against humanity.”
“If this is true, it is an absolutely hiorrific crime,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said during the news conference on an unannounced stop in Kabul. “If true, I think it says more about the Taliban than any book, than any article, than any speech could ever say.”

Source: CNN

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19 responses to “CNN: Officials: Taliban executes boy, 7, for spying”

  1. I have no idea what the reality is, but it seems only fair if you publish the claims of the government, to also indicate that the Taliban spokesman denied that they did such a thing.

    Qari Yousef Ahmaid, the Taleban spokesman, denied that any of his militants were involved. “The Taleban’s enemies are the Afghan Government and the foreign forces,” he said. “We never kill children. Everyone knows a seven-year-old can’t be a spy.”

    May Allaah (swt) have mercy on the people of Afghanistan.

    • abu Abdullah says:

      Ameen to your dua abu Noor.

      Mr MR I have great respect for your enthusiasm and many a times do share a similar interest with you. But with this post of yours, Is it the case that you don’t like certain groups at all no matter what? Are we being biased here? Ask yourself a question, Would you be equally enthusiastic in posting a story similar to this if it were your favorite group or would you first verify it?

      Why is MM turning into a news/info site. didn’t sunday open thread was enough for that?

      • Amad says:

        We have a special section for news & views.

        We’ll post whatever is relevant to Muslims, with a special focus on Muslims in America. This means that MR may be posting on his own accord, or suggestion of anyone else. There is no opinion stated by the posting of an article.

        I think people need to realize that the Taliban-types may have good qualities (like in controlling drugs when they were in), but they also have a lot of extremism due to the presence of little knowledge among their ranks.

        Just like we believe the media when they tell us stuff we like, we should provide evidence to declare otherwise when they point to actions of Muslims we don’t like. There are a lot of sick people in the world, be it in America and be it in Afghanistan.

  2. Amatul Wadood says:

    Salam wrt wbrt.

    We have heard so many cooked up stories before from these unreliable media…
    let’s not fall prey to their tales…Allah knows best… whatever the truth is…may Allah SWT make it come out and let the evil ones be penalized for the heinous crimes!

  3. elham says:

    I had to laugh at the headline.That has to be the most ridiculous claim CNN & Co came up with. Even the British Prime Minister said the words ”If this is true” because of how unbelievable it is.

  4. Mohammad Sabah says:

    Assalam alyakum. Subhan Allah – looks like another of the cooked-up stories that have come out.

    Interestingly, here’s one another ‘justification’ for the US to stay in Afghanistan for a longer time, if at all they were looking for an excuse, that is:;_ylt=Ao_r7YfnoBCmTjJmIZzyYvys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTQwczBzYmtwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwNjE0L3VzX2FmZ2hhbmlzdGFuX21pbmVyYWxfdHJlYXN1cmVzBGNjb2RlA21vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBGNwb3MDMgRwb3MDOQRwdANob21lX2Nva2UEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yeQRzbGsDYWZnaGFuc3VzZmlu

    May Allah help this Ummah and the people of Afghanistan with His Mercy.

    • Amad says:

      Do you have evidence that the story is “cooked-up”?

      It’s easy to express innuendo that its linked to this or that, but we sound like the Islamophobes when they always link all Muslims to some evil plot.

      On one hand we have the extremists of Taliban, and on the other hand we have the Karzai/warlord sell-outs. Seems Afghanistan’s situation just doesn’t turn the corner! May Allah help the people of Afghanistan find moderate AND sincere Muslim leaders.

      • Mohammad Sabah says:

        Salam alaykum. Do you have evidence to prove that it is *NOT* cooked up?:-) How do we even verify it’s veracity – although we know that the Taliban have denied it. Obviously don’t want to argue this matter with you as I don’t doubt your intentions, but if you were to post everything that comes up on CNN or Fox News, and believe them at face value, where would we all be! Here’s what was mentioned the article:

        “Qari Yousef Ahmaid, the Taleban spokesman, denied that any of his militants were involved. “The Taleban’s enemies are the Afghan Government and the foreign forces,” he said. “We never kill children. Everyone knows a seven-year-old can’t be a spy.” (SOURCE: )


        • Amad says:

          This may not be “official” Taliban policy, but when you have a million spokespersons and a millions self-proclaimed mullahs, it is easy to see these things happening. I just don’t believe that such stories can be cooked up without some sort of truth in them. Perhaps the child was older, x, y, z. But, these things DO happen.

