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Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Marwa Sherbini: The Hijab Martyr


Islamophobia: a neologism that refers to prejudice or discrimination against Islam or Muslims (see Islamophobia: It Exists).

What is the real meaning, the true face of Islamophobia? On July 1st, 2009, this term took on a face – the face of a young, happy Muslimah whose only crime was that she was dressed the way a Muslim lady should dress outside her home – in her hijab. By now, the story has sent shockwaves across the globe, opening people’s eyes to the stark reality and result of undue aggression and hatred towards the Muslim community.

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The story of Marwa Sherbini, who fell victim to a cold-blooded stabbing at the hands of a German man, draws tears to the eyes of even those of firm heart. The circumstances surrounding her attack evokes confusion and pain – how could it possible have happened? And yet, like a nightmare, it did.

The Background

Marwa Sherbini, 33 and her husband Elwy Ali Okaz had been living in Dresden, Germany for Elwy’s scholarship at the famed Max-Planck Institute for Physics. While Elwy was wrapping up his 3-year scholarship, with his thesis due in the coming days, Marwa was raising her three year-old son. She was also three months pregnant with her second child.

The horrifying chain of events began with a small but significant event. Last summer, Marwa had taken her son to a park and while there, she found a young German man on the play-swing. She requested him to give the swing up for her 3-year old. The man’s reaction was bitter, resorting to unprovoked verbal abuse– calling her an “Islamist”, a “terrorist” and worse. Marwa, unlike so many others who face this everyday across the world, did not stay silent, and with her husband’s full support, took him to court over the incident.

A trial ensued and a District court found the German man (identified in some reports as Alex A.) guilty and fined him 780 €. The hateful Islamophobe murderer-to-be filed an appeal, and this hearing was being held last Wednesday. Here it is where the deadly assault took place. Just as Marwa had finished her testimony, the attacker moved across the courtroom and stabbed her – not once but eighteen times!  EIGHTEEN TIMES. May Allah have Mercy on her!

It sends chills down the spine – how could it possibly have happened? How did the attacker manage to assault her in that way? How did he manage to enter the courtroom with the weapon? And above all – why wasn’t he intercepted or stopped during his rampage?

Marwa’s husband, Elwi Okaz, made a desperate attempt to save his wife but a policeman’s bullet hit him (accidentally), and he collapsed, unable to rescue Marwa. All the while, the young son was witnessing this butchery. If one were to imagine this scenario that unfolded in the courtroom, it would truly be sickening and despicable.

The Aftermath

While Okaz was rushed to the hospital and is currently in intensive care with serious lung and liver injuries, it is unclear what has become of the attacker. News details are not readily available on the internet and whatever information is available is limited and centered on the incident itself.

On Monday, Okaz described how he was unable to save Marwa from the attacker: “Marwa is dead and I couldn’t save her,” the 32-year-old, told Germany’s mass-circulation newspaper Bild in the hospital where he is recovering from wounds suffered in the frenzied attack. “I’m so angry that the policeman’s bullet hit me and not the killer.”

It’s hard to imagine the pain that he and the couple’s family must be experiencing today.

Marwa’s brother, Tariq Sherbini, labeled Germany as a “cold” country and said, “extremism has no religion. My sister was killed simply because she wore the veil. This incident clearly shows that extremism is not limited to one religion or another and it is not exclusively carried out by Muslims… We are only asking for a fair punishment,” he said. “She was a religious woman who prayed and wore her headscarf, but she was killed because of her belief.”

The Reaction and Media Coverage

The incident has sparked angry protests, particularly in Germany and Egypt. “Anger is high”, said Joseph Mayton, editor of the English-language news website Bikya Masr. “Not since Egypt won the African [football] Cup have Egyptians come together under a common banner.”

The German government has received criticism for being so reluctant to condemn the attack when it first happened. The Government’s vice spokesman Thomas Steg had this to say: “In this concrete case we’ve held back from making a statement because the circumstances are not sufficiently clear enough to allow a broad political response,” he said, adding: “Should it be the case that this was anti-foreigner [and] racially motivated [the government] would condemn it in the strongest possible terms”.

Shocking, isn’t it? Only after nearly a whole week having passed did the spokesman go on to describe the incident as “horrible and outrageous”.

Even the Court spokesman Christian Avenarius had told the AFP news agency that the murderer was a “fanatical xenophobe.”

On the other hand, Stephan Kramer, General Secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the country’s foremost Jewish group, pointed to the slow response of the German government and media: “I was surprised that the media and political reaction was so limited,” he stressed after visiting Elwy Okaz husband in hospital. “All those who dismissed Islamophobia as a false debate in recent years were wrong.”

The Hijab Martyr

She is being remembered and honored as “Shaheeda Hijab”, the Hijab Martyr and there has been immense support, according to, for their proposal to organize the World Hijab Day in her memory.

The real focus is, of course, on the factors that led to this terrible tragedy. Islamophobia, unchecked and dangerous, is being cited repeatedly by Muslim groups to be the root cause of the trouble. Some are pointing to the fact that growing anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe, bolstered by illegitimate remarks on the burqa by French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is serving as the foundation for such incidents (see this post on Sarkozy’s remarks, a post that links to many other posts on the issue of hijabophobia). This event has come to light in the media for the brutality it describes.

But the real question is: are there other Hijab martyrs out there? How are they suffering? What are the realities that Muslims face in Europe, and by extension other Muslim-minority states, just because they dress in a certain manner?

The silence in the media over this unique and harrowing incident also gives rise to another question that is on many people’s lips: what if the situation were in reverse? Or what if a Jew had been targeted in this way due to anti-Semitic sentiments? Would the coverage have been more extensive in that case?

In the words of one Twitterer: “RIP Marwa al-Sherbini. Allah Bless You! Unfortunately, if the situation was reversed, way more people would have heard about this atrocity”.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun



Photo Credit: AP

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Ameera is a final-year medical student and blogger based in Karachi, Pakistan. Having been born and raised in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, her approach towards her Deen has always been rooted in a basic understanding from authentic sources, which was further polished during a three-year weekend course at Al Huda Institute. Her interests, though, seem to know no bounds and range from a passion for the culinary arts and travelling, as well as following current affairs and global happenings. She feels being able to be part of MuslimMatters is one of the major blessings of Allah(swt) upon her, for it has given her a chance to learn and grow. She also maintains her personal blog at



  1. lucield

    July 10, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    I agree that the crime was an atrocity and should have been condemned by the german government , but just to point out a couple of things.

    First – in your article you failed to point out that the murderer was a known Neo – Nazi, that’s an important piece of information.

    Secondly, what if a Christian Woman was murdered in a Muslim country under these conditions, what would be the reaction?

    The Guardian has an interesting article on that question –

    “Yet, these are stones thrown from Arab/Muslim glasshouses and two can play the “what if” game, as Khaled Diab does when he asks: “If a western or local woman were attacked or murdered in a Muslim country for not wearing the headscarf, would her case attract much attention in Egypt or other Muslim countries?” He also mentions prejudice against Copts in Egypt and cites the case of Maher al-Gohary, a Christian convert who has been denied identity by an Egyptian court, as an example of the discrimination against Christian converts. This legitimate argument, however, should not be used to suggest that Muslims hail from a backward civilisation and are thus not deserving of equal rights.”

    i personally dont muslims would really care

    • Amad

      July 10, 2009 at 1:07 PM

      you know I am SICK of these counter-points about “what if this happens in a muslim country”.

      it is the WESTERN nations who claim the mantle of “liberal democracy”, of “human rights”, so they need to live up to it. Otherwise, stop shoving this BS down Muslims’ throats!

      And shame on YOU for trying to justify this by bringing unrelated issues up. Because that is exactly what you are doing. If YOUR brother or sister or mother had been killed by a Muslim bigot, would you be thinking, “oh you know we have been bad to Muslims in Iraq, Palestine, etc.”? I don’t think so. So, keep the focus on the poor woman who died. She never hurt a soul, neither is she responsible for what other Muslims might have done elsewhere.

      The point is clear. If the roles were reversed, INDEED, this story would be HUGE in MSM. An innocent woman stabbed by a bigot. I remember the big hue and cry over the murder at the holocaust museum, with Obama personally making remarks about it. As he should. Why is this woman’s murder any less horrific or any less hateful?? In both cases, the killer was a supremacist. What is the DIFFERENCE?

    • Ameera

      July 10, 2009 at 9:18 PM

      1. Further investigation would provide evidence as to whether this man was a Neo-Nazi, as you say. The police say they have found he had a history of aggression towards certain kinds of people.

      By pointing out he was a Neo-Nazi, you are perhaps trying to show that this man does not represent the whole of the German population and I totally agree, he was probably one individual case. However, this is about the threat of Islamophobia and how it thrives under biased media coverage (that, by the way, seems to underscores all Muslims as having “fascist” tendencies) to the extent that you have incidents like these.

      We are also raising the question – if he was a Neo Nazi who had attacked a Jewish woman or man, would not the German government have rushed to condemn it in the strongest words? Or would they wait a whole week? Anti-semitism is a fact and Islamophobia is now a fact too.

      2. We have, in medicine, a term known as the “Iceberg” of disease. It describes that, just like an iceberg is mostly submerged with a small portion showing, the patients that a doctor sees in his clinic are only the evident cases – the vast number of undiagnosed, silent and carrier states are not visible but they exist. The same goes for Islamophobia. We saw one incident, how many others lie underneath the surface?

      3. I would be the FIRST one to be filled with disgust and horror at the maltreatment or any other kind of hurt caused to an innocent Non Muslim at the hands of Muslims. It’s despicable and totally goes against our Deen. This is diametrically opposed to what the Prophet(pbuh) showed in his relations with Non Muslims living amongst the Muslims. However, these cases should not be used as a ploy to distract from Marwa’s case, especially because it’s the West who is always claiming to be the only champion of human rights.

    • DrM

      July 11, 2009 at 12:06 PM

      Oh yes, a shoddy article by a third rate journalist with a Muslim name who simply ignores the hard facts of resurgent neo-Nazism and fascism in Europe today. Of course this is just a distractor for arrogant kaffirs and their house slaves like to create. The fact is that pregnant Muslim was targeted and murdered because of her faith, and no amount of you spin and denials will downplay that you racist Europeans have serious mental issues.
      Truly a culture of death lashing out in its last throws.

      • Jennifer

        July 14, 2009 at 4:06 PM

        Wow, this is quite the unintelligent post. I think what bothers me most, aside from the heinous crime, is the constant uprisings over the death of Muslims. When they kill Christians in Egypt or Yemen, you say, oh no, it’s a one time incident, and you ignore it, but when someone kills a Muslim, the entire culture is a xenophobe culture. What’s happening now in Iraq? The targeting of Christians? What about the guy pulled from his car and gunned down as his daughter watches? We don’t need to look at that unfolding, how horrible that is, because the reality is, in our Arab and Muslim worlds, we can torture, we can kill, we can degrade women and then pretend it was an isolated case, BUT no one else can do it. Please publish.

        • DrM

          July 17, 2009 at 11:47 AM

          Time for some education, Jennifer. You complain about Iraq? Don’t make me laugh. Who invaded Iraq again? Who destroyed that country and killed over a million Iraqis? Is there an anti-Christian campaign throughout the Muslim world where Christians are being singled out?
          Get back to me when you find those fictitious WMDs..

          • Norma Loquendi

            July 17, 2009 at 1:33 PM

            “Who destroyed that country and killed over a million Iraqis?”

            Ummm, not that I support the invasion in any way, and I don’t think it’s justifiable to invade a country just because it’s run by an insane and brutal despot, but the late unlamented Saddam Hussein and his buddies were doing a great job before outsiders decided to help finish everything off! The invasion forces were wrong to go there, they’re wrong to be there, and they’ll still be wrong as long as they’re there, but I’m not at all sure there are many Iraqis that would like the Butcher of Baghdad back. I could be wrong, but I didn’t see a lot of outpouring of grief when he was hung.

        • Abdullah

          July 20, 2009 at 11:39 AM

          Mr jefnir overall muslims are killed innocently. Basic reasion they are innocent is muslim goverments never initialize war against non muslim countries or people like your ISRAEL AMERICA .And one or two eg. Of killing christian or other is by musim extremists which are surely not true muslim . And you know what happens to them..But here case is different women is killed innocently by a man in front of police and husband was injured by a police bullet!

  2. Amad

    July 10, 2009 at 1:00 PM

    jazakillahkhair sister for the post.

    Europe… ah, when will this continent get over its history of superiority complex and minority oppression.

    And people still think Islamophobia doesn’t exist! Or that it is not as bad as antisemitism. In fact, I would say Islamophobia IS the new antisemitism of this century… the bare mention of holocaust denial in words (just words, let alone action) will get you in jail in Europe… yet you could curse Islam, the Prophet and every part of our deen day and night and you’ll get star treatment (consider Geert Wilders).

    If people think that bigots like Geert and Sarkozy don’t have blood on their hands for this and every other violent action against Muslims in Europe, then they are deluded.

    • Gohar

      July 10, 2009 at 4:27 PM

      People like to give political correctness a bad name as it gets in the way of them spouting their hatred of minorities, but the reason it came into existence in the first place was to prevent tragedies like this occurring.

    • Bang Path

      July 13, 2009 at 6:53 AM

      You are correct – holocaust denial should not be illegal, it is counter-productive to outlaw any kind of discussion, even the most hateful kind because suppressing the speech does not make the thoughts behind the speech go away. Just look at how amazingly successful the anti-nazi laws have been in Germany and Austria – not very much at all now.

      Even if Marwa had been successful in legally forcing “Alex A” to shut up with his bigoted mouth, he would still be just as bigoted, just as violent and just as dangerous.

      Wilders and Sarkozy don’t have blood on their hands – to accuse them of it denies the free will of people like “Alex A” who actually commit the crime. If Wilders and Sarkozy were legally prevented from speaking their minds, there would still be people like “Alex A” who already believe in all that bigotry.

      When politicians like those two made bigotted public statements they create the opportunity for debate, for others to speak up in response and condemn them for their bigotry, to shame them and the people who think the same way. But if you force the bigots underground you make it that much harder to denounce their bigotry, you re-enforce it as some sort of state conspiracy against the people who think they know “the truth” that the government won’t let out. And because it is underground there is no one there to try to talk some sense in response, just one big echo chamber of hate.

  3. Muslimah09

    July 10, 2009 at 1:03 PM

    Innal lillah wa ina ilayhi raji3on,

    May Allah give ease to this sister’s husband and extended family and surviving child, Ameen. In times such as these the mind is at a loss for words, what a senseless crime indeed. Muslims everywhere are suffering for their beliefs in some way or another and I for one commend this sister on her bravery and convictions.

    I ask Allah azza wajall to make her journey back to Him an easy one and enter her in to His promised paradise amongst the martyrs. Ameen

    • Jennifer

      July 14, 2009 at 4:09 PM

      Yes, may Allah only have mercy on the souls of Muslims, May He not have mercy on the souls of murdered Iraqis the past few days, and murdered Copts and murdered Christians on the hands of Muslims anywhere. May Allah have mercy on this religion and this continent, because I sure don’t and have no wish what so ever to ever come back to it.

  4. monkeynursemd

    July 10, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    sunan abu dawud, book 37, number 4284. google it.

    we should ask ourselves, does the love of this world takes precedence over the love of the hereafter?

    taken from timesonline (link on my blog):

    The example that the Prophet gave is that of a group of people seated around a platter of food, a very large plate. Traditionally, the Arabs would sit together in large numbers and eat together from a very large plate, rather than individually. And often, when they would cook an animal, they wouldn’t cut up the pieces of meat beforehand. Most often, they would roast the whole animal and it would be there, ready to eat. The Arabs, being very hospitable, would gather around this large plate of food and invite one another… they would even invite strangers, in the knowledge and conviction that there is sufficient food to go around. As they gather, one rips off part of the shoulder, another rips off part of the leg, another rips off part of the body of the animal, and in this way they would consume the food, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    This is the example that the Prophet has given in the hadith and he says: “Soon a time will come upon you when in this same fashion and manner, different nations will invite one another to consume the Muslim ummah (the global community of Muslims) in the same way.”

    Calmly, pleasantly, without any embarrassment or shame, without any fear of retaliation or consequence, with total impunity, people will invite one another against you. And the Muslim ummah will be so large in numbers, in size, so scattered across the globe, that there will be enough for all. Everyone can have a party and there will still be leftovers.

  5. Amatullah

    July 10, 2009 at 3:04 PM

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. May Allah enter her into Firdaws al Alaa and make what is ahead of her better than what she left behind.

    I think we all have the same questions…How can a man stab a woman 18 times in a public place and then her husband gets shot “accidentally” for trying to protect her? La hawla wa la quwwata ila billah.

    إن الله يدافع عن الذين آمنوا
    Truly Allah defends those who believe. (22:38)

    May Allah help all the Muslims in their trails and hardships.

  6. Asmaa

    July 10, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    I don’t think it honours her much, her life, to constantly refer to her as “the martyr of the hijab.” If she’d been a non-hijabi and killed because she was Arab or Muslim – which is why she was killed – I’m not so sure we’d be seeing quite this level of outrage because of our overall very negative feelings towards non-hijabis. She’s been reduced to a piece of cloth, something we can easily pick up and rally behind. And one needn’t point at Muslim countries and say “But where are the protests when it happens to a non-hijabi or non-Muslim there?” (which it does) because there are Muslim women in Europe – two in Germany that I know of – who were killed by their families for not wearing hijab. And there was no rallying from the Muslim world, no posts beating our chests and lamenting her with our neo-matam.

