Another Apology | News and Views April 22, 2010

Innalhamdolillah.  Another day in Afghanistan, another misuse of deadly force, another apology. Inna lilaahi wa inna ‘alayhi rajioon.

NATO Apologizes for Killing Unarmed Afghans in Car
By Richard A. Oppel, Jr.
Published: April 21, 2010

“NATO apologized for the shooting deaths of unarmed Afghan civilians earlier this week in Khost Province and said that it had wrongly described two of the victims as ‘known insurgents.'”
From the New York Times on-line edition.

What happens when a Muslim kills accidentally or by legitimate mistake?  What is reported from Imam Malik’s answer.

Forget for the moment the question of the honesty of those who kill civilians in Afghanistan, those powerfully armed men and women who are trained to kill, professional soldiers, and who have killed many innocent civilians including children at close range and from a distance.  Ask for the moment how they and their governments would respond to an apology if one of their own were hurt much less killed by a Muslim?

(Image of Janazah published by New York Times on-line.)

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2 responses to “Another Apology | News and Views April 22, 2010”

  1. Avatar Umm Bilqis says:

    The problem is that non believers do not fear Allah. They suffer from a lack of God consciousness.
    Boonaa Mohammed a poem on,” Where is your fear.”

  2. I agree, sister, that fearing Allah would solicit the best change in behavior from Western political and military leaders, in as much as practicing Muslims would abstain from oppression altogether and at any rate they would fear to oppress anyone knowing that Allah would answer the prayers of the oppressed.

    Yet, in this case, even if those leaders rose above hypocrisy, if they upheld with their actions the ethics and ideals they espouse with their tongues, then they would commit less injustice. The Prophet sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam commended the Romans for their commitment to justice. The present leaders of the West are far less praiseworthy than those Romans.

    May Allah guide them and us.

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