          In fact, there is a video out there on www of a young boy being given the “privilege” of slaughtering an adult spy. The video is so explicit and so horrible that I am not even linking it. And I can tell you that video was as real as real could be. You can google it yourself.

          We have to recognize that the Taliban is not the solution for Afghanistan. Their extremism is unmatched in Islamic history and even the Islamic world.

          The problem is that I have seen it over and over again, that whenever there is a story out there of an extreme action by the Taliban or any other Muslim extremist, the reaction is always denial. While we accept the SAME news channels when the story suits us, we outrightly deny ones that don’t suit us. Out of a 100 stories, one can safely assume that at least half of them are true and the remaining quarter have some truth in it and let’s assume 25% are outright false. That’s still a lot of wackos and murderers in our midst.

          Crooks vs. extremists … need a 3rd party!

          P.S. I know Mohammed you don’t support taliban but just trying to raise questions about the story. But I would like to remind everyone that any support of taliban or other extremist groups on MM will not be permitted.

          • Gohar says:

            They may not be perfect, but they are at least sincere to Allah as shown by their unique self-sacrifice in 2001.

            And though they may not be the solution to all of Afghanistan’s problem, I suspect that they have never claimed that anyway. And if we mean that literally, then of course no one can ever be, regardless of which country or people we’re talking about.

            Personally, I think they deserve our respect and love. They love Allah, we’re prepared to do far more about it than I will ever be, and ultimately died because of that love. Even if other people don’t agree with that, I think they should at least deserve our “hope” in the way that the Christians received the “hope” of the early muslims when they fought the persians , since the other options today have a severe stench of taghut (unfashionable term nowadays I know).

            Interestingly, have people heard the ABC report about the huge trillion dollar fortune of lithium, iron etc in Afghanistan? What a shame it wil be used to further the aims of those who seek to take the population away from the deen. But that will always be the cae when we support those people against those whose desire is to bring people to the deen.

  5. Mohammad Sabah says:

    Assalam alaykum. Well said Amad – all your points are valid. I just take whatever the mainstream media gives me with a grain of salt for obvious reasons! Ofcourse BBC News is better, but it is still biased in a big way. You don’t have to look further than the flotilla incident in Gaza a few days ago to see the proof. I know the kind of sick videos you are talking about, and I am not denying the fact that there are mixed elements in every group. Just like not all Israeli Jews are bad, similarly not all Taliban are good either! The problems were evident even 20 years ago when they were fighting the Soviets – even then they had multiple factions and divisions and self-acclaimed ‘moolahs’. What happened after the Soviets left is well -known to all of us – an insane power struggle and more confusion. I never claimed that the current approach of the Taliban/Al-Qaeda groups is the solution, however I cannot but be against the US occupation of Afghanistan – it is only making matters worse everyday. And there are innocent civilians dying everyday, termed so excruciatingly inhumanely as ‘collateral damage’ – victims of attacks on terrorists! There is some truth to both sides, but as you said before, we don’t need the Karzai’s either. Not just the people of Afghanistan, but all the Muslims all around the world are being tested – may Allah help us to act with courage and wisdom in these trying times..


  6. Amatul Wadood says:

    Salam wrt wbrt….

    Plz check out this link

    may Allah SWT help us to follow islam as it is and not according to our whims and desires!

  7. Gohar says:

    But I would like to remind everyone that any support of taliban or other extremist groups on MM will not be permitted.

    I know about the rule on MM about not allowing opinions that could be used by the Media to attack MM or its associated scholars, and I accept and support it too since that is what your scholars have advised, but I can’t pretend I’m not worried what effects it may have on the muslim community. I think public opinion does have a role in moderating people and teaching them what is more “likely” to be true or plausible, but if it is falsely portrayed (as censorship does) then that moderation falters, and some people will one day end up rejecting politically incorrect Islam.