    • Amad

      July 10, 2009 at 5:01 PM

      Excuse me?

      This woman was killed precisely because her dress gave up the fact that she was a MUSLIMAH. And a practicing Muslim, one who obeys her Lord with her hijab. I also disagree with you, as I do believe that if there was another Muslim woman, who was killed because of her Islam, even if she was a non-muhajibba, the outrage would very similar. The element in question is the deen, the reason for murder.

      To bring up the murder of other women killed by their families in what may have been “dishonor” killings is completely and utterly irrelevant here. Because there is no comonality of the element of hate-crime.

      By the way, family killings are not only related to Muslims, it happens even amongst non-Muslims. You mention it as if it is our Islamic heritage.

      I would urge people to check their own biases and prejudices and let this post be in honor and respect of this woman who was brutally murdered for NO reason other than being a Muslim.

      • monkeynursemd

        July 10, 2009 at 5:55 PM

        there is no such thing as honor killings in islam. it’s a ridiculous idea to think that islam sanctions these killings.

        there is, however, well documented honor killings in hindu and japanese cultures.

        • Jennifer

          July 14, 2009 at 4:11 PM

          Are you saying that there no well documented honor killings in Islam? Because I’d love to send you all the paper coverage of the past 10 years of honor crimes in Pakistan (by Muslims) and in the Arab world.

          • Gohar

            July 14, 2009 at 4:41 PM

            He said no honour killing in ISLAM. Do you understand what that word means? If you do, maybe you can explain how newspaper articles of honour killings by some muslims is in any way a response to what he said about ISLAM.

          • Jennifer

            July 14, 2009 at 4:50 PM

            Yes, I understand what that word means ya Gohar! I also want to know how you decide Japanese and Hindu cultures sanction those murders and Islam doesn’t. Don’t Muslims believe in killing people who are kafara? What bout il Ridda? Also, if Islam doesn’t sanction honor crimes, why aren’t all Muslims standing against them, the same way the know to stand against Abu Ghraib, or other heinous acts? Why say Christians and Westerners are all killers and xenophobes and hate Muslims, but the tables can’t turn? I don’t understand, enlighten me.

          • Gohar

            July 14, 2009 at 5:04 PM

            I also want to know how you decide Japanese and Hindu cultures sanction those murders and Islam doesn’t.

            I have no idea what their cultures do or don’t teach in this regard, and which is why I made no comment about it.

            Let me ask you, when you’ve been reading the comments in this thread, can you find anyone who was at all in any way approving of honour killings? If not why are you so insistent that we do secretly habour such intentions?

            I thought you free-spirits were supposed to be open-minded. But from the sound of it, youre just as prejudiced as those whom you despise and have lost your Hereafter for.

          • Jennifer

            July 14, 2009 at 5:14 PM

            No, I haven’t read of anyone approving of it. But my experience has been they don’t in English websites, and they do in Arabic ones. I also wasn’t blaming each poster here for honor crimes, I’m just challenging people to look at their own shortcomings. Also, don’t judge me, if you’re a true Muslim, you wouldn’t judge my “Free-spirit” or open-mindedness. I at least will have a conversation with you, without mocking you. Can you do the same?

            Also, I have all respect in the world for Marwa and her death. She was able to go and ask for justice against her aggressor, something she couldn’t do in Arab countries. Her bravery will never be forgotten, nor her death. But her brutal murder raises questions of Arab acceptance, those who accept the murder of other women who aren’t Arab with not a hint of condemnation, but will “avenge” the death of one woman, because she wore a Hijab. If she wore a cross would you? What if she was Jewish? Pagan?

          • Gohar

            July 14, 2009 at 5:43 PM

            Jennifer, you’re being overly critical. Can you blame us for feeling her pain more acutely than the death of someone else? Show me a community on this planet which doesn’t have the same emotions for its citizens/followers compared to others.

            Also, your suspicions about us secretly approving of honour killings are just plain wrong. I don’t know which country your from, but that is not what anyone here believes.

          • Jennifer

            July 14, 2009 at 5:49 PM

            I respect your opinion Gohar. Maybe I’m overly critical, but it came as a result of what I have seen. The constant cries for the other to feel our pain, while we don’t feel theirs. That aside, thank you for having a respectful conversation with me. W Assalam!

      • MM Associates

        August 5, 2009 at 9:57 AM

        Brother Amad,

        Your post has +18. Two more points and you get a one up!


    • Ameera

      July 10, 2009 at 8:58 PM

      So basically, you’re saying that we should treat all incidents with one blanket response, regardless of the specific details involved in each, and in fact, we shouldn’t say much at all because some Muslim women are dying at the hands of their own families too? That makes for a very narrow field of vision.

      The truth is, if this lady had been dressed like any other local Non-Muslim in Germany, it would not probably result in what happened here. The image of the covered Muslim woman was obviously what did not please the attacker which shows how vulnerable, in the face of growing Islamophobia, Muslim women in the West particularly those in Hijab have become. If they don’t see the threat for it is, how will they take measures to protect themselves, as well as highlight this issue in various forums?

      By mixing it up with so-called “honor killings”, we detract from the real issue. Yes, there is no place in Islam for the filth that gives rise to killings for “honor” but right now, it’s about Marwa and it’s about the fact that a Muslim lady was murdered in broad day light, so to speak, in the pursuit of justice.

    • mystrugglewithin

      July 11, 2009 at 1:31 AM

      you need serious rethinking.. sorry.

    • Xeno

      July 12, 2009 at 1:36 PM

      “because there are Muslim women in Europe – two in Germany that I know of – who were killed by their families for not wearing hijab.”

      I’m sorry but you’re comparing two different things. Honour killing”’ or whatever, although it’s wrong, it can’t be compared to this. Besides, it’s something old. You cannot say that honourkilling has never seen any media coverage, it has, for more than a decade atleast and also, it’s done by family or relatives, not strangers and that DOES make a big difference in the public mind.

      Why is it not condemned by our people? It is condemned, honourkilling has no place in Islam but how large a proportion of our ummah really cares about these things, that Islam gives women rights, that they deserve equality? Most educated Muslims today who’ve studied some deen will know that the majority of world muslims are just cultural muslims, they’ll accept ethnical traditions over Islam.

      And yes, I’m not sure this assailant would have called her a terrorist if she didn’t wear her hijab. It’s really hard to know if a person is a Muslim or not if they don’t wear the hijab or keep a beard – these are the core parts in our appear that tell of our Muslim identity.

      So maybe you’re just a so called ”moderate” Muslima who thinks of hijab as a sexist innovation by men or you need to look into the deen abit more. You seem to be really confused, you might be right about the the lack of coverage if she didn’t wear the hijab and he didn’t call her a terrorist but just something racial, then perhaps this would have been shoved aside as a random racecrime.

      Why should you be so surprized over the difference of coverage, what matters more? Race, culture or religion??? Killing in either case is wrong yes, but see how nationalism or race separates us whereas religion unites us around the globe as an ummah nomatter who we are, as long as we’re Muslim? So, no, I’m not surprized, this was clearly Islamophobic and thus the reaction.

      • Jennifer

        July 14, 2009 at 4:15 PM

        “because there are Muslim women in Europe – two in Germany that I know of – who were killed by their families for not wearing hijab.”

        I’m sorry but you’re comparing two different things. Honour killing”’ or whatever, although it’s wrong, it can’t be compared to this.”

        WHY? Because a Muslim killed another Muslim? I don’t get this? And before you label me a kafirah, understand that I let go of this religion and this culture long ago, because of the hypocrisy of its people. I saw people murder their own daughters with my own eyes. As people sat and watched. I saw people marry their daughters off to assholes, and then go pray to the mosque, when their daughters come back beaten and raped, tell them to shut up. I’m sick of this hypocritical culture of people pretending to be Muslim, decrying Western wrongs, and never admitting the racism in their own countries, and families. Irahamo mn fil ard li yrhamakum mn fil sama2! W balash kizeb!

        • Jennifer

          July 14, 2009 at 5:04 PM

          Because sadly the only thing I learned was how to hate the other. The only thing I learned was how to be inferior. I don’t hate Muslims or Islam. I believe you have the right to worship anyone and anything you want. I’m just tired of the hypocrisy, tired of the people crying out loud when a Muslim is wronged, and ignoring it when the Muslim is the one wronging others. I feel this cripples me, it makes me little and weak. Iraqi violence is the “fault of the west,” while I demonstrated against the war till I turned blue, I don’t understand how we can say that with a straight face when Iraqis themselves tell us that Sunni and Shia violence is long standing. Palestine is the “West’s problem,” true, but when are we going to take the blame for our own issues? Muslims in Egypt throw fire bottles at churches, and kill nuns, why isn’t anyone decrying that? Muslims in Jordan grab crosses of Nuns’ chest and spit on them? If someone did that to the Koran, they’d be murdered. Muslims go insane when Denmark publishes cartoons of the prophet. What about Arab and Muslim schools saying Jesus is a womanizer? A homeless man? What about professors at universities saying Christians need to leave their life of “Sin and debauchery” and join the ranks of Islam? Why is everything violent? Why is everything so threatening? Why?

          • uk muslima!

            August 26, 2009 at 4:37 PM

            salaam (peace)

            hope you are well Jeniffer?
            i am a Muslim – believer and i believe in Islam- i submit myself to Allah completely insha’allah.
            you are absolutely right, but like sister gohar said there is a certain love for another Muslim regardless of where they are in the world. We are an ummah like a body.
            But you have made an important point, by allah Muslims should stand for Justice and be rid off any Injustice regardless of who the person is, whether they are christian, Jewish, white, black etc……. an injustice is an injustice, when a person is causing mischief in the land they should be dealt with accordingly whether they are Muslim or not.
            That is the rule of Islam, mischief makers need to be punished, no need for double standards anywhere, but unfortunately we the muslims have put Islam to shame, we cannot uphold our deen and obligations to allah, u know why?? because we are weak and not exemplary muslims, and we are full of pride and prejudices against someone all the time! we are human and we let our own emotions and thoughts get the better of us, rather than allowing allahs laws to govern us we govern ourselves with our desires!! and what we see fit.
            may allah swt have mercy on us all and put us onto the seerat al mustaqeem insha’allah.



        • Gohar

          July 14, 2009 at 5:14 PM

          If we had and did, would you then believe in Allah? Let me tell you, Allah is not someone you can blackmail like this.

          Islam says you’ve been commanded to worship Him. You’re saying that you won’t as you dislike muslims and people have been mistreated. Does that excuse hold up? You’re an intelligent lady; please think.

        • Jennifer

          July 14, 2009 at 5:19 PM

          I believe in Allah, I don’t believe in Islam. Yes, I said something that will constitute some “peaceful” guy to ask for my blood to be spilled. The truth is, most religions are ruined by those who follow them and use them to hurt the other. I don’t “blackmail” Allah, but I follow him with intelligence, not fear of culture or with blindness.

        • Gohar

          July 14, 2009 at 6:06 PM

          Yes, I said something that will constitute some “peaceful” guy to ask for my blood to be spilled.

          Don’t worry, no-one will bother. But since you raise it, I will comment on it. There’s no point avoiding it. Personally (and I only speak for myself here) I do wonder to myself sometimes whether that’s also a sign of a true religion since I don’t think such self-confidence in its own correctness is out of place for a true religion.. I know that will sound unacceptable to you, but in time maybe you’ll see it too.

        • xeno

          July 15, 2009 at 8:20 PM

          ergh…anotherone who can’t read my comments properly…please reread…

        • Omar

          July 22, 2009 at 8:13 PM

          Jennifer, What murdered copts? It is the other way around, Copts that convert to Islam are handed over to the church, forced back into Christianity never to be heard from again – especially women (wafa qustanteen, Christine Qileeny, and Mariane & Christine 2 sisters on the run, and many others). The richest Egyptians are Copts, they are not oppressed.

          to be blunt, you clearly are overly against Islam (my guess is due to an Arab Christian upbringing – or the negative Muslim examples you saw). The fact that you are actually attacking Muslims in the comments to a ridiculous case like this demonstrates it.

          you have come up with a list of mistakes made by Muslims, what does that prove? The opposite list of crimes committed against Muslims will invariably be far longer and a thousand times more atrocious. But the media you are exposed to focuses on the small list, and downplays crimes against Muslims. This case is a prime example of this.

          When the government of Sudan makes a stupid decision about a woman and a teddy bear, (but the woman is eventually returned home, unharmed) there is a media frenzy, and Muslims are portrayed as a laughing stock.
          But when a Muslim woman is actually stabbed to death 18 times in a courtroom and her husband shot by the officers – such a surreal ridiculous situation – I mean did theys just stand there as he stabbed her 18 times! in a court of law! yet most people haven’t even heard about it. 18 times! This is worthy of ripley’s believe it or not

          When a bunch of morons with guns go on rampage in Mumbai, killing 200 people, the media is all over it for weeks – condemnation from everyone.
          When more civilians are killed as a result of NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan (~100 civilians per “Accidental” airstrike) – it is a footnote in the daily news – and dubbed “collateral damage”, and a “small price to pay for freedom”

          You will hear over and over about stupid Muslims doing stupid things, honour killings, civilian bombings, crimes – and the Muslim community does have a lot of problems. But you will rarely if ever hear about a Muslim doing a good thing in mass media, or one denouncing these silly crimes as Muslims always do, or a comparison of crime rates with the west for example.

          So the point isn’t that Muslims are perfect, far from it. The point is the media picks and chooses what to emphasize and magnify.

          ““The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X

          watch the video in my link – the end of it in particular about the media

          At the end of it all, this is all silly transient geopolitics that will be forgotten – as all the politics of centuries past was. So the big question is, why aren’t you a Muslim? Have you read the Quran? What will happen to you when you die?

          • anon

            July 23, 2009 at 12:33 PM

            If the amount of money someone possesses is supposedly a sign of whether or not they are oppressed than why are muslims in the US constantly bitching and moaning about what a rough life they have.

            PS: copts in egypt are wealthy because of the church, not because of the government. When Sadat opened up the borders and undid everything Nasser had done enabling egyptians to actually start competitive businesses, muslims were completely unprepared because, as evidenced by the state of the majority of completely dumpy masjids i’ve seen in the US, muslims have a complete inability to manage money that has been donated in any way, shape, or form. The copts, on the otherhand, were fortunate to be able to give money to churches where the leaders of the churches were actually capable of managing the money. Hence, when the copts wanted to start a business under Sadat’s new policies they were able to go to the church and get a “loan” The muslims could not go to the masjid for a “loan”, because muslim leaders are just flat out incompetent over there (and over here as evidenced by the crapholes most masjids are). So the copts prospered and the muslims pretty much stayed the same (ie: dirt poor) Which is why today in egypt there are muslims whining about the wealthy copts who didn’t stay put “int their place” primarily out of bitterness and jealousy

          • razak

            July 20, 2010 at 1:22 PM

            perfect expostion

        • Ismail

          August 1, 2009 at 9:40 PM

          May Allah give Jaanatul Firdous to this brave sister,Aameen!
          Dear Jennifer, I read lots of comments here but I became really sad with yours as I see you vicitimized by the enemies of Allah.I just want to say that your problems are with the muslims, whatever you said is done by those whom Allah will also not forgive as there will be lot of muslims as well in hell .It has got nothing to do with Islam, you can’t say something about Islam by watching illiterate muslims who dont even know a word about our beautiful religion.We also hate them and want our socities to be free of them.But we do have the right to reply the kuffars in a more harsh way if they attack us.And remember Islam has told us to let the followers of other religions practice theirs peacfully and Never say anything bad about their gods.
          Please sister,You believe in Allah, dont cover your eyes from the reality,it is the Deception of Satan to deviate as many people as possible with whatever reason possible and there are many manyyy ways for him to do his job.But there is only one way of the Truth.So it’s easy to get lost but the truth seems difficult which is not indeed,only if you want because Allah runs towards him those who takes a step towards Him.Please open your soul’s eyes.Dont become victimized by the media,it is The most dangerous enemy of the mankind.MashAllah You are an intelligent person.Use your soul and brain to follow the truth.May Allah guide you with the truth as their is no one who can misguide when HE guides.May Allah have mercy on all Ummah to follow the truth,give the non-believers true knowledge and the believers to follow the truth,Aameen!
          I dont know you would be able to read it or not but I pray to Allah for it….

  7. Algebra

    July 10, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    Amad you never shy away from making a point :)

  8. mystrugglewithin

    July 11, 2009 at 1:34 AM

    Jazakallah Khair for shifting our focus to something really worth being sad for, may Allah SWT make it easy on all of us.

  9. Dawud Israel

    July 11, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    I don’t think it honours her much, her life, to constantly refer to her as “the martyr of the hijab.” If she’d been a non-hijabi and killed because she was Arab or Muslim – which is why she was killed – I’m not so sure we’d be seeing quite this level of outrage because of our overall very negative feelings towards non-hijabis. She’s been reduced to a piece of cloth, something we can easily pick up and rally behind. And one needn’t point at Muslim countries and say “But where are the protests when it happens to a non-hijabi or non-Muslim there?” (which it does) because there are Muslim women in Europe – two in Germany that I know of – who were killed by their families for not wearing hijab. And there was no rallying from the Muslim world, no posts beating our chests and lamenting her with our neo-matam.

