Exciting Things Happening on MM: Yahya Ibrahim, Mujahideen Ryder & More!

We have been pretty busy recently on MM. We have been quietly adding several new exciting writers and associates. In case you missed it, we have recently added Mariam E., who joins us with a Bachelors in Islamic Studies, Ismail Kamdar from South Africa with an Aalim course from a Deobandi school as well as a BA in the Study of Islam, and last but not least,  Youssef Chouhoud, who has a MA in Political Science and is our third Egyptian American on the team!

Other exciting changes include:

  • Ify Okoye (“Muslim Apple”) has been promoted to Senior Associates. In addition, she will be our lead Technical Editor and will manage a team of TBA Technical Editing Assistants. Insha’Allah, no more serious grammatical errors and typos! By the way, this post was NOT checked, so excuse any mistakes :)
  • Br. Nadim Sohail has been promoted to Staff and will be helping the Shura make MM bigger and better, esp. with his IT skills. Accueillir Nadim!

Finally, to top it off, we have managed to have the exciting and beloved young Shaykh from Australia, Yahya Ibrahim, say yes to MM, as well as recruit one of the “fathers” of the Muslim blogosphere, Br. Amir aka Mujahideen Ryder, aka MR, who recently announced the end of his blog. Of course, the Muslim blogosphere couldn’t quite afford to lose a talent like Amir, so he will be working with MM to implement exciting projects and share periodical MR-deep-thoughts!

MR in MR’s tweet-size bio: Muslim.  American.  New Yorker living in Maryland.  Web developer by profession.  Son of Guyanese immigrants.

More on Yahya Ibrahim:

In his early 30s, Yahya is happily married to Songul and is the proud father of Shireen and Omar. Born and raised in Canada and of Egyptian ancestry did not prepare Yahya for the challenges of living in Perth, Western Australia for the last 8 years. His inability to cope with 320 days of sunshine and a coastal Mediterranean climate with 1000s of km of uninterrupted beaches was difficult to adjust to. Eventually, ‘da Leafs’ and hockey gave way to Aussie Rules and ‘go Eagles go.’

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Educating himself about Islam has been a passion for the whole of his adult life. Yahya is a registered teacher and former A/Deputy Principal of the largest Islamic school in Australia.  His message is simple – Love Allah, the Messenger and your family.

Please welcome the new team, as well as share any thoughts on what changes/additions you would like to see on MM, but please keep it positive and constructive!

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41 responses to “Exciting Things Happening on MM: Yahya Ibrahim, Mujahideen Ryder & More!”

  1. Haytham Haytham says:

    This is super exciting masha’Allah.

    Welcome Welcome… I look forward to reading your articles :)

  2. Avatar Waleed says:

    Good to hear, hope to see more posts :)

  3. Alhamdulillaah welcome to the site. We look forward to your contributions.

  4. Looking forward to the contributions!

  5. Avatar iMuslim says:

    The MM family is growing, masha’Allah. :)

  6. Avatar Associates says:

    Awesome to be a part of such a prolific and compelling (and growing!) group of writers :)

    ~Youssef (TheAlexandrian)

  7. Avatar Yasir Qadhi says:

    Great news ma sha Allah!

    Let’s hope and pray that MM moved to newer and higher heights!


  8. Avatar JadedWayfarer says:

    Ma’shallah, this is awesome!!

    MM was already cool enough but Yahya Ibrahim!! (He’s one of the best of the best!)

    Plus, Mujahideen Ryder and Muslim Apple!
    and all the others!
    This is exciting news!

  9. Avatar MR says:

    I guess this is considered pulling a Michael Jordan.

  10. MashaAllah wow great news!

    *ooops posted from the wrong blog account but Congratulations to MM anyway

  11. Avatar Holly Garza says:

    Wow all this sounds great MashaAllah!! Congratulations to MM and the new team members

  12. Avatar Faraz Omar says:

    Congrats! Masha Allah.

    That editing process was definitely needed. Spellings IMO should not change. Qur’an, Qur’aan, or Quran, for instance :)

    • Avatar Muslim Apple says:

      I’ve been pondering over the standardization of transliterated words but haven’t come to any firm decision, yet. Would you like to join the editing team?

      • Avatar Faraz Omar says:

        I can help in whatever way possible insha Allah. But joining the editing team would be different (I think). I do not know what the expectations will be and it seems like regular commitment, which I may not live up to.

        Let me know if there’s anyway I can contribute on the sidelines.