  8. Mohammad says:

    Assalamualaykum, doesn’t Allah tell us to that when news from the hypocrites comes, verify it first? What would be the ruling with the non muslims then? What would the Taliban gain by denying it, seeing as they are percieved so negatively anyway? I don’t think muslims should be publishing such news unless it’s confirmed.

    “Qari Yousef Ahmaid, the Taleban spokesman, denied that any of his militants were involved. “The Taleban’s enemies are the Afghan Government and the foreign forces,” he said. “We never kill children. Everyone knows a seven-year-old can’t be a spy.” (SOURCE: )

    The general asl is a Muslim is trustworthy, so I don’t think it’s appropriate to doubt this firstly and secondly, we would be taking the word of CNN over the word of a Muslim…doesn’t make sense to me….And Allah knows best.

    • Amad says:

      Actually, the issue is quite simple. We do it everyday in our lives.

      If a well-known thief in your community, who is Muslim, gave you some information that contradicted information provided by an average non-Muslim Joe, who may be less inclined to lie, then most of us will accept the latter’s testimony. The Quran refers to accepting information from faasiq (not hypocrites or non-Muslims). Extremism is fisq as well. So, you will be hard-pressed to use the Quranic verse to distinguish.

      In this case, the Taliban leaders clearly have a much larger motivation to disclaim the killing compared to the motivation of BBC, for instance, to create lies about the Taliban. The Taliban may not have much of a PR strategy, but I am sure they recognize how such an episode will affect local support in Afghanistan.

      If you look at the overall picture, you will be hard-pressed to find many cases of media outlets outright lying (yes, spinning but not lying) or making up incidents. We need to give up this dichotomous state of mind and look at the ground reality and facts. We don’t blink twice in accepting the media narratives when they talk about the collateral killing of innocent Afghanis. SAME media, but why the different belief?

      The general asl doesn’t apply to people who have given in to extremism and we are referring to an incident that is extreme.

  9. Middle Ground says:


    Replying to what Gohar said about sincerity, we have to remember that the Khawarij were THE most sincere muslims of their time. But like many muslim today, they took that sincerity to extremes.

    • Gohar says:

      JZK, Brother

      I don’t however agree with the label of extremist for the Them. I’m not that knowledgable on the khawarij, but their extremeism wasn’t just in their chracteristic of being the most hardcore worshippers. They also believed they knew better than the prophet (I’m thinkoing of the example when one of their preleuders asked the prophet to fear Allah), and would not value the lives of other muslims. Today it is the opponants of the Taliban ( I’m talking abut the Americans, Northern Alliance, Karzai) who think they know better than the Prophet by completely ignoring Islamic law. It is the opponants of the Taliban who call them non muslims, who think it’s ok to go to war against them because they enforce the Niqab and some other aspects of fiqh etc. It’s the opponants of the Taliban who go around throwing labels such as extremist at them when all they are guilty of is enforcing a permissible opinion in fiqh . They may have not had what we like to consider hikmah when it comes to dealing with the people, but you can’t expect everyone to have the political savviness of Tony Blair or the like.

      They were more hardcore than us, true, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking we’re on the middle ground and they’re somewhere else. Compared to us, all the sahabah and the Prophet were extremists. Compared to them, what are we?

      Just look at the poll at the top of MM page. The proportion of people here doing Fajr is awful. What have we ever sacrificed for this religion? Who are we to point fingers at those who sacrifice everything for it. The poll shows we can’t even sacrifice 10 minutes out of our beds. It’s shameful to even make that comparison really.

      • Amad says:

        Interesting. So being more “hardcore” makes them closer to the sahaba?

        What about being more merciful to other Muslims? Isn’t that a criteria.

        Just because they sound “relatively” good to the alternative doesn’t make them good. We need to recognize their extremism. If it isn’t clear, then I don’t think anything will convince folks otherwise.

  10. Hassan says:

    Israel is getting diplomatically isolated gradually