    I gotta admit…you have a point Sr. Asmaa.

    We are somewhat deceived by the symbolism of this into thinking a Muslimah is only a Muslimah when she wears a hijab. I find this is the EXACT reason why more Muslim sisters avoid the hijab!

    This sister is a shaheed- a true martyr, just like the first martyrs of Islam who were persecuted for their deen. She is in JANNAH now. This is why she is VICTORIOUS.

    I only wish it was easier for us living Muslims.

    Do not look at this world and the oppression that is visiting Muslims- this is our place in history, we will ALWAYS be persecuted and we ALWAYS have been- you cannot change that. But what matters is we see the Akhirah in all this. The post mentioned human rights and all sorts of other things- so please, do not forget the Akhirah and how she will be compensated for what has happened to her.

    • Amatullah

      July 11, 2009 at 1:15 PM

      We are somewhat deceived by the symbolism of this into thinking a Muslimah is only a Muslimah when she wears a hijab.

      Like Amad said, the Muslim woman is recognized as a Muslim women by her hijaab. There is nothing wrong with that because Allah azza wa jal states this very reason why Muslimat should wear hijaab:

      يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ قُل لِّأَزْوَاجِكَ وَبَنَاتِكَ وَنِسَاءِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ يُدْنِينَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِن جَلَابِيبِهِنَّ ۚ ذَ‌ٰلِكَ أَدْنَىٰ أَن يُعْرَفْنَ فَلَا يُؤْذَيْنَ ۗ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُورًا رَّحِيمًا

      O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (33:59)

      To be known as a free and honorable woman is one of the reasons why Allah ta’ala ordained the hijaab on us.

      Indeed it does honor her life, because she was killed for obeying Allah azza wa jal and standing up against opression. How is that not honorable? How is that not praiseworthy for her to end her life in such a state? May Allah have mercy on her.

      • Gohar

        July 11, 2009 at 2:21 PM

        Like the People of the Ditch.

    • Xeno

      July 12, 2009 at 1:58 PM

      I really hope you realize the madness in your comment in her praising her like this.

      I would be really paranoid and anxious about the future of women in your family if you reject hijab as something petty like this.

      “Hijab or ḥijāb (حجاب, pronounced [ħiˈdʒæːb]) is the Arabic word for “curtain / cover” (noun), based on the root حجب meaning “to cover, to veil, to shelter””

      Alot of ”moderate” Muslimahs living in the West will submit to the impression that wearing the hijab is a form of discrimination or that it has nothing to do with Islam.

      A Muslimah is not only a Muslimah if she wears the hijab but you downplaying its’ role as insignificant gives a lot of cause for concern. By the definition above hijab suggests covering. If there’s one thing extremely crucial for a Muslim woman to remain a Muslim then it is to cover up because Allah beautified her. You think society will remain safe from moral decay if men commit zina with their eyes all the time???

      Men and women are equally much to blame with regards to sexual crime. You can blame men for being perverted, testosterone freaks but who fuels this???

      For the Western woman, the concept of dignity does not exist. She finds herself most successful if she can be admired for her body and be the most sexually appealing woman out there.

      No wonder marriages are becoming more and more nonexistant in the Western world, and the rest of the world is following by adopting these so called, ”free and liberal” values.

      • anonperson

        July 12, 2009 at 3:43 PM

        “Men and women are equally much to blame with regards to sexual crime. ”

        Tell that to your wife (if you’re a man), daughter, sister when they are molested or raped. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

        “For the Western woman, the concept of dignity does not exist. She finds herself most successful if she can be admired for her body and be the most sexually appealing woman out there.”

        I assume you live in the west, which makes your wife/daughters/sisters (or yourself ) western women. So again, tell that to your wife, daughter, sisters. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that as well. Lol, idiot.

        • xeno

          July 14, 2009 at 1:56 PM

          Look at the idiot who can’t read. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the term ‘Western’ – because Western by Muslims usually depicts, liberal satanist.

          Okay I’m sorry you have reading issues but to be honest, Islam’s war is not against any specific people of a certain geographical location. There’re liberal satanists living in the Muslim world too and I’d think of such women as being just as degrading to themselves.

          I do live in the West and my mother happily wears the hijab and dresses modestly because she understands that Islam protects and dignifies women.

          Btw, It’s not just Islam but any selfrespecting woman on this planet knows that covering up will earn her more respect for her character instead of just being appreciated for her body – turning into a public piece of eyecandy.

          Because this is what you’re okay with aren’t you???

          And, seeing as this comment is from a GUY, ask a female peer of yours’ who’d disagree that men would see her as less of an object if she dresses modestly.

          It’s no surprise that infidel men will come to the defense of immodest women because opposing this would mean less public eyecandy – that would mean a guy would be forced to commit to a relationship in order to get the pleasure of a woman..:I

      • Dawud Israel

        July 14, 2009 at 12:26 AM

        Wow chillax. I’m not saying its insignificant nor am I praising the sister- just saying she has a point.

        I’m not anti-hijab or anything- actually, check out the AlMaghrib forums and look for the Hijab Card project, or even look at my blog for the “Aren’t you Hot in That?” leaflet for hijabis.

        Ya guys gotta get wise to what other people think- this sorta of exclusivist thinking is what limits your dawah. No one is going to listen to you when you talk like that. Your just going to be one of those hijabis that give a bad name to all hijabis.

        And if she was indeed killed for implementing Allah’s command in wearing the hijab- then YES she IS a SHAHEED! (In sha Allah)

        And may Allah grant us all the death of shaheeds, Ameen.
        (Oh yeah, you better believe I just made that dua!)

    • Mehdi

      July 12, 2009 at 8:34 PM

      Just to make a point here.

      May Allaah grant this sister paradise and make things easy for her husband and child.

      Having said so, we should be careful that only Allaah knows who is a shaheed or not. We have no right to say that such and such is a true shaheed or otherwise. If we are to call someone shaheed it must be followed by “insha’Allaah”. This is what Rasoolullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has ordered us with.

      There seems to be a huge section of society who keep thinking that Emaan and the deen are something that is within the heart and is a private affair. But Rasoolullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has made it abundantly clear that Emaan is the faith in the heart, the sayings of the tongue and the actions of the limbs. So outside actions and appearnances are also equally part of emaan and without them one’s faith is deficient. A muslimah without a hijaab is still a muslimah, yes thats true, but the dedication towards the deen is not the same and thus our love for them would also be proportional.

      Rasoolullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) did not pray janaazah over those who commited suicide or had debt without leaving a means to pay it back. Does this mean they were not Muslims? No, because he did ask others to pray over them. But what it does show is that we as muslims are supposed to have different levels of love for one another based on our attachment to the deen. You cannot expect me to have the same level of love for say the Imam of a masjid who was loved by his congregation and a sinning Muslim who used to drink and pray only jumuah. This is an aspect of Walaa and baraa.

  10. Basil Mohamed Gohar

    July 11, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raajioon.

    May Allaah grant jannaat alfirdaws to our sister, “Shaheeda Hijaab”. May Allaah grant peace & tranquility to her family. It might be that, in this world, she is not getting justice, but we are certain that Allaah Knows her case and justice will prevail, if not in this world, then certainly in the next.

    I am not as outraged at the kuffaar in this as I am in the impotence of the Ummah and, specifically, the leaders of the Muslims. When it used to be in the past that, when a woman was “merely” slapped in the kaafir country, the khaleefah would send an army as his “protest”. We are limited now to verbal protests and a “Hijaab Day”. Laa hawla wa laa quwatta illaah billaah.

    May Allaah rectify our situation and help us towards the course of action Most Pleasing to Him.

    • Xeno

      July 12, 2009 at 2:06 PM

      Any word on the assailant??? They don’t have the deathsentence in Germany right?? He goes free after 15 years on parole???

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  12. Amad

    July 12, 2009 at 11:05 AM

    Trying to makeup? I guess better late than never!

    German city honors Egyptian woman slain in court

    Hundreds of people carrying white roses gathered Saturday on the steps of Dresden’s city hall in honor of an Egyptian woman who was fatally stabbed by a defendant in a German courtroom.

    Only a thousand folks though… a bit lower than “massive outpouring” levels. Still, kudos to the organizers.

  13. jj kactuz

    July 12, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    This vile man should be condemned to death for his evil crime. He is a terrorist.

    To the Muslims here at Muslim Matters, I have no problem with your condemnations of this horrible act. I do have a problem when Muslims start bringing other non-related scenarios into this matter, or pretending that this is a one sided issue.

    Amad, yes the media is biased. Yes, justice is not always just. Yes there is favoritism everywhere. I am glad you noticed. I thought I was the only one. Please think about what you say. The man with blood on his hands for this vile act is the evil man that murdered the woman. If you want to say that others are responsible also, then I assume that you too are responsible for the evil words that are said against non-Muslims everywhere in Islam, including by Imams in mosques around the world and in the pages of the Quran that have caused non-Muslims to be killed. Is that how you want it to be?

    Ameera, I would like to address a few words to you. You say “I would be the FIRST one to be filled with disgust and horror at the maltreatment or any other kind of hurt caused to an innocent Non Muslim at the hands of Muslims. It’s despicable and totally goes against our Deen. This is diametrically opposed to what the Prophet(pbuh) showed in his relations with Non Muslims living amongst the Muslims.”

    First of all, I don’t believe you. You may be “filled with disgust” but Muslims everywhere have no problem with maltreating non-Muslims. It happens eveywhere, daily. It is legal. Laws in Muslim countries discriminate against non-Muslims. To say it is “against our Deem” shows a sad ignorance of Islamic history. As to your prophet and his relations with non-Muslims, I assume you haven’t read the hadith. How can attacking others and expelling them from their homes be against your deem if done by your prophet?

    Basil… Do you know who else was “slapped”? Nobody came to defend her.

    Amatullah, tell me if you think that covering up keeps women from being “annoyed” in Muslim societies? Ever been to Egypt? Jordan? Libya? Yeah, it really works. Looks like 33:59 is ineffective. Personally, I think that harassing women is part of male biology, wide-spread but not universal. This is not an excuse just a pseudoscientific explanation for homo sapien behavior. ( I tried it 50 years ago but was not very good at it. I was too ugly so didn’t have much luck with the ladies. Well, being shy and homely probably saved me a lot of trouble. I digress!)

    Monkeynursemd. Forget the “love of hereafter”. It is uncharted, undocumented and a wild guess. Try instead for” peace on earth” now. Oops. Forget that, too. If you quote abu Dawud I assume you accept those stories as true. Do you know what this means? Do you even know what I am taking about?

    Xeno. Tell me why honor killings can’t be compared with this evil action? So Muslims killing Muslims for an idea of honor is less than Non-Muslims killing a Muslims for hate and racism? Pathetic. As to the “concept of dignity”, I assume you came to this conclusion after interviewing a billion people. If you can make broad, unsupported statements like that, then don’t bother to argue with stupid “Muslims are terrorists” statements. Right?

    Dr M… I think the “culture of death” idea has merit, but you should also apply it closer to home. ( Hey, are you the Dr M from AltMuslim?)

    Dawud, note that Muslims have done their fair share of persecuting. ( I have this theory on how Muslims equate persecution with criticism of Islam and Mohammad and the result of that idea…. but now is not the place to expound). Note also that evil is evil, no matter where done or by whom. I am sure you will agree with that.

    Anonperson, You are so so so bad. Can’t find anything to say about your comments. Dammit!

    Well, I must end. Got to go take care of the darn dog. As usual I probably wrote a few things that offended people (again, for the 999th time), but my opinions are honest and my facts are correct (at least to my knowledge). There is nothing more important than being honest. If you want to talk about the evils of Western history, I will match you fact for fact and then add some – just come prepared to talk about the evils of your own history and culture. I think that is fair. Come prepared to explain Islamic doctrine I find offensive or stupid. No ,the sun does not set in a muddy field.

    It is clear (to me, anyway) that Western civilization is incompatible with Islam. Personally what I dislike most about islam is the ignorance (or denial). If Muslims had any knowledge of the Quran, the hadith, Muslim history or contemporary events they would refrain from silly statements like so many of those here.

    At least we can all agree that the vile man that did this evil deed should suffer death or worse. We can also extend our deepest simpathy to the husband and the poor child of this woman. Steps whould be taken to avoid similar incidents in the future.

    Old man kactuz

    • Dawud Israel

      July 14, 2009 at 12:43 AM

      I have been commanded to worship Allah, making all my worship only for Him. And I have been commanded to be the first of the believers. I fear the punishment of a severe day if I disobey my Lord. I worship Allah only, making my worship only for Him.

      Indeed, I shall certainly die and you shall certainly die as well. Then on the Day of Judgment, we will all quarrel in the presence of your Lord. Who can be more unjust than he who lies about Allah, and rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is there no abode for the disbelievers in Hellfire? Those who bring the truth and confirm it, these are the people who are God-conscious. They shall have whatever they desire with their Lord. This is the reward of those who do good. So Allah may canel their evil doings and grant them the best of rewards for the good deeds they carried out. Is Allah not sufficient for His bondsmen? You threaten us with those besides Allah. There can be no guide for the one who Allah sends astray. None can mislead the one whom Allah guides. Is Allah not the Mighty, the Most Capable of avenging?

    • xeno

      July 14, 2009 at 1:02 PM

      I didn’t mean that honourkilling was in anyway OKAY, or acceptable in Islam, they’re not. Honourkilling is a non-Islamic middleeastern tradition. And yes I did say it was different and why there was a huge difference in publicity. I’m in no way saying that one crime is okay and another is not, but just explained why one got more publicity.

      Now, if you cannot understand why a guy calling a hijabi Muslima a terrorist and then months later stabbing her in COURT would get more publicity throughout the Muslim world compared to honourkillings which are like 500 times more common in Africa and the middleeast then I don’t think you should be discussing this manner. It can’t be any clearer.

      As for your view of Islam – look. You can read up all the onesided stories from Islam, the Quran and hadith. You can tell yourself that you’ve found your proofs in Islam for why it’s all bad but just keep it to yourself. Because obviously you don’t know the first thing about debates, you have never heard of studying things in context have you???

      What on earth are you even doing on this page? Here to tell Muslims they should not practice Islam? This isn’t even an Islam vs atheism forum. People are mourning this Muslimah and you want to show off to people how you much you know about Islam to be a fake, paranoid, antihuman religion.

      We don’t need this. You tell people here to read up on their religion to see how it’s all hypocricy and against humanrights??? What, did you ever take a degree in Islamic history? Did you ever discuss Islamic history with an Islamic professor?

      All you ever went through was an English Quran and hadiths on your own and you call yourself an expert??? If you’ve already made up your mind that liberalist, mtv culture is all good and happy with it then keep it for yourself!!!!

      I don’t know why I’m typing this reply. It’s not like you’ll wake up and learn to see the bigger picture and study something from all angles. Do you even have Muslim friends? have you ever studied Islam with Muslims???

      Btw, judging Muslim countries for the failure of Islam doesn’t mean anything. You really believe that Muslims world over follow Islam according to its’ scriptures and have its’ proper understanding??


      “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. (59)”

      Modesty is not just about women covering themselves, men are supposed to lower their gaze.

      Yes, men will get sexually provoked because its’ in our nature. But it doesn’t mean we are doomed.

      You say this ayah failed??? You’re telling me that a women being dressed modestly is just as likely to receive sexual comments/face sexual harassment as a scantily clad lady??? Did you interview women who changed their dressing habits??

      I just have a final sura for you and after that you can spam me all you want, talk to a wall or believe whatever you want.

      Chapter 109:

      In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
      Say: O disbelievers! (1) I worship not that which ye worship; (2) Nor worship ye that which I worship. (3) And I shall not worship that which ye worship. (4) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (5) Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (6) ”

      So shoo! Scraam!!

      I’m sorry your logic does not appeal to Muslims neither will it ever do, your understanding of Islam is next to appalling and your kind of people just come here to waste their breath and the time of others.

    • Sadaf

      July 14, 2009 at 8:30 PM

      Well, at least you call yourself “kactuz”.

      • Algebra

        July 19, 2009 at 6:30 AM

        oh Sadaf you are soo funny. I like your remark
        he also said “old man”
        we have to remember people get senial in their old age as well.

    • razak

      July 20, 2010 at 1:37 PM

      i would like u to read the comments of “Omar, July 22, 2009”, it answers most of the issues u raised.

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  15. Maverick

    July 13, 2009 at 3:11 PM


    I’m mildly surprised that no one mentioned another, more recent incident in the USA that nearly became a Sherbini Killing all over again:

    Investigators said Eric Gardner reportedly made derogatory comments like
    “You Muslim people scare people when you wear that clothing,” and “When I see a black woman, it makes me want to throw up.”

    The alarmed mother said she asked him what was wrong, to which he responded, “I’m talking to you (expletive), Muslim people,” the document said.

    When the woman said, “What I wear does not make me a bad person,” Gardner told her, “You scare people,” and cursed at her, the woman told detectives.