        Here are few things that come to my mind regarding transliteration:

        * Common Arabic words like Islam, Qur’an, Madinah, Makkah, etc that are used often should have spellings that have more hits on search engines.

        * The format for Arabic names:

        Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Hashmi, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam,
        Muhammad Ibn Abdullah al-Hashmi (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam)/peace be upon him/ peace and blessings be upon him/ or a different spelling?

        or will you use bin/Bin instead of Ibn/ibn. These are just formats that you need to decide on.

        * Some Arabic words that need explanation, will you italicize them?

        The obvious exception for the spellings will be when phrases of Arabic words are written in transliteration… like du’a. Academic styling too could be used in those exceptions too, but it may not be clear to average readers.

        Once you have a style sheet, you can give it to all writers. And if the posts go for an editorial review before publishing, they are scanned once more.

        • Avatar Faraz Omar says:

          More words: Hadith/Hadeeth or hadith/hadeeth, pl. Ahadith/Ahadeeth? Ayesha/Aisha/A’isha? hijab/hijaab or Hijab/Hijaab?

          You know some words are commonly used, so will you capitalize them? Apart from the above hadith/hijab example, you’ll find for example words like Fatwa/fatwa or jihad/Jihad.

  13. Avatar Amad says:

    MR is going to be Mr MM :) Beyond the cheezy acronyms, we have a lot of expectations for Amir inshallah…

    And if folks have heard Sh. Yahya Ibrahim, he is outstanding mashallah.

    May Allah make this a mutually beneficial affair for all.

  14. Avatar Sadaf says:

    This is a great new beginning for MM, masha’Allah!
    ‘Welcome!’ to all the newcomers (who are by no means “new” in experience or knolwedge)!
    May we all benefit from each other.

  15. Avatar Amatullah says:

    Welcome :) May Allah azza wa jal make it beneficial you and us.

  16. Alhamdulillah, this is awesome. Welcome to our new writers, MR and Sh. Yahya, who I’m sure will take MM to the next level inshaAllah.

  17. Avatar Umm Reem says:

    Welcome aboard everyone and many congrats!

    Sh. Yahya is an amazing speaker, mashaAllah…he was the guest speaker at the first DOA conference!

    May Allah azzawajal make MM a great benefit for this Ummah…

  18. Avatar Noor says:

    Salam aleikum, being a new reader of your blog I am so proud and happy that all of you put in this effort — jazakalakheir. Alhamdulilah for the knowledge you help to share. Noor.

  19. Avatar AM says:

    Just wanted to say welcome to Yahya Ibrahim. As one of his former students in Toronto I can attest to his abilities and his wonderful character. I look forward to his contributions inshaa’Allaah.

  20. Avatar Gohar says:

    thats good news. looking forward to all the new input from these writers.

  21. Avatar Nihal Khan says:


    Good luck Amir!

  22. Avatar Raheezi says:


    couldnt have been any happier to hear that MR is on MM.

  23. Avatar Saif Qalum says:

    I hope this site will be less tolerant of ignorant ill mannered comments and arguments. A blogg is not in isolation and independence of fear of Allah. I pray the editor of this site will be responsible and not let the people jahaliyah run amuk and blurt out whatever they ‘feel’ because of the misguided amendment of freedom of speech. This is not the example of faith or dawah. May Allah accept it Ameen.

  24. Avatar zafar ahmed says:

    Mashallah its a greatnews to having Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim.I just wanted to know Shaykh’s E-mail.Jazakallhu khairan.

  25. Avatar Nahyan says:

    Good stuff…excellent stuff actually

    Looking forward to all the improvements.

    Jazakumullahukhair to MM team

  26. Tayyib! Looking forward to it. BRING IT

  27. Avatar Halima says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never read or been on here before, but i guess since MR

  28. Avatar Halima says:

    Never been on here before but great to hear MR posting….so ill read IA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

  29. Avatar Brother says:

    Muslim matters, just invite Nuh Ha Meem & Hamza Yusuf!!!

  30. I met Yahya Ibrahim in Australia last year, and heard him give khutbah there as well. Masha’Allah he’s a very positive and down-to-earth brother.

  31. Avatar abu Rumay-s.a. says:

    May Allah bestow countless barakah to MM and its dedicated staff, sincerely, you all make us proud, keep up the awesome work and welcome to the newest additions….ameen

  32. Avatar pauly d. says:

    “…as well as recruit one of the “fathers” of the Muslim blogosphere, Br. Amir aka Mujahideen Ryder, aka MR…”

    a Faustian bargain for MM…

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