    The woman tried to move away from the aggressive man, but he followed her. He then pulled out a sheath knife with an 8- to 10-inch blade, held it in front of her face and said, “I’m going to cut you and your baby with this knife,” the statement said.

  16. kul

    July 14, 2009 at 6:39 AM

    May ALLAH bless Marwa and grant her paradise and make her among shaheedhs. AMEN

  17. Farhat

    July 14, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    I am appalled at the media coverage behind this tragic event. I remember CNN, BBC, Google news was going crazy over a simple beating of a woman by the supposid “Taliban.” I mean non-stop coverage of a beating compared to a stabbing of innocent woman over hijab. God knows that could have been a relative beating someone in Afghanistan. Now this happens to this Martyred sister, and not one single thing is said in the news. It really discusts me. They should have news reporters covering this event. We Muslims should inform other Muslims about this event. When the “Taliban” was beating that woman everyone in my family knew about it, watched it on youtube, and spoke out about it, stating words like “is that really Islam.” I just really am sad, May Allah give patience to the family and may Allah put her in the ranks of the martyrs, certaintly beats being in this unfair world.

  18. adam

    July 15, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    there is difference between islam and muslim,islam is the religion,muslim are the followers, just cos muslims commit crimes i.e. honour killings, doesnt mean islam says that, read the quran if u dont believe me. This is a huge crime, if this man doesnt get life its a disgrace. Hijab is part of islam, and should be part of christianity too,didnt mary wear it? why do u think the nuns wear it? u christians dont even read ur own bible, and most importantly u never read it in its original language- hebrew, so until u understand hebrew and read ur bible dont comment on islam please, thank you.

  19. Adil

    July 18, 2009 at 7:59 AM

    it the worst picture of German society that one person killed the Muslim girl in the front of court and in the front of no of people and no body could save her from his evil attack and instead the police try to kill the husband of the victim instead of helping him saying that they were trying to save the victim.

    we as a Muslim must condemn this brutal act and demand the egyptian governement to take this matter seriously in UN and OIC to provide her husband justice.

    This type of brutal act should not be tolerated and should be condemned by all the muslim ummah and we need to send German govt a very strong protest on the Hijab Myrterd pious women Marwa Sherbini.

    i request to all mruslim brothers and sister to register their protest by writing few lines on this issue

    Jazakallah Khair

  20. Naz

    July 19, 2009 at 1:35 AM

    Muslim are not the only one who practise honour killing. Hindu also practise it, they kill their daughters who married outside their castes and outside their tribes as well as outside their villages.

    So far i know only pakistan practise this barbaric and vile act. (SHAME ON PAKISTAN) Malaysia,Brunie and Indonesia do not practise this ..
    I would like to remind jennifer that recently in Pakistan and Egypt that were cases, where christian brother skilled their sisters and mothers just because they have married with muslims and became muslims. In India, everyday Hindus brides are being barbequed and toasted or even fried just because of dowry.
    Women are raped in Europe on a daily basis and In some cases killed and murdered.
    Women are an easy preys,so twist your tongue before you write crap here. I can give you tons and tons example of women being murdered, raped, kidnap and killed.
    so next time if you want .

  21. Ash

    July 19, 2009 at 2:10 AM

    As if we needed any more proof that the international media deliberately avoids exposing anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian injustices, its suspect behavior during recent days has sealed the case.

    Even as we were being force-fed minute details of Michael Jackson’s colorful life along with endless speculation as to the true parentage of his children, a former U.S. Congresswomen and presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, was languishing in an Israeli jail.

    Her ‘crime’ was boarding the Free Gaza Movement’s aid vessel The Spirit of Humanity in Cyprus, in an effort to break Israel’s cruel siege of Gaza, which even the U.S. President has condemned.

    Like several of her sister vessels, The Spirit of Humanity was attacked by the Israeli Navy in international waters before being boarded by Israeli commandos and dragged along with its crew and passengers towards Israel.

    Once there, 21 human rights advocates from the U.S., Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Jordan, Palestine and Yemen, including McKinney, Noble Laureate Mairead Maguire, and documentary filmmaker Adam Shapiro, were incarcerated.

    Let’s be realistic. If just about any other high-profile U.S. politician on any other mission had been detained within a cell block on foreign soil, the incident would have merited headlines.

    However, McKinney’s abduction went almost unnoticed. Not only was the story relegated to the back pages, if it ran at all, there was a corresponding absence of comment from Congress and the White House.

    McKinney is now home after refusing to sign a statement in Hebrew that she was guilty of a violation, but the mainstream media is certainly not clamoring at her door for interviews.

    As far as I can tell, her ordeal has mostly been covered by left-wing outlets such as Democracy Now or Middle East networks including Al Jazeera and Press TV.

    A number of McKinney’s supporters say the reason for the media blackout was the fact that she is a Black American. But, in fact, it’s her cause that’s the problem rather than her color.

    My analysis is based on the lack of media coverage given to the Viva Palestina aid convoy of trucks and ambulances from London to Gaza, led by British Parliamentarian George Galloway.

    The Herculean efforts of hundreds of ordinary Britons to deliver much-needed humanitarian supplies to war-torn Gaza earlier this year was a non-event as far as the media was concerned until Galloway was barred from entering Canada as a result.

    Unless you’re a person who relentlessly digs on the internet, you probably are not aware that during McKinney’s ordeal, Galloway, along with Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic, were meeting up with over 200 Americans in Cairo armed with $2 million (Dh7.35 million) that was raised in the U.S. to buy trucks and medical aid destined for Gaza.

    The Egyptian English-language paper Al Ahram Weekly dubs this “”the largest grassroots medical relief effort for Gaza in U.S. history”” but once again, this doesn’t merit column inches in either U.S. or European mainstream papers.

    In a similar vein, is the way that the horrendous courtroom stabbing of 32-year-old Marwa Al Sherbini was considered inconsequential by the German media until it elicited angry protests in her hometown of Alexandria.

    There are so many aspects to this story, which should have been emblazoned across front pages.

    First of all it was a blatant race crime, which Germany is normally sensitive about. Second, it begs questions concerning court security.

    What were armed officers doing when Marwa was stabbed 18 times and why was her husband shot when he attempted to protect his pregnant wife?

    What kind of editors would bin reports of such a horrendous crime carried out in full view of the authorities? What were they thinking?

    Purely coincidentally, I was sitting at a table with one of Marwa’s uncles in an Alexandria coffee shop when he received a call on his mobile and had to dash off because of a “”family emergency””.

    Today, this exceptionally close-knit family is devastated and hurt that the murder of one of their own wasn’t initially treated with the weight the crime deserved.

    Egyptians are outraged at Germany’s disinterest and the inaction of their own foreign office. The numbers who attended her funeral, who gathered outside the German embassy in Cairo and who demonstrated in Cairo and Alexandria speak for themselves.

    Because Marwa’s dispute with her attacker was based on his objections to her Islamic headscarf, the death of the young pharmacist has become an emblem for the rights of Muslim women at a time when the French President is attempting to ban the burqa. Marwa loved life.

    She didn’t plan to become a martyr. But in the eyes of Egyptians calling for a mosque and a street in Alexandria to be renamed in her honor, she is a heroine.

    If the U.S. and Europe are chronically supine when it comes to Muslim causes, then the governments and media throughout the Arab and Muslim world should embrace them clearly and loudly.

    With anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise, Muslims need a strong united voice on the international

  22. ariana

    July 19, 2009 at 5:13 AM

    I think it’s very painful site for a chld to see his mother being killed in front of his eyes..and for her husband.. and it’s really stupid the german cops just watched and didnt do anything and were so stupid to hit the wrong man..what the hell were they doing? …but why did such a thing happened? was there any need to call someone to court just becaused they called you a terrorist? she was about to go to her country a few days later..why didnt she wait? why was she looking for trouble? in the Muslim countries how much do they care for their own people especially women in courts ? you are in a foreign country, you are a women, dont you really think it’s just a waste of time to go to court and make your family members to suffer? if it was me i wouldnt do it. and i wonder why they call her the martyr of hijab? in the pictures of court she really didnt have such a great hijab.

    • Safiya Outlines

      August 2, 2009 at 7:17 PM

      Salaam Alaikum,

      i wonder why they call her the martyr of hijab? in the pictures of court she really didnt have such a great hijab.

      Words fail me.

      A woman is brutally murdered and still some people will pull the “She wasn’t a good enough Muslim” card.

      We can talk about ‘anti-Muslim conspiracies’ all we want, but the truth is we are our own oppressors.

      • razak

        July 20, 2010 at 1:44 PM

        not that “we are own opessors isnt true”, what makes u so sure that the commentator is a muslim,

  23. Naz

    July 19, 2009 at 6:12 AM

    Yeah we sypathise with the family as well as the husband, without forgtting the small child who has witnessed all the incidentsin the court.
    Europe is becoming a dangerous place now to live. In Australia the white trash there are slaughtering the poor indian students.
    I wonder what have the students done to them?
    The vast majority of terrorists in the world are the whites males(like it or not)
    The most destructive wars in history were (and are still) waged by whites, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions. The most destructive weapons are made by whites.Pornography is manufactured exclusively by whites.They are slowly but surely destroying the environment
    Whites are more likely to be sexual predators,child rapists,stalkers and mass-murderers?
    Why? The problemlies in their own nihilistic belief of racial superiority and the lack of a real sustainable culture based on higher principles of tolerance and respect.
    The white race must be pacified and civilised for the betterment of the planet.

    Don’ t think that there are only muslims,hindus,sikhs coming and working in your countries.
    You also are going, staying and working in the gulfs and other muslims countries.
    My countries are full with them (Autralians, canadians,british, new zealandais and germans)
    i wonder what are they doing in here.?

    • Norma Loquendi

      July 23, 2009 at 1:29 PM

      Naz, I wonder where you get your information? Pornography manufactured exclusively by whites? Sexual predators, rapists, mass-murderers…. all whites? I would like to see ALL cultures operate on the principles of tolerance and respect, but sweeping and bigoted statements like this don’t advance the cause anymore than the brain-dead clowns who think it’s okay to kill people because of what they’re wearing. I know Muslims are demonized in many cultures, but I’m working hard to erase whatever lies I’ve absorbed and decided (for awhile) to believe. I hope it will make me a better person. Killing us all isn’t going to help the cause of civilization any more than killing all of you would. This is hate speech! Are you honest enough to consider the possibility that you may be completely out to lunch on this, and your attitudes are those of a racist bigot? Because they are, Naz. I hope you think through what you’re saying and see the dishonesty and hatred implicit in your words. Let’s work toward peace for everyone, not just our own particular in-group. To do less is worth nothing. To be as bad as the ones who hate you is to be just like them.

  24. Susannah

    July 20, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    Phew! What a lot of sarcasm and hatred in some of these posts.

    And a young woman, and her unborn baby, have died.

    Should we not be contemplating paths to peace rather than accusation and counter-accusation? Expressions like “white trash” do not help.

    As a white, British woman I worked in Muslim countries, including beautiful Egypt, in Alexandria, for many years, and I feel privileged to have met some wonderful people and to have had an insight into the Muslim world. As a result, i have a very open mind, and feel that women should have free choice as to how they dress, either in public or in school. I don’t agree with the banning of hijab in France; we do not ban it here, not even in schools, by the way.

    To be murdered for weariing a scarf on one’s head is terrible, but nothing will be helped or solved by hurling insults at each other. ALL countries and nations are guilty of horrible crimes, of brutal wars, of murder, of rape and other vicious acts; to pretend that any one race, or nation, is pure whilst others are evil is simply naive. However, the ordinary people in these different countries are, in my experience – and I have lived in other places too besides the Middle East – the ordinary folk are just trying to get on with ttheir lives!

    To this end, I am holding a small vigil in memory of Marwa El-Sherbini today in my city at 5 pm, and many of my friends, Christian, atheist, agnostic and Muslim, will be there. We work together, in my friendship group, protesting against the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and in support of the Palestinian people; we protest about the arms trade and the arms race; we work for equality of all people and of women.

    Let us think of Marwa, her family, her wonderful father in his peaceful, compassionate way. Let us join hands across the internet and promote a little corner of PEACE.

  25. Inshirah

    July 20, 2009 at 10:38 PM

    very well put susanah.. I really appreciate your comments, it shows that you are a loving person. unfortunately there are few like you in this world.
    Really it is indeed very sad to hear about the death of this woman. Our deepest condoleances to her family.
    Your comments bring some kind of oxygen here, not that from jennifer who i really don’t like and aprreciate.
    she is there and write a lot of BS, unlike you
    You must be a very educated and kind-hearted person. May God bless you susunah. Do write again.
    Bye and have a nice day, ny dear

  26. Inshirah

    July 20, 2009 at 10:52 PM

    Pls see this video
    I hope it works
    all my respect to Marva and family.

  27. Naz

    July 23, 2009 at 6:17 AM

    Certainly a despicable hate crime. You wanna call it terrorism? fine. The guy was obviously nuts. Germany has to take a serious look at it’s courtroon security. It’s shocking that someone could take a knife into a courtroom. To answer your question, the Eurpoean media has covered this story as a crime motivated by anti-muslim hatred.


    ps Here is an interesting report on the attack.

  28. Naz

    July 23, 2009 at 6:20 AM

    Some photos from Marwa’s funeral in Alexandria today. May she RIP

    • Ameera

      July 23, 2009 at 10:06 PM

      Jazakillah for posting this!

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  30. Ameera

    July 26, 2009 at 6:54 AM

    Here’s a much needed update:

    Marwa’s husband adamant to sue the German police:

    Germany: why did Marwa al-Sherbini die?
    This news story explores the background of Alexander W., Marwa’s attacker and points towards the likely association of a neo-Nazi political party in Germany that has strong roots in the Dresden area, with the incident.

    Also, the writer Liz Fekete, a non-Muslim, says…

    Kathrin Klausing, a researcher on Islamic issues who compiles the website Musafira, says that all eyes are now on the prosecuting authority, to see what charges are brought against Alexandre W. Kathrin Klausing does not see the prosecuting authority, which has instructed the police to start a murder investigation and has described the killer as clearly ‘driven by a deep hatred of Muslims’, as the real culprit. ‘The real responsibility for this awful case lies with the increasingly anti-Islamic and racist climate in society, an atmosphere in which politicians and public intellectuals and celebrities have played a great part.’ It is a view reiterated by Sulaiman Wilms, head of communications at the European Muslim Union, who told Al Jazeera that the murder was linked to ‘public-media discourse’. ‘People are looking for victims and Muslims are sometimes seen as a viable option.’

  31. Frank

    July 27, 2009 at 12:09 AM

    One persons martyr is another mans invader. This woman had no business being in Germany, why couldn’t she and her husband study in pious Egypt? I don’t think she is any different then an invading soldier sitting in a tank. The problem here is the Muslims inability to stay away from kaffir lands.

    • Amad

      July 27, 2009 at 1:42 AM

      You are funny Frank. I think you forgot the “invader” and “colonial” history. How your ancestors raped and pillaged the Muslim lands perhaps? Do you think these nations like Germany are letting immigrants from Muslim country in because they really like them? Guess again. It is out of the deep guilt of colonialism as well as the need to beef up macroeconomic situation with imported population, since Europeans have forgotten how to reproduce.

      • razak

        July 20, 2010 at 1:50 PM

        really funny

    • Ameera

      August 1, 2009 at 9:51 PM

      An invader sitting on a tank?

      Oh, you’re referring to the Americans in Iraq indirectly right? Well… I don’t see how you can compare American invading Iraq with a an innocent, peaceful citizen, daughter, wife, mother? Frank, it pains me to see that your sympathies lie not with the victim but the murderer. I sincerely hope most Germans (if you’re German) do not share your view.

    • Dean

      August 18, 2009 at 4:23 PM

      People, people, people……simmer down for a second!

      Why are you all debating with incompetent “GS-9″ level employee of some obscure ‘agency’? He is clearly not here for a discussion, to sympathize or debate anything. Can’t you tell, he is fishing for information. Clearly, we all know how incompetent bobble heads’ like him view the constitution of this country, it’s laws, human dignity, human life and human rights? (If you don’t believe me, watch Harold & Kumar’s escape from Guantanamo! – remember that guy with the declaration of Independence – yeah! that guy.)

      By hijacking this conversation, he wants to provoke innocent concerned citizens, muslims on this forum and other people of faith, into saying something out of emotions and/or out of anger. This ghastly crime of this innocent pregnant woman has become his platform to seek another raise from his narcissistic bosses in those obscure ‘agencies’.

      Don’t be fooled people. He clearly has no agenda other than entrapment. Golly! even the average christian and jew would be disgusted by this innocent woman’s demise. I don’t think this cat realizes how dumb he is, I don’t think he even realizes that his gig is up.

      Marting Luther King Jr. said ” He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.”

      Signing off,
      We The People…..

  32. Olivia

    July 27, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    I still fail to understand how such a thing could happen in a courtroom, where armed policemen are present and appropriate security measures are taken because after all, courtrooms is where murderers and insane people go for sentencing! If it were me I would want to know how the German justice system failed so miserably in protecting someone on the stand.

    • Olivia

      July 27, 2009 at 3:37 PM

      I’m also very sad to hear her son witnessed that. I hope he doesn’t remember it.

  33. Frank

    July 27, 2009 at 6:29 PM

    Amad using the colonialism exscuse is nothing more then revisionism to cover up the fact certain places are currently failed states/socities. That kind of exscuse might work in liberal circles, but not with those who know history. For a country to be colonized it has to be weak to begin with. Germany and other countries are letting in these Muslim immigrants because the governments are controlled by liberals, Jews, and greedy people with their own interest in mind. Muslims have no problems leaving Muslim countries to make money in kafir countries. Countries where they often can’t practice Islam to its full extent, and they in places like here in the United States they support the killing of other Muslims with their tax dollars. Muslims tend to ignore this issue though. I still stand by what I said, this woman was an invader. The people in Germany or any other country were asked if they wanted Muslim immigrants in their country.

    • Ameera

      August 1, 2009 at 9:45 PM

      Your argument would then indicate that all those Christians earning huge paychecks in Saudi Arabia, etc. and whining about this and that need to go back to their own countries and stop complaining about the lack of churces, toon, right?

      You said it. :)

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  35. ayesha

    August 2, 2009 at 11:18 AM

    the ONLY image and reflection of islam is the Quran and the sunnah. so, stop criticizing islam and instead open your eyes to the fact that all the negative wrongdoing in any way whatsoever is the fault of those humans who practice and believe what dwells in their dirty minds. Islam as a religion is pure and beautiful just as the prophets taught and as the prophets were.

  36. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 11:41 AM

    @ Ameera, sure, that can happen. There are many more Muslims coming into non Muslim countries then non Muslims going to Muslim countries. The actual number of Christians in Saudi Arabia is insignificant. The Christians in Saudi Arabia are also only there temporary and work. While a great number of Muslims in the West are collecting welfare and a burden on society The Muslims in the West are also committing a sin by living here, as most are here just to make money. While making money they support governments that are killing other Muslims, so the Muslims in the West are playing an important roll in killing their fellow Muslims. So it’s safe to say Muslims in the West are hypocrites and Marwa Sherbini was a sinning invader? I think so !

    • Ameera

      August 4, 2009 at 12:16 PM

      Your argument is flawed in itself – by your very own logic (which I disagree with, for being overly simplistic and naive of realities), you suggest that the money that Chrisitians are spending in Muslim countries thereby fuelling their economy may venture into the hands of people who *do* have serious designs against Western governments. Aren’t you always bleating about Osama bin Laden being supported by Arab money? Well, based on your own arguments, there it is.

      To wrap this up, I feel amazed at how worried and panicked people are at the thought of Muslims settling in the West. Blinded by a propoganda machine and unable to get your news from neutral, unbiased sources, you view every Muslim as an invading terrorist. The good thing is that not all of you think that way and there are in the West people who know a good thing when they see it. It is in the West itself that thousands are accepting Islam of their own free will, women being the majority – they are your own “home grown” citizens. Really, it is time for more mature arguments than the gruel fed by Bush and co. to the world.

  37. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 1:33 PM

    My argument is not flawed, it is spot on. The Egyptian woman was an invader, the government didn’t go door to door asking German citizens if they wanted this woman and her kind in their country. She wants to go to a foreign country and push her way of life on them, while if they did the same in her country she would call them imperialist or colonialist. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. The only Muslims in Germany should be ethnic Germans, not Arabs, Turks, Pakistanis, etc.

    My opinions weren’t formed by reading propaganda, I was a Muslim for a while, I have post on this website from that time. You still dodge the fact Muslims living in the West are living in sin. They come to the West to make money and set up their own little ghettoes. Money and materials are more important to them than their religion, as they sacrifice the ability to practice their religion without any problems, to practice in a country that is against Islamic teachings. Not to mention they help fund the slaughtering of their fellow Muslims!

    You are free to practice your hypocrisy and double standards all you want, but don’t forget things can end up turning out bad, like what happened to this Egyptian woman……

    • MM Associates

      August 4, 2009 at 1:55 PM

      Frank, you are a bigot. You have bigoted views towards Muslims obviously, as well as Jews, evidenced by your view that “the governments are controlled by liberals, Jews, and greedy people with their own interest in mind.”

      You are a joke, lol. I don’t know why anyone here is actually bothering to respond to you. You expose yourself and there is no real reason to respond to you. Why don’t you go back to Stormfront and other white racist sites you frequent?

      You still dodge the fact Muslims living in the West are living in sin. They come to the West to make money and set up their own little ghettoes. Money and materials are more important to them than their religion, as they sacrifice the ability to practice their religion without any problems, to practice in a country that is against Islamic teachings.

      You are mistaken. We do not believe it is sinful to live in the West. In fact, we have a very vital role to play in the West.


    • Ibn Insaan

      August 4, 2009 at 2:33 PM

      Naa Frank, you’re mistaken dude.

      How can Muslims be sinful for living in Western countries – we’re just bit by bit taking over the countries; and what’s wrong with that, ha?

      How can you reasonably call that sinful? ;) I mean it depends on intentions right ?

      And you know what man, you don’t really have much right to do that much about them trying to practise their religion in their countries – I refer to the Western countries of course, cause they are supposedly ‘democratic’ blots of land – they claim to be liberal countries (unlike Mozlem countries). That means that they accept all, from all – especially their newly found neighbours!

      I mean you surely can’t have it both ways can you – either you’re gona be liberal and accept us taking over, or you’re not libby/democratic, right?

      I’m sure you agree, so now we can move on to the next topic..

    • Maverick

      August 4, 2009 at 5:47 PM

      Your argument is extremely flawed, and far from being spot on.

      You stated that the number of Christians in Saudi Arabia is insignificant. Do you actually have a percentage? Are you speaking from facts? What data is available to support your claim?

      You stated that Muslims living in the West are being sinful. Again, a flawed argument. Plenty of us, including myself, were born here. This is our home. The taxes that we pay go to the government because it is a requirement, and your erroneous assumption that our taxes are supporting the “killing of Muslims” in other countries is dismissed because of lack of intent.

      Crimes are judged by both action and intent. I doubt you’ll find Muslims living in the West who willingly pay taxes [an action which is not a crime] to their respective governments to deliberately go kill Muslims overseas [the intent].

      So while you can continue standing on such thin ice and barking about how we’re all living in sin, please be advised you won’t be taken seriously. Try doing something more productive with your time, such as spitting into the wind.

  38. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 5:46 PM

    @ MM Associate if I’m a bigot then what are you? Don’t you represent a site called Muslim matters? Doesn’t that mean you’re concerned about the matter of Muslims? Does that make you a Muslim bigot? Your words are empty and childish.

    You are living in sin. You’re living in a place where Muslims can’t practice their religion freely. You live in a land where the fundamentals are against the beliefs of Islam, such as secularism, usury, acceptance of homosexuality, etc. You also fund the killing of other Muslims whenever you pay taxes.

  39. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    Ibn Insaan the only thing you all are taking happen to be Iraq and Afghanistan, you’re doing this with your tax dollars, LOL! Don’t get too cocky either, Marwa Sherbini thought she was gonna be taking over too, and we know how that ended !

    • Abu Abdurrahman

      August 5, 2009 at 7:00 AM

      bro..what tax dollars?

      The place I live, I think there are a good few Mozlems being paid to take over; they call it social security! lol. See even the govts value their presence and understand the worth of the Muslims bringng Islam to your shores for you;)

      Marwa’s case is tragic, but we doubt that any country could dream letting that type of thing go large scale on the pride fo their countries. Hey, you know Muslims get crazy – and then only God can control them. Imagine the havock in London, NYC, Euston, Houston…I somehow don’t think so. But you’re free to keep dreaming, as more of the countries are taken over that is :)

      Have a good day while you can!

  40. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 6:03 PM

    Maverick I don’t care about how many Christians live in Saudi Arabia, it was brought up by one of your fellow Muslims as a strawman tactic to bury the fact the lady in Egypt was an invader. I was only a Muslim for a short time with a very basic understanding of the religion and it was obvious to me the foundation of these countries are against the teaching of Islam. Muslims often vote for liberal parties that are pro everything that is poor morals just because the party is pro immigration. If you knew how to read I said the only Muslims in Germany should be ethnic Germans, so I have no problem if you’re a Muslim in the country you were born in, its the non nationals who come here trying to push their way of life on us that need to get lost.

    • Maverick

      August 4, 2009 at 6:58 PM


      Islam isn’t limited to some region or temporal era. These countries you refer to do not have immovable foundations that were specifically established to run counter to Islam’s ideals. Society changes constantly over time, and thus so do their mores and standards. Germany’s societal norms look way different today than they did 50 years ago. As do the norms of many other countries and societies.

      Why should the non-nationals get lost? Plenty of countries want or allow immigration for a variety of reasons. Cheap labor, reversing failing population rates, importing scarce skills and professionals, etc. Its extremely elementary supply and demand dynamics that are at work here. Furthermore, the word “ethnicity” includes a fairly broad definition, one of which is affinity via nation of residence. If immigrants come to live in Germany as law-abiding residents, and gain citizenship by being responsible members of German society and contributing their fair share, then they are included within the German ethnic fabric.

      There are no invaders, there’s no Fifth Column, nothing. Except for your own ignorant hyperbole, you’ve produced nothing of substance in this conversation thus far. Just a lot of hot air. Do us all a favor and help stop global warming. Stop talking.

  41. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 9:02 PM

    Maverick there are numerous conditions that have to be taken into account when it comes to Muslims immigrating to a non Muslim countries starting with Muhammads sunnah to the rulings of scholars today. You want to paint things with a simplistic brush, but that is not reality. The Muslims coming to the West are invaders, the citizens of the West don’t get to decide who their governments allow into their respective country. Your entire argument is based on what ifs, and not reality. If you’re a Muslim in the US or UK for example you’re willingly supporting the killing of Muslims.

    • Rifai

      August 4, 2009 at 11:35 PM

      Could u please inform us of what the definition of “invader” is?
      Again how does any Muslim living in the West constitute one when they are allowed to come here?
      Maybe I misunderstand/dont know ur argument.

    • Maverick

      August 4, 2009 at 11:46 PM


      As I did in fact note, there are various reasons why Western governments want or allow immigration into their countries. Those reasons were noted simply to introduce some “systemic flaws” if you will, into your supposedly “spot on” (flawless?) argument.

      I also asked if you had any facts or data to back up your claims, but I’ve noticed that so far you haven’t mustered up the intellectual integrity needed to respond. And I’m being generous here in presuming that such integrity is in your possession and that you’re actually capable of retrieving it at will.

      As for who’s painting things with a simplistic brush, it is you – tarring the entire Western Muslim community with a false allegation so absurd it can neither stand on its own nor would it ever be worthy of a real reply from those you accuse, like myself.

      Please check your facts – last I was aware, in democratic Western countries there are plenty of lobbying groups that have substantial weight in the ongoing public discourse about immigration policy.

  42. Frank

    August 4, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    Rifai the definition of invader you want? I’ll give you something better, an example. Marwa Sherbini is an example of an invader. A person who comes from a foreign land and tries to change the status quo of that land.

    • Maverick

      August 5, 2009 at 12:17 AM

      You conveniently forgot to include any standard dictionary definition of the word invader, most definitions which explicitly state that an invader is one who has malicious intentions. The burden of proof always being on the accuser, it is now up to you to prove Marwa had any such malicious intentions.

  43. Frank

    August 5, 2009 at 12:04 AM

    Maverick you’re using a lot of fluff, but still can’t make a point. The point is people don’t want Muslims coming to their country, but that message is not put in place. The goverment doesn’t represent the will of the people. Numerous polls have shown people are against immigration. Your religious arguments are total bunk, Islam does look at the earth (nations) as a single body, but breaks the earth into different parts, the lands of peace (Islam) and the lands of war (non Islam). There are very laid out rules a Muslim must follow to immigrate to a non Muslim country, and none of them can be paying taxes to kill fellow Muslims. All you’re trying to do is use secular reasons to justify a religious migration. With your religious is it fair to assume you “converted” this past sunday?

    • Maverick

      August 5, 2009 at 12:22 AM

      These “numerous” polls that you claim … care to substantiate?

      Furthermore, the political division of dar ul aman and darul harb is one of many such divisions, it is not an internal monolith accepted by all schools of thought. I suggest you stop talking about things which you’ve not been educated on, nor do you have any professional or theoretical experience to base your [unqualified] opinions on.

      Your arguments are typical of uneducated Muslims who read a few extremist political treatises and then presume that those opinions are the law within Islam.

      Like I said, either provide facts and sources for your claims, or else be quiet.

      • Amad

        August 5, 2009 at 2:18 AM

        Folks, Frank is just another troll, bringing up nonsensical stuff to force replies.

        Ignore him… it is likely he’ll find company in our spam box soon, sharing it with other trolls like him. Frank, time to move on, unless you wish to be moved out?

        • MM Associates

          August 5, 2009 at 8:54 AM

          Just ban him.


          • Ameera

            August 5, 2009 at 10:02 AM

            Heheh. Better minds have spoken, MashAllah.

        • Maverick

          August 5, 2009 at 3:10 PM

          I’ve seen hundreds like him. Most often i engage them for sport.

          Commentators that are serious about having a substantial discussion are of another class altogether.

  44. Frank

    August 5, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    Banning me just proves you cannot refute my points. Take a look at this article, it shows Muslims in Germany are trying to push their beliefs on Germans. Now we can see who the invaders are !

    @ Maverick you know very little about Islam. There are numerous authentic hadiths that deal with Muslims immigrating to non Muslim countries, if you reject these you’re not a Muslim. If you become an American citizen you have to swear an oath to defend the United States of America above all cost. So you are swearing allegiance to polytheist who are at war with Muslims.

    • Maverick

      August 5, 2009 at 3:22 PM

      Ah yes, hiding yourself behind the skirts of arbitrary excommunication if I don’t accept your absurd and indefensible positions.

      Here’s a tip: Go eat a lot of beans and then rip a really big one. It’ll blow your head clear out from your behind and maybe then you’ll be able to talk in an intelligible, coherent form. Otherwise, it seems you’re just too good for me.


    • Rifai

      August 5, 2009 at 4:40 PM

      If ur born here u dont have to take this oath…..and u can be a permanent resident without taking citizenship…

      And when ur taking the oath u dont have to say whatever they ask u to …since its in a big group in my experience…

      Do u think its ok then to stay in the U.S?

    • Rifai

      August 5, 2009 at 4:56 PM

      “Take a look at this article, it shows Muslims in Germany are trying to push their beliefs on Germans.”

      It looks to me more like the GErmans pushing their disbelief on the Muslims – was it necessary for them to sing something offensive to Muslims? If i insult ur parents do u have the right to say that i shouldnt do that? U r not even giving me the right express myself… wait isnt that what ur accusing Muslims of?

  45. Frank

    August 5, 2009 at 10:34 PM

    Hey Rifai you ever think the Germans don’t consider Muhammad to be a prophet, but rather just another historical figure ? The Muslims are trying to make the Germans put a person in high esteem that don’t believe is fit to be. What are you talking about? You can think whatever you want about Muhammad, and they have the right to think what they want, right? Germany isn’t a Muslim country, they don’t need blasphemy laws like Egypt or Pakistan.

    You might not have made an oath to the USA, but if you live here there are numerous ways you support the government. A government that has killed more Muslims then Ghengis Khan !

  46. Medina

    August 8, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    this is insane, r People still hating on muslim women because of there hijab? wat was the jugde doing while the lady was gettign stabbed? wallahi ( i swear in the name of allah) if kafers have a right 2 live in this world so do we, who made them special? why didnt the police check the guy 2 make sure he had nop weapon? its seems like more and more of the muslim women R getting killed, this isnt right.

    inallilahi wa ena ellay raju’un.
    may allah give teh sister al-ferduse and may allah help the family get over the pain she has left behind.

  47. Ayesha

    August 10, 2009 at 11:34 AM

    im gettin dizzy just readin all this good for nothin arguing. the hard fact is that ALLAH guides whom he wills. no person can put imaan into the heart of a non believer. islam is a religion of peace and love kindness and forgiveness. it stands out among all the rest of um,…u were born naked and crying and helpless and ull die old and frail…consider yourself before u consider Islam.

  48. Ayesha

    August 10, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    the quran is a book of great miracles. how do u explain that if it isnt a divine revelation????????????????????

  49. Abdul

    August 20, 2009 at 12:54 PM

    I agree with Ayesha

  50. Phil

    September 1, 2009 at 2:49 AM

    two issues with the article.

    1. “Hijab martyr”, do we call murdered muslim males “kufi martyrs” or “beard martyrs”? You should stop defining the woman by her choice to follow a fard.

    2. Europe has been like this for over 2000 years, you think the Jews had a bad time only when the fascists got into power in Germany/Italy? It won’t change any time soon.

    And expanding on that, i agree with Dawud, in fact i know one dua that goes something along the lines of “Oh Allah, increase us in oppression until we promote the good and forbid the wrong.”

  51. Gholam Hossein Zakeri Dehvasati

    October 7, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    Gh. Zakeri
    93 Regent Walk,
    Aberdeen, AB24 1SX
    Date: 13th July 2009
    Tel Home: 01224 483 777

    Egyptian Embassy
    26 South Street,
    London W1K 1DW
    Tel.: 020 7499 3304
    Fax: 020 7491 1542
    E mail:

    Subject: The Roots Of The Problems That The Muslims Experience in Europe
    The Murder Of The Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini
    The 32 Years Old Pregnant Egyptian Lady In Germany

    To: The Honourable Mr Hatem Seif El Nasr
    The Egyptian Ambassador in London

    I refer to my letter dated 9th July 2009 in respects to the subhuman barbaric murder of the innocent 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini on Wednesday 1st July 2009 in Dresden Germany while she was in the court in order the German Judicial System deal with the severe racism against the Egyptian Lady in 2008 while she was at a playground in Germany playing with her child.


    By MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press Writer – Mon Jul 6, 3:06 pm ET

    CAIRO – Thousands of Egyptian mourners marched behind the coffin of the “martyr of the head scarf” on Monday — a pregnant Muslim woman who was stabbed to death in a German courtroom as her young son watched. Many in her homeland were outraged by the attack and saw the low key response in Germany as an example of racism and anti-Muslim sentiment. Her husband was critically wounded in the attack Wednesday in Dresden when he tried to intervene and was stabbed by the attacker and accidentally shot by court security. “There is no god but God and the Germans are the enemies of God,” chanted the mourners for 32-year-old Marwa al-Sherbini in her hometown of Alexandria, where her body was buried after being flown back from Germany. “We will avenge her killing,” her brother Tarek el-Sherbini told The Associated Press by telephone from the mosque where prayers were being recited in front of his sister’s coffin. “In the West, they don’t recognize us. There is racism.”Al-Sherbini, who was about four months pregnant and wore the Islamic head scarf, was involved in a court case against her neighbor for calling her a terrorist and was set to testify against him when he stabbed her 18 times inside the courtroom in front of her 3-year-old son

    I wonder how the Egyptian Government and Nation would take the necessary actions against this subhuman barbaric crime against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini in Germany. However, the crime against Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini in Germany is crimes against the entire Muslims in the world. On these bases I request from the Egyptian Government, the Egyptian Nation, all Muslim Governments and all Muslim nations to take serious legal actions against the German Police and Judicial System because of the circumstances that ended up to murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini in Germany. Surely, the German Police and the Authorities of the German Judicial System could have prevented such crime but they allowed the crime to take place deliberately and on purpose as the evidences prove these claims. In the European States there are many such crimes that being carried out on daily bases against Muslims. In past seventeen years that I had to live in Scotland because of my family circumstances as my wife is Scottish and I have four children who born in Scotland experienced severe racism against the existence of my family, the welfare of my children and myself. I was working in Iran as Merchant Marine Officer up to September 1992 but due to family crisis that caused for my family by my in-laws and others in Aberlour which is a place in Scotland I had to stay in Scotland to be near to my children.

    In past seventeen years I have witnessed in Britain the sheer of subhuman barbarities and violation of the most primitive Human Rights against many Muslims from various parts of the Muslim World. In these respects the prime issue that I would like to point out is that all Muslims are very proud of the Islam as the Islam is the Glory of the Mighty Allah (Sob’haneh TeA’llah) given to the Muslims that made the Muslims the righteous people in the World in all respects in order the Muslims live in peace with themselves, with other nations and with the nature. I as Merchant Marine Officer travelled to many places of the world and never found any people to have a better way of life and believe than the way of life of Muslims and believe as the Glory Islam.

    However, I believe the Muslims at this Era of mankind history must introduce Islamic to the non-Muslims through points of Law, credible legal arguments and credible logical arguments and at the same time to be prepared to defend Islam and Muslims in any other ways if situation arises. Islam and Muslims are extremely precious gift of the Mighty Allah (Sob’haneh TeA’llah) and should defend Islam and Muslims all over the world and with any cost should defend even one Muslim when that Muslim has been subjected to cruelty, barbarity and injustices as such crimes has been carried out against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini, her three years old son and her husband in Germany. The sheer of barbarity carried out against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini and her family is out of imagination that could ever happen in any civilised human society. The truth is that there are many Muslims in the European countries that have been treated more and less similar to what has been carried out against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini and her family in Germany in 2009.

    Unfortunately, it is many decades and maybe it is more accurate to say many centuries that Muslim governments and Muslims have forgotten the very important principles, moral and ethical values of Islam because there are Muslim Nations and Muslims live in non-Muslim countries being treated unfairly but none of the Muslim Governments take any action whatsoever to defend those Muslims living in non-Muslim countries or Muslims nations that being pounded by the non-Muslim military powers. In these respect I refer to slaying of the innocent 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady murdered on Wednesday 1st July 2009 in the city of Dresden in Germany by the German Police and the Authorities of the German Judicial System on bases of racism in order terrorise all Muslims in the Germany and in whole European States. On these bases the barbaric Murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady is Institutional and organised crimes.

    شهادت مظلومانه «مروه شربيني» بانوي محجبه مصري در دادگاه شهر «درسدن» آلمان

    The barbaric murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady should weak up all Muslims all over the world in order seriously consider this Murder as the new crusade war of the Europeans against Islam and Muslims that it is many decades which is on and now it began with such Institutional fascism and Nazism by some elements of the European Governments and not only the Government of Germany which is totally in hands of the Zionist. There are many such murders that has been carried out against Muslims in the European countries that never been reported because such Institutional fascism and Nazism against Muslims has been carried out in sophisticated ways. I am aware of one such cold blooded murder of a Turkish man in Aberlour where I used to live with my family prior to 1992. The murder of the Turkish man in Aberlour had been carried out few years before January 1975 that I went to Aberlour to send my holiday there.
    The wife of the Turkish man is Scottish from Aberlour and she is involved in that crimes in order abduct the four boys of the marriage. However, my wife during 1992 referred what Mary did to her Turkish husband and she stated to me if Mary can do it so she can do it. The crimes in such ways are the principles of the Scottish culture that my wife and her family based on such culture they aimed to murder me in sophisticated way in order abduct my four children and pillage my matrimonial assets. However, in past seventeen years since 1992 I have been subjected to the most barbaric fox hunting technique in order force me leave Scotland and forget about my children and my assets that comprises from a house and piece of Land. In past seventeen years that I had to live in Scotland because of my family breakdown I came to know many facts about the sheer of sophistication of barbarities and cold blooded holocaust against Muslims in Britain. The barbaric murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady proves the sheer of barbarism against Muslims all over the European countries.

    The analyses of the sheer of crimes against Muslim Nations like the innocent Palestinian nation in past sixty years and the Muslims live in the European States bring about many questions about the causes of such crimes by the European Governments and Nations against Muslims in past many decades. I would like to refer to some of these questions in this document in order draw the attentions of the Hierarchies of the Muslim Governments like the Honourable Mr Hatem Seif El Nasr the Egyptian Ambassador in London and the Honourable Mr Rasoul Movahedian the Iranian Ambassador in London to the causes of such crimes against Muslims and request from the Hierarchies of the Muslim Governments like the above mentioned names to consider my questions and the answers that I propose in order initiate the course of actions for rigorous actions against those Governments and Institutions that carried out, promote or support such crimes against Muslim Governments, nations and the Muslims live in the European States or elsewhere in the World.

    The most important questions that I would like to bring to the attentions of the hierarchies of the Muslim Governments and nations as follows;

    1) What are the causes and reasons that Muslims immigrate to non-Muslim States like the European Countries?
    2) What are the solutions that the Muslim Governments could take in order reduce such massive immigration of Muslims to the non- Muslim countries.
    3) What are the economic opportunities, creation of higher education opportunities and development of Muslim countries measures that the Muslim governments should take in order prevent massive immigration of Muslims to the non- Muslim countries.
    4) Is the Muslim governments have the economical, financial and technological potentials in order help each other to create all the necessary environments as mentioned in above to create massive job opportunities, Higher Education facilities and development activities in the less rich Muslim countries in order create wealth and prosperities for all Muslim nations using the potentials of all Muslim nations.
    5) If the answers to the above questions are positive on what bases the Leaders of the Muslim Governments in past sixty years after the Second European barbaric War against the Civilised World particularly against the Islam and Muslims or at least in past thirty years after the Islamic Revolution in Iran the Muslim Leaders did not thought about the above questions or if they did what were the reasons that almost all of the Leaders of the Arab World and some of the non Arab Muslim Leaders instead of helping each other they conspired and collaborated with the enemies of Islam and the Iranian Nation in order create the eight years imposed war against the Islam and the Iranian nation to stop the growth of Islam in the Muslim Lands that could initiate the progressive ways for recovery of Islamic Principles and ways of guiding the Muslim nations for progress and prosperities as such that Muslims do not have to immigrate to non-Muslim Countries to work or to study that in both cases they achieve nothing except ill-treatments as carried out against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady and her family that on 1st July 2009 she was murdered in the most barbaric way in the Court of the Dresden city of Germany while the Authorities of the German Police and Judicial System watched the horrific crimes against 32 years old pregnant Muslim Lady.
    6) I am sure if put the above questions to any Muslim in the world certainly they will answer the Muslim world have all the potentials in order become the World’s most powerful economy in all dimensions range from science, technology, Economic, Education and Muslim nations living standards reach such standards that no other nation in World could achieve.
    7) Considering the opportunities and capabilities of the Islamic Nations again I ask from the Muslims Leaders and the Hierarchies of the Muslim Governments why the followers of Islam that their lands given to them by the Almighty Allah (Sob’haneh TeA’llah) have so much wealth should need to immigrate to non-Muslim countries that the subhuman people like those who organised to murder the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini in German treated Muslims in such way considering the fact that the European countries without having economical relations with the Muslim nations cannot live one day and yet they treat Muslims in their land as third or even lower class citizen such that they Murder highly Educated Muslim Lady in such barbaric way. I wonder if the Egyptian Government and other Muslim Governments after sometime forget about the sheer of crimes against the Muslim Lady the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini in German because one Egyptian hierarchy stated we should try not to damage relations between Germany and Egypt that means Egyptian life worth nothing and European can kill Muslims in the European Countries as much as they wish but the Muslims governments fear of the day that the European States turn their face on them.
    8) I am sure if put the above questions to any Muslim in the world certainly they will state the Muslim nations can achieve all their goals in respect to progress and development in all Muslim Countries if all the assets of the wealthy Muslim Nations instead of being kept in the European Banks or the Banks of the United States of America to develop non-Muslims countries be invested in the Muslim countries that only need investment to utilise their resources and capabilities to progress in wide range sectors of economy.
    9) I am sure if put the above questions to any Muslim in the world certainly they will state the above goals achievable if the Muslim Leaders were like the Iranian Leaders Late Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei and Dr Mahmoud Ahamadinejad and not like some Arab Leaders that act as slaves of the Europeans and the United States of America to keep their illegitimate ruling Governments by suppressing their nations to protect the interests of the Western capitalist states.
    10) The last question that I would put to the Leaders of the Islamic world and particularly the Arab Leaders on what bases these Leaders do not involve their nations in power sharing in order do not depend on the European and the American governments while the European and the American Governments abuse the Arab Leaders as their puppets, dogs and monkeys in order protect their own interests. Surely, if the Arab Leaders in some cases aim to protect their interests they will be remove just like the way Saddam Hossein been removed just like dirty wild dog. Surely, it is acceptable that Leaders should present themselves to public in smart outfit as means of communication. However, the leaders that only have the best hair style and suit made by the best tailors, fashion design and dressmaking but in performing their legal responsibilities towards their nations act as puppet and dogs of the foreign powers like the European and the United States of American Governments such Leaders if they suicide will be the greatest service that they can give to their nations and the history of their country.

    Unfortunately, there are number of such leaders in the Muslim world and particularly in the Aran world otherwise the problem of the Israel could be resolve many years ago if the Arab world were united based on Islamic Principles and doctrine. It is on these bases that many Muslims immigrate to the European countries and experience savage murder like the murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady in Dresden city of Germany on Wednesday 1st July 2009. The Authorities of the German police and the Court in Dresden must have arranged murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini otherwise how was it possible knife taken to the Court Room. In past seventeen years I experienced several times the scenarios that the Scottish Police and the Judicial System aimed to legalise my murder in order put an End to my struggles for justice in respect to the integrity of my family, the welfare of children and my legal rights to my children and my matrimonial assets.

    In past seventeen years since 1993 many times I requested from the Authorities of the Iranian Embassy in London to help me in order save my four children from the Scottish holocaust against the integrity of my family but always my request turned down. Surely, the Authorities of the Iranian Embassy in London must have thought that my life and the human rights of my children worth nothing and relationship with the British Government is more important. I just remind the Egyptian Government that Mr John Major the ex-British Prime Minister asked from the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to release the British who were arrested for drug smuggling in Egypt. The other case that the British Government made massive campaign is to get release of the British Teacher that insulted the Prophet of Islam in Sudan although she was given only eight days sentence just as gesture to please the public cry out.

    The other similar case is that Mr John Major the ex-British Prime Minister asked from the Thailand Government to release the British who was arrested for drug smuggling in Thailand. The European Governments although are criminal and terrorist Governments but they act very quickly for their subjects to release them from the jurisdiction of other Governments even if they have carried out serious crimes like the staff of the British Embassy in Tehran that after 12th June 2009 the tenth Presidential elections the Iranian staff of the British Embassy in Tehran conspired and collaborated with counter revolution gangs to create situation for velvet revolution in Iran. However, unfortunately the Iranian Embassy in London did not take even one legal action to help me in my seventeen years struggle for justice in Scotland. The Scottish police and judicial system since 1993 till now 2009 through sophisticated abuses of Law and legal procedures they have legalised abduction of my four children and pillage of my matrimonial assets by my Scottish wife.

    However, I am very proud, pleased and satisfied that I as Iranian Marine Officer served Islam and my country Iran during the Eight years imposed war against Iran and Islam by all barbarians in which number of Arab Governments help the savage regime of Saddam and his masters that eventually his masters killed Saddam, his sons and others just like dirty savage dogs. However, the Iranian nation never bend down to the savages of the European and the United States of American Governments and any other such power because the Iranian nation rely on Allah (Sob’ha.Te’Ah), Islam and their history as the driving force that will bring for them victory one after another (Enshah Allah) as the World witnessed up to this date. This is the glory of the Iranian Nation that only relied on Allah (Sob’ha.Te’Ah) but Saddam relied on evil states and eventually those evil States destroyed his regime and hanged him just like savage dog.

    However, I know one Egyptian Engineer in Aberdeen that one day in the University of Aberdeen told me, it is not possible for him to secure an Employment in Egypt because in Egypt either you must be related to one of the hierarchies in Government or you have plenty money to pay bribe money to number of officials to secure an Employment and then you can do the same to others. I have to be so blunt and sharp in my statements although I am aware some of the words should not be used in this document. I know of one Muslim wealthy man in Aberdeen that gave Job to non-Muslims because do not like Muslims for some reason and particularly the Iranians as he is Iraqi and possibly related to Saddam.

    However, surely the barbaric murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady that carried out by the German Judicial System and police in Dresden city of Germany should wake-up the Egyptian Leaders and the Leaders of the Muslim World in order understand and realise the sheer of barbarities against Islam and Muslims in the European countries.

    On these bases those Leaders of the Muslim World that still act as puppets of the Western imperialist States that they claim to be the guardians of Democracy and Human Rights but the Authorities of their Judicial Systems and Police carried out such barbaric murder of innocent pregnant woman that her aim only was to preserve her dignity as human and the values that Islam have given to mankind through teaching of Islam, they shall never have mercy on those Leaders and when the colonial Powers come to believe that certain Leaders no longer useful for their purposes will kill that puppet as they hang Saddam just like savage dog as we all seen his hanging ceremony.

    In these respects I would like to refer to the continuous interference of the Western Leaders into the internal affairs of the Islamic countries claiming in the Islamic Countries there are no respects for human rights and freedom of thoughts while in the most developed Country of the European States the most barbaric and vicious murder being carried out while the Authorities of Police and the Judges of the German Judicial System witness such horrific crimes against Muslim pregnant women. The murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady that occurred in German Court in the city of Dresden should not be forgotten. The Egyptian Government and the other Islamic Governments must take legal actions in order set up an International court of justice to take the Authorities of the German Judicial System and the Police to court for trial and bring to justice the Authorities of the German Judicial system and Police who are responsible for barbaric organised racially motivated murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady because they must have organised such murder as means of terrorism against the Muslims in all European Countries. Surely, in order achieve such important issues all Muslims nations and Governments must get united despite the differences that they might have on various issues.

    Finally, I would like to present my proposal legal solution for the sixty years of Palestine occupation case to the Leaders of the Egyptian Government and those Leaders of the Islamic nations that receive this document. It is the responsibility of all Muslims in the world to contribute as much as they can to put an End to the suffering of the innocent people of Palestine that brutally been treated by the European Governments, the Government of the United States of America and the Zionist occupiers of the Land of Palestine in past sixty years. Those who have assisted the Zionist occupiers of the Land of Palestine in whatever ways and whatever means in past sixty years are responsible for all the sufferings of the innocent people of Palestine in past sixty years.

    In past sixty years since the occupation of the Land of Palestine as the people of the World observed the uncivilised barbaric military aggression by the Zionist occupiers of the Land of Palestine against the innocent people of Gaza Strait during the 22 days from 27 December 2008 till 19 January 2009 are the worst barbarities that ever happened to the people of Palestine in past sixty years considering the use of sheer military power and barbarity. The Israelis claim finished a withdrawal from the Gaza Strait on January 20 2009 but up to this date the Israelis every soften carry out massive military attack to the Innocent people of Palestine in Gaza Strait in order prevent any reconstruction of the destruction that they caused during the Israel’s 22-day war on Gaza that left more than 1,400 Palestinians dead, including around 400 children.

    The following news clip and article illustrate the sixty years occupation of the Land of Palestine and every suffering of the Palestinian people since the occupation all are because of the foreign policy of the Government of the United States of America and the European Governments that must End through an International Court of Justice as I suggested in my proposal legal solution for the Palestine case as attached to this E mail.


    A Fragile Cease-Fire

    On January 19, 2009, the Israelis said they intended to be completely withdrawn by the time that American president-elect Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. A senior Israeli official said the move was to allow Obama to focus on rebuilding Gaza and securing a long term peace. International Herald Tribune: Israel hopes to complete Gaza troop withdrawal by Tuesday (January 19, 2009) Israeli military officials said the last troops were removed before dawn on Wednesday, January 21, Israel Withdraws All Troops From Gaza Strip (January 21, 2009)

    The causes of the massive barbaric military attack by the Israeli Military forces against the innocent Palestinian people of Gaza Strait explained to some extend in the following article.
    This article appears in the January 9, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

    Gaza Attack: A Preemptive

    Strike Against Peace

    by Jeffrey Steinberg

    Jan. 2—In January 2008, this author circulated a memo, warning that Israeli factions had begun to plan for a bombardment of the Hamas government in Gaza, and that the attack would likely occur before the end of the year. The memo read, in part:
    I received a report on Jan. 15, 2008, from an Israeli source with close ties to Olmert inner circles. I pass it along, with interest in any thoughts or feedback.
    Following the Bush visit to Israel, the Israeli security cabinet met and approved, in principle, major military strikes into Gaza to uproot Hamas. A number of factors will determine whether or not this actually happens.
    First, the Winograd Commission, investigating the July 2006 Lebanon war, issues its final report and recommendations on Jan. 30. The Commission has already said it will not call for Olmert’s resignation, but a harsh finding, pointing to his failures, above all others, could precipitate a government crisis….
    [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak would prefer that the [Ehud] Olmert government remain in power through November. He is pushing the Gaza incursions, and more. The plan would be for Israeli forces to move in to Gaza in force, but also be alert for action from Hezbollah. In that case, the IDF [Israeli Defense Force] has prepared for a new Lebanon war, this time extending into Syria. Barak needs a big military success, to take back the Prime Minister post. Bibi [Likud bloc leader Benjamin Netanyahu], for his own reasons, would prefer to see the Olmert government fall in the immediate wake of the Winograd findings, because right now, he is polling well ahead of every other candidate to be the next Prime Minister. Then he could have the war option on his watch.
    The Gaza plan also considers the possibility of Iran taking some kind of action in support of Hamas, which would serve as a possible ‘Plan C’ trigger for combined Israeli-American military actions against Iran; actions that have been otherwise stalled due to strong Pentagon and CIA opposition. This was reflected in the National Intelligence Estimate [concluding that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003], and more recent efforts by Admirals Mullen and Fallon to get some kind of rules of engagement agreement with Iran, to assure that no new incidents in the Strait of Hormuz lead to a direct confrontation ‘by accident.’
    While Bush was promoting a ‘final two-state solution’ in his talks in Israel and Palestine, it may be the case that the one-year timetable involves these planned Israeli strikes against Gaza. So in Bush’s jaded logic, shared by some in Israel, the path to peace is along the road of war….
    The events of the past week conform precisely to this January 2008 report from a qualified Israeli source, and speak volumes about the fraud of the Israeli government claims that the ongoing IDF assault on Gaza is in retaliation for the end of the ceasefire, or recent rocket attacks into Israel, or any other “event-driven” explanations for the brutal Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

    LaRouche: Only ‘Threat’ Is Peace

    On Dec. 30, 2008, Lyndon LaRouche issued a blunt assessment of the Israeli action, characterizing it as a strike against the “threat” of peace. LaRouche denounced the Israeli military action as an “act of supreme insanity” that could lead to the destruction of Israel altogether. “The idea that Israel can defeat the Palestinians by the kind of military brutality that we have seen over the past 72 hours is the height of insanity,” LaRouche declared. “It is the same insanity that led Israel to attack Lebanon in July 2006, but this time, having seen the consequences of that Lebanon fiasco, it is far more insane.”

    LaRouche thoroughly rejected the widely circulated Israeli argument that Israel faces an existential threat from Iran, and that the attack on Gaza is aimed at destroying Iran’s Hamas assets, which pose a threat of asymmetric war against the population of Israel. “The only ‘threat’ to Israel is an outbreak of peace. There is no credible threat of war against Israel.”LaRouche addressed the deeper issue that has locked the entire Southwest Asian region in tragedy for the past hundred years: “The disease afflicting those Israeli leaders who sanctioned this military action is the Sykes-Picot mentality. They have become so accustomed to playing the role of pawns in the British imperial divide-and-conquer games in the region, that they have lost the ability to think in terms of their own self-interests.

    With the incoming Obama Administration in Washington, after eight years of Bush-Cheney madness, we have a genuine opportunity to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and Syria—right away. It could be accomplished on the first afternoon that President Obama is in office. And a Syria-Israel peace deal would immediately be followed by an agreement involving Lebanon. This would dramatically change the dynamic in the entire region, and would set the only conditions for a truly just and viable two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.Such an eruption of peace would pose an existential threat to those in the region who remain locked in the Sykes-Picot logic.

    The Sykes-Picot Treaty of 1916, between Britain and France, divided the territory of the former Ottoman Empire between the two colonial powers, and set in motion a perpetual conflict along religious, ethnic, and tribal lines. Both the major Zionist movements, particularly the Jabotinskyite “Revisionists,” and the Muslim Brotherhood, were creations of the Sykes-Picot arrangements. While focussing the bulk of his harsh words on the Israelis for the murderous assault into Gaza, LaRouche also noted that some of the Hamas leadership, who are leading figures within the Muslim Brotherhood, are prone to the same self-destructive insanity, that only feeds into the climate of perpetual conflict.

    Perhaps this explains why at least a faction of Hamas leaders apparently rejected efforts by the Egyptian government and others to maintain the ceasefire with Israel, until after the Bush-Cheney Administration had left office. Isn’t it time to bring an end to this madness? We have a unique opportunity, right now, to reach an historic peace agreement between Israel and Syria and Lebanon,” LaRouche concluded. “Such an agreement would rapidly lead to a just solution to the Palestine crisis, and that would bring an end to the tyranny of Sykes-Picot, that has crippled this region for the past century. The fact that certain people in Israel, and leading circles in London feel gravely threatened by such an eruption of peace, cannot be an excuse for inaction.

    LaRouche also emphasized that the events in Gaza cannot be separated from other Anglo-Saudi provocations around the globe, all directed at creating a mess for the incoming Obama Administration. The Nov. 26-29 attacks in Mumbai, India; the destabilization of the African continent, from Sudan, to Somalia, to Zimbabwe; and the intensifying narco-insurgency on the U.S. southern border with Mexico, LaRouche asserted, are all part of a single effort, emanating from London, to sink the Obama Administration before the new executive team assumes office. LaRouche explained:

    The Anglo-Dutch faction, facing an existential collapse of its entire post-Bretton Woods financial system, is hell-bent on the total destruction of the nation-state system, and the imposition of a post-Westphalia global financiers dictatorship. They had their way in Washington for the last eight years of Bush-Cheney, and they have nearly succeeded in destroying the United States. They are not happy with what they have seen so far of the incoming Obama team, and they will stop at nothing to complete the destruction of the United States.
    That is the only context for fully understanding the events in Gaza that are playing out today.


    I have submitted my proposal legal solution to the Iranian Leaders in past. The only solution for the Palestine case is legal solution based on Law and justice considering the facts of the Palestine case as I have explained in my proposal legal solution for the Palestine case. Those who are involve in occupation of the land of Palestine and excluded the innocent people of Palestine from their father Land must obey the Law, justice and facts about the Palestine because what is illegal and illegitimate cannot and never will be accepted as legitimate and legal State regardless of the Military power of those who occupied the land of Palestine in past sixty years and those who support the illegitimate and the illegal regime of Israel. Justice must be done for the innocent people of Palestine and the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady that been murdered by the barbarian people in the German court. Please fine my proposal legal solution for the Palestine case as attached files.

    However, in past seventeen years I have experienced the sheer of barbarities and savageries of the Scottish solicitors, Police, Authorities of Scottish Courts and the Judges. I know for sure that Murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady is organised institutional crimes because no one can take even keys into the European Courts without knowledge of the security guards that are everywhere in the Governmental Offices having lower importance than Courts. The investigation about the method used for murder must find out how knife was provided for the killer and how many German Judicial System’s Officials plotted the crime against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady.

    On these bases the knife had been provided by the Court Officials with knowledge of the German Police in order the killer murder the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady in order the German Police terrorise all Muslims in the Germany and in the European States. Surely, all Muslims in the World request from the Islamic Leaders and the Leaders of all Muslim Governments to issue orders to put sanction against the Germany for at six years in order organise further sanction against other European Countries because of racism in Europe against Muslims and other ethnic minorities that ended up to such horrific murder against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady. There are many of crimes against Muslims in the European countries that never the Muslim nations know about them.

    I as an Ex-Marine Officer who married with Scottish girl about 30 years ago and had to live in Scotland in past seventeen experienced in hard ways the sheer of Institutional racism and fascism of the Scottish Police, solicitors, the Scottish court’s Authorities and the Judges because of my family breakdown that was organised ethnic cleansing against the existence of my family in Aberlour through abusing the Scottish Law and the power of the Scottish Courts by my wife’s family, the savage racist gangs in Aberlour which is a small town in Banffshire Area of Scotland. In respects to my family case the Scottish Police, solicitors and the Judges who were involved in my family case in past seventeen years they abused their legal power to legalise abduction of my four children and pillage my matrimonial assets which is comprised from a house and a piece of land that I bought for my family on 4th December 1984 which is twenty five years ago. I paid the price of my house cash and did not borrow money from Bank.
    The Scottish women same as the other European females they abuse the Family law to pillage their matrimonial assets and in these respects they abuse the children as legal means to achieve their unlawful and immoral aims because all these activities are based on conspiracies, collaborations and lodge of forgery documents to the Scottish Courts.
    It is in these respects that the Scottish Police, solicitors, court’s Authorities and Judges abusing the Law, legal procedure and legal Authority to legalise all the crimes against ethnic minorities. These criminal activities by the Authorities of the Scottish Judicial System that has turned the Scottish Judicial System into Institution of crimes against ethnic minorities cannot be regarded as impartial and credible Judicial System. In fact the ethnic minorities in the European Stated are being abused as slaves in order they work, pay taxes and consequently their properties being pillage in various ways through abuse of different legal techniques. These are the facts about all the Europeans States and how ethnic minorities abused and treated by the European Police and Judicial System.
    The same barbarism and savageries are being carried out in the Scottish Universities by the Authorities of the Scottish Universities. I have eight years experience of such barbarism in the three Scottish Universities and two English Universities. It is in these respects that I decided to write about the barbaric murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady by the barbarian German Judicial System although apparently the savage murder has been carried out by one person only.
    I request from the Leaders of the Islamic Countries to take serious collective legal Actions through the International legal bodies in order setup an International observation, surveillance and inspection about the unlawful treatments by the European Judicial System against members of ethnic minorities in Europe and particularly in Germany in order carry out an International Investigations about the sheer of valuation of Human Rights in the European Countries like Germany and Scotland.
    The Great Persian Literature contains thousands and thousands of narratives and parables that describes in brief statements almost all of the philosophical issues, gives admonishes for better life to individuals and human society, give warnings to individuals and human society about the outcome of behavioural problems by individuals and human society and many other issues that are out of the scope of this document to discuss them.
    In respect to abuses of law and legal Authority by corrupted individuals in human society and governmental officials like police Authorities, solicitors, Judicial System Authorities and Judges as being carried out in the European States like Germany and Scotland there are many parables and narratives in the Great Persian Literature. In these respects there is a famous parable in the Great Persian Literature that states “The Law in hands of savage barbarians is similar to swords in hands of drunken made beasts that wave them in the air and kill innocent people indiscriminately”. This parable perfectly describes the sheer abuses of Law and Authority by the German and Scottish Police, solicitors, Court’s Authorities and Judges as happened in respect to the savage murder of the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady by the barbarian German Judicial System although apparently the savage murder has been carried out by one German in the German Court.
    I request for a reply from the Authorities that receive this document in order inform me of the legal actions that their respective Government would take in respect to the severe violation of Human Rights in the European Countries that should be considered as organised crimes against Muslims in the European States by the officials of the European Police, Judicial Systems and the other governmental Departments and Offices.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr G.H. ZAKERI Ex-Marine, B.Eng. Hon. Civil & Struc., M.Sc. Cons., Manage., M.Sc., Theo. Struc. Eng. Grad. Mem. ICE

    The Honourable Mr Rasoul Movahedian the Iranian Ambassador
    16 Prince’s Gate, London, SW7 1PT,
    E mail:

    Cc:2 Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
    Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia
    Blok Utama, Bangunan Perdana Putra
    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
    62502 Putrajaya, MALAYSIA
    No. Fax: 03-88884333, Tel: 603-88888000, Fax: 603-88883444

    Cc:3 The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
    43 Belgrave Square
    London SW1X 8PA, United Kingdom
    Tel: 020 73 93 0202, Fax: 020 73 93 00 66, 020 73 93 92 13

    Cc:4 Indonesian Embassy
    Consular Section
    38 Grosvenor Square
    London W1K 2HW
    Tel 020 7499 7661
    Fax 020 7491 4993
    E mail:

    Cc:5 Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre
    164 Spital, AB24 3JD
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    United Kingdom
    Telephone: 01224 493764
    General Secretary’s email:
    Imam’s email:

    The clips from the Iranian newspapers as follows;

    از اتوبان هاي اشتوتگارت تا دادگاه «درسدن» (يادداشت روز)

    شهادت مظلومانه «مروه شربيني» بانوي محجبه مصري در دادگاه شهر «درسدن» آلمان اگرچه خشم ملت هاي مسلمان و بسياري از آزادانديشان جهان را به دنبال داشته است و ديروز در ايران اسلامي نيز تابوت نمادين او كه به حق «شهيده حجاب» نام گرفته است روي شانه نمازگزاران جمعه تشييع شد و اين خشم و خروش هر چند به زودي خاموش نخواهد شد، اما در اين ميان نكته اي است كه متأسفانه از نگاه و كانون توجه جهان اسلام و ملت هاي مسلمان دور مانده است و آن نكته- بخوانيد يك واقعيت تلخ و غير قابل انكار- اين كه، مروه شربيني را دولت آلمان به شهادت رسانده است، نه «يك شهروند آلماني»!
    تا آنجا كه در گزارش هاي خبري آمده است، ملت هاي مسلمان در خشم Ùˆ خروش خود عليه اين جنايت خواستار محاكمه قاتل آلماني Ùˆ اشد مجازات براي او شده اند Ùˆ ديروز بالاترين مقام دادستاني مصر- دادستان كل – در واكنش به اعتراض گسترده مردم اين كشور كه سكوت دولت مصر را معني دار! Ùˆ نشانه وابستگي حسني مبارك مي دانستند، در يك كنفرانس مطبوعاتي Ùˆ راديو تلويزيوني اعلام كرد تحقيقات درباره چگونگي حادثه منجر به شهادت مروه شربيني را آغاز كرده Ùˆ به مردم خشمگين مصر قول داد؛ بعد از پايان تحقيقات از دولت مصر مي خواهد، عليه قاتل آلماني به دولت اين كشور شكايت كند!
    از سوي ديگر «شيخ محمد طنطاوي» مفتي اعظم – بخوانيد درباري- مصر كه سال گذشته در كنفرانس اديان در نيويورك شركت كرده Ùˆ همزمان با جنايات وحشيانه صهيونيست ها عليه مردم غزه، در حاشيه اين كنفرانس با شيمون پرز رئيس جمهور رژيم صهيونيستي به خوش Ùˆ بش نشسته بود، طي مصاحبه اي درباره شهادت مروه شربيني ضمن محكوم كردن اين جنايت، هشدار مي دهد كه «بايد مراقب بود، اين حادثه به روابط دنياي اسلام با جهان غرب آسيب نرساند»! Ùˆ…
    ماجرا، اما فراتر از جنايت يك شهروند آلماني است Ùˆ شواهد Ùˆ قرائن موجود- آنگونه كه خواهد آمد- كمترين ترديدي باقي نمي گذارد كه قتل مروه شربيني به دستور مستقيم دولت آلمان صورت گرفته Ùˆ قاتل اگرچه مستحق مجازات مرگ است- Ùˆ ان شاءالله اين مجازات به دست مسلمانان غيرتمند حتي در زندان شهر «درسدن» انجام پذيرد- ولي وي در اين ماجرا فقط عهده دار يك مأموريت بوده است. چرا…ØŸ!
    1- از اكتبر سال 2001 ميلادي- يك ماه بعد از ماجراي حمله به برجهاي دو قلوي تجارت آمريكا در نيويورك- و در پي يك مصوبه از سوي دستگاه قضايي آلمان، تمامي مراجعه كنندگان به دادگاه- غير از قاضي و دادستان- بازرسي كامل بدني مي شوند. مطابق اين مصوبه كه اجراي آن با دقت نزديك به وسواس انجام مي پذيرد، مأموران پليس علاوه بر آن كه تمامي مراجعه كنندگان را از دروازه هاي اشعه ايكس- XRAY- عبور مي دهند، محتويات جيب، كيف دستي و حتي كف كفش هاي آنها را به دقت بازرسي مي كنند تا آنجا كه نه فقط چاقو يا آلات قتاله ديگري نظير آن، بلكه از ورود «دسته كليد» و تلفن همراه به دادگاه نيز جلوگيري مي كنند. اين بازرسي منحصر به دادگاه هاي جنايي نيست، بلكه در دادگاههايي كه موضوع رسيدگي آنها دعاوي حقوقي است هم بازرسي هاي مورد اشاره به دقت و بي وقفه انجام پذيرفته و مي پذيرد. بنابراين «آليكس»، قاتل «شهيده حجاب» چگونه موفق به حمل دشنه شده و اين آلت قتاله علي رغم عبور از دروازه هاي اشعه ايكس و بازرسي دقيق بدني از چشم مأموران آلماني پنهان مانده است؟!
    2- قاتل «مروه شربيني» در حالي كه مأموران پليس- علي القاعده- به دقت ماجراي محاكمه را زير نظر داشته اند خود را به «مروه» رسانده و با وارد آوردن 18 ضربه چاقو، آن بانوي مظلومه و باردار را به شهادت رسانده است. چرا مأموران آلماني به محض حمله ور شدن آليكس به «مروه» مانع او نشده اند. مخصوصاً آن كه وي به عنوان متهم در دادگاه حاضر شده بود و مطابق يك روال تعريف شده در تمامي مجامع حقوقي، مأموران موظف هستند كه بيشترين توجه خود را معطوف به متهم كرده و از اقدامات غير منتظره و احتمالي وي جلوگيري به عمل آورند. چرا مأموران حاضر در دادگاه با وجود آن كه اتهام اوليه متهم، حمله به «مروه» در يك پارك بوده است دقت و توجه لازم و ضروري در اينگونه موارد را كنار گذاشته و به قاتل اجازه حمله داده اند؟!
    3- قاتل شهيده حجاب، بعد از حمله با وارد آوردن 18 ضربه چاقو آن زن مسلمان و مظلومه را به شهادت رسانده است، به بيان ديگر، قاتل براي وارد كردن 18 ضربه چاقو، از وقت و فرصت كافي!! برخوردار بوده است و مأموران از آغاز حمله تا پايان ماجرا- بخوانيد مأموريت آليكس- فقط شاهد و ناظر صحنه بوده و كمترين عكس العملي از خود نشان نداده اند و حال آن كه بلافاصله بعد از حمله قاتل مي توانستند مانع وي شوند و از شهادت «مروه» جلوگيري كنند. بنابراين كمترين ترديدي نيست كه قاتل با اطمينان از عدم دخالت مأموران حاضر در دادگاه و بدون دغدغه از پيشگيري و ممانعت آنها مرتكب جنايت شده و تا اطمينان كامل از شهادت «مروه» به مأموريت خود ادامه داده است. توجه شود؛ 18 ضربه چاقو در مقابل چشم مأموران پليس آلمان!! چگونه ممكن است؟!
    4- نكته درخور توجه ديگري كه در مأموريت «آليكس دبليو» از سوي دولت فاشيست آلمان و برنامه از قبل طراحي شده براي شهادت «مروه شربيني» كمترين ترديدي باقي نمي گذارد، شليك مأموران آلماني به سوي همسر آن شهيده است. پليس آلمان در تمامي مدتي كه قاتل با وارد كردن 18 ضربه چاقو به مروه شربيني در حال انجام مأموريت خود بود، ساكت و بي حركت باقي مانده ولي به محض آن كه همسر مروه براي نجات وي به سوي او مي رود، پليس با شليك گلوله او را از پاي درمي آورد! شليك به همسر مروه نشان مي دهد كه مأموران پليس نه فقط دقيقاً صحنه قتل را زير نظر گرفته بودند بلكه وظيفه داشتند از هر اقدامي كه مانع از انجام مأموريت آليكس شود نيز جلوگيري كنند!
    5- جرم اوليه قاتل، ايجاد مزاحمت براي «مروه» در يك پارك Ùˆ متهم كردن وي به «تروريست» بوده است. آنهم، فقط به فقط از آن روي كه زني مسلمان Ùˆ محجبه بوده است. اكنون به اظهارات مقامات آلماني طي چند سال اخير مراجعه كنيد. مگر آنها در مصاحبه ها، اظهارنظرها Ùˆ نوشته هاي رسمي خود مسلمانان را به «تروريست» بودن متهم نمي كنند؟! Ùˆ مگر خانم آنجلا مركل – آنجلا يا تلفظ آلماني آن، آنگلا به معني «فرشته» است كه «ديو» Ùˆ «شيطان» نام با مسماتري براي اوست- معتقد نبود كه در جريان انتخابات تركيه، روسري همسران طيب اردوغان Ùˆ عبدالله Ú¯Ù„ از نطق هاي انتخاباتي آنها در پيروزي اسلامگرايان مؤثرتر بوده است! Ùˆ مگر دهها مقاله در نشريات آلماني پيرامون خطر اسلام!! Ùˆ مخصوصاً حجاب زنان مسلمان نوشته نشده است؟! Ùˆ … بنابراين «آليكس دبليو» در همان چارچوبها دست به جنايت زده است كه دولت هاي اروپايي از جمله دولت آلمان تصوير Ùˆ ترسيم كرده Ùˆ مي كنند.
    6- در ميان كشورهاي اروپايي، دولت آلمان به «دولت تحقير شده» معروف است و به عنوان دولتي كه صهيونيست ها زمام امور آن را در دست دارند شناخته مي شود. كافي است بدانيم كه يهوديان آلمان در حالي كه فقط 150هزار نفر از جمعيت چند ده ميليوني آلمان هستند، بيش از 145 كرسي از پارلمان اين كشور را در قبضه خود دارند و اين باج گيري صهيونيست ها طي 6 دهه اخير- بعد از جنگ جهاني دوم و اشغال آلمان از سوي متفقين- همواره با اعتراض شديد مردم اين كشور روبرو بوده است.
    دولت آلمان به دولت «قتل هاي پنهان» نيز شهرت دارد Ùˆ اسناد فراواني حكايت از آن دارند كه آلمان ها بسياري از مخالفان سياسي خود را با صحنه سازي هاي جعلي به قتل رسانده انØ

  52. Ahmad

    October 7, 2009 at 9:29 PM

    I agree with all what you said in your letter

  53. Gholam Hossein Zakeri Dehvasati

    October 9, 2009 at 10:45 PM

    Subject: Grant of Noble Prize To The American President Mr Hossein Obama Is Noble Jock

    I would like to give my opinion in respect to grant of Noble Prize to the American President Mr Hossein Obama. It is obvious that such action have several aims similar to grant of Noble Prize to Sherine Ebadi the Iranian Lawyer that surprised me and many other people.
    In both these selections for Noble Prize political aims have the utmost aims and purposes. In respect to Sherine Ebadi the Noble Prize was given in order carry out some form of reforms in the context of the Iranian Revolution in order control the Iranian Revolution through Sherine Ebadi that they failed in those respects.
    However, offering Noble Prize to President Obama have more aims than giving Noble Prize to Sherin Ebadi and the aims as follows;
    1) To give political credit to the President hossein Obama in order carry out the policies that will be dictate to him by the Western Power and particularly the illegal and illegitimate Zionist Regime of Israel.
    2) To give prestige to the American Regime and its political activities all over the world particularly in respect to Iraq and Afghanistan.
    3) To give nature of acceptance to the Political activities of President Obama particularly the policies of American in respect to Palestine Case in order enforce the joint Zionist and American policies about Palestine case.
    4) The other abuse from offering the Noble Prize to the American President is that give prestige and validity to the American Government Policies in order reinforce the leadership of the American Government in respect to world affairs.
    5) The above analyses only illustrate some of the facts about offering Noble Prize to the American President Mr Obama.

    • James

      October 9, 2009 at 11:06 PM

      I agree with your opinion in these respects

  54. chocofudges

    November 11, 2009 at 6:15 PM

    My heart goes out to Marwa Sherbini and her family. I still do not understand how in a court full of people a women could get stabbed 18 times and her husband become wounded before something happens.
    There have been a lot of discussions about honor killings and stuff like that. I think that an important point to understand is the difference between Arab CULTURE and ISLAM. Islam prohibits the murder of another muslim (unless in self-defense). You are NOT allowed to kill your family according to this. Allah condemned the murder of baby girls-before Islam, families would bury baby daughters since they believed they would bring disgrace to the family by becoming pregnant. Omar ibn Qatab (lol i think i spelled that wrong) before Islam had buried his daughter alive (as they did) in the sand and she played with his beard as he put sand on her. The reason they did this was to maintain honor in the family, but Allah prohibited this and talked about the happy fate of these babies whose life was stolen from them in heaven. Islam, therefore, does not support the killing of a woman who strays from the path of Islam. Islam is a connection, a submission, of a person to Allah. His/her spiritual fate rests with Allah alone, and humans should not interfere with this at all. Arab culture, on the other hand, is the one that seems to condone honor killings and other related things. Many muslims combine this not exemplary arab culture with islam, forcing their daughters into marriages they do not want and with men how are abusive. This IS NOT CONDONED in the qu’ran or hadith. A woman, following the rules of courting and choosing a spouse with her family in Islam, has the right to say she does or does not want to marry a person. Those who force their daughters into marriage are violating Islam, and, unfortunately, seem to represent all of Islam to most people. The reason they may be forcing their daughters into marriage may also be a result of the environment (developing countries like Afgh. and Pakistan). Islam elevates and gives women rights, encouraging them to be modest so that they are not characterized by their beauty but by their morals and intelligence for being humble and able to focus on other things besides beauty. If muslims were to embrace true Islam again, with its submission to god, they would find it an even more peaceful religion, banning violence against those who have done nothing to you, protecting the women and the orphan, and many other things. Also, the leaders of muslim countries are hypocritical and are not good muslims themselves, wallowing in corruption and riches while the rest of the people are starving. Take Saudi Arabia for example. It was only until last year the 2,000 princes stopped growing wheat in the desert….i think if there were strong, tolerant muslim leaders leading the country not obsessed with power but trying their best to follow the doctrines of Islam, unfairness toward women and others would decrease as is the trend in civilized society (take Turkey for example). Salam

  55. Ikhlas

    November 12, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    so, the guy gets 15 years..,,,,,,,,SubhanAllah

  56. Ikhlas

    November 12, 2009 at 12:18 PM

    Life sentence..but will be reassessed after 15 yrs

  57. Free Quran Lessons

    March 17, 2010 at 1:11 AM

    I personally gone through reading your post and liked it, Thank you for bringing a useful information to ordinary people’s knowledge. Thank you.

  58. Hossein

    March 17, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    All Muslims wherever they are must up rise in order change their Government into Muslim Government according to Islamic Law. Surely, those Muslim government can claim to be Muslim Government that support the Palestinian case by give full supports to HAMAS and that they cut all their political, economical, cultural and etc relations with any Government that support the illegal Zionist regime of Israel.
    All Muslim Government must establish full relations with other Muslim Countries and by doing so establish the world’s Islamic Army in order defend all Muslims all over the world wherever they live through the International Law and International Judicial systems.

  59. Hossein

    March 23, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    Problems that The Moslims should solve and the METHODS that Muslims SHOULD employ to solve those Problems

    I refer to the news from Fars news about the Terror of the Palestinian’s Leader Mahmoud Abdoul Reuof AlMabhouh in Dubai.

    The most obvious problem with the Arab Governments is that on one hand they condemn the Terror of Mahmoud Abdoul Reuof AlMabhouh but on the other hand they stand in long queue to kiss the hands of the hierarchies of the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel and they are in competition with each other to give promises to carry conspiracies and collaborations with the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel.

    The obvious evidences in these respects is deadly silence of all Arab Governments and their Leaders during the savage attack of Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel against Lebanon and Gaza Strait in which two innocent Arab nations been subjected to savageries, barbarism and slaughter as the world community observed and they too did nothing rather they referred to the International Law and Security Council. These useless and unsuccessful International Institutions like UN and IAEA has been turned as dirty tools of crimes against humanity and jingoism, barbarism and colonisum of by the savage Western Nations and Governments like Britain, France, Germany and the United States of American.

    Surely, the Present World political structure with such standards must change by the International community uprising against abuses of the International Law and Institutions like UN and IAEA because of severe jingoism, barbarism and colonisum by the Western colonial States as named in above as these Terrorist States never give up their behaviours while the world community always try to solve the International problems by respecting the International Terrorist institutions like the Governments of Britain, France, Germany, the United States of American and the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel as the sole Judges of the world on the World’s Affairs and International Relations. Surely, the professional International criminal States and their Leaders like Bush, Blair and others shall never act like angles of peace and justice for their victims that accept injustices as the Rule of the International Law.

    I suggest to all Leaders of the Muslim World, the South American nations and their Leaders, the African nations their Leaders and the Asian nations and their Leaders to agree to put various sanctions on the International Terrorist States as named in this document until they act in civilised manner by changing their barbaric political attitudes against the rest of the world, discontinue and put an END to their recognition of the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel by expelling all members of the Embassies of the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel or arrest them according to the International Law base on War crimes activities similar to arrest of Radovan Karadzic the Serb criminal leader responsible for murder of 100,000 innocent people from Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1992-95 war against the innocent Bosnian people that fuelled by Serbs and Greeks. I state Greeks because all the Greek people and the Greek students in Scottish Universities supported Radovan Karadzic and Serbian criminal murderer guerrillas against the innocent people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Radovan Karadzic the 64 year old warlord presented his views of the 1992-95 conflict for the first time by stating massacre of Muslims was ‘just’ and’ holy’.

    The hierarchies of the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel they too consider the sheer of subhuman barbarisms and slaughtering of women, children and old people in Lebanon and Gaza Strait as ‘just’ and ‘holy’. By any standard massacre and butchering of innocent women, children and old people cannot be considered as ‘just’ and ‘holy’ except by uncivilised nations and Governments. The savage Western Nations and Governments like Britain, France, Germany and the United States of American are not civilised by any standard and they should be refer to as the Modern subhuman barbarians because these Western Nations and Governments especially the Governments of Britain, France, Germany and the United States always they supported, financed and armed the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel in past sixty years in order control and pillage the Middle East nations. On these bases all Middle East nations must take actions to remove the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel from Middle East in order maintain long term peace, developing of nations and their security.

    This is the time that the Civilised world should cut all their relations with the savage Western Nations and Governments like Britain, France, Germany and the United States of American until they behave fairly and justly as explained in this article. This is the only peaceful way to solve the massive world’s problems as all Civilised nations around the world suffered during the Era of jingoism, barbarism and colonisum by the savage Western Nations and Governments. Enough is enough and patient have a limit how long more manipulation with the International Law, paradoxical political negotiations like the sixty years of negotiations between the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel and Palestinian nation to solve the problems that never will be solve until the Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel exist.

    The nature of Illegitimate and Illegal Zionist Regime of Israel based on Illegitimate and Illegal acts how anyone expect a Illegitimate and Illegal child become angle of mercy???? It is Impossible!!!!.

  60. Maryam

    July 22, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    OMG Ameera jan this was the worst thing i heard in days.

    JazakAllah khayr for this, i pray that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala protects the Muslim Ummah, that we unite and understand what role we have to play in this life ameen.

    I pray that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala makes for sr. Marwa a home near Him in jannah ameen.

  61. Tania

    July 30, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    Asalamalaykom. I quote: “whose only crime was that she was dressed the way a Muslim lady should dress outside her home – in her hijab” – PLEASE, PLEASE…..even when trying to have a certain style of writing, please never refer to a Muslimah wearing her hijab as a CRIME. There is no crime involved here. A Muslimah observing hijab is doing so in order to please Allah (Swt) and for this, there is no crime. I understand that this may have been merely part of the style of writing but the first paragraph of the story is already slanted as though there should be blame on this devout woman and this should never be the case. She simply was devout and chose to observe hijab because of her belief and this is not a crime.

    We must get away from the negative view that hijab is oppressive, a crime, a bad thing, a forced or coercive thing and all of the other negative things associated with covering her body and hair. Muslimahs choose to observe hijab. I realize that this isn’t always the case and that is unfortunate but the majority do choose hijab on their own and may Allah (Swt) guide us all, protect us when observng hijab and make it easy on us, inshallah:)

    • Gholam Hossein Zakeri Dehvasati

      July 31, 2010 at 7:15 AM

      Dear Tania, thank you very much for your commend about my article regarding the Martyr of Hijab Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady. I must draw your attention to the point that certainly you have overlooked the entire article and the theme of the issues that I raised in my article in contrary you have focused on one sentence that if read it independently that sentence can be criticized as negative understanding of Islamic Hijab which is not true at all. I highly respect all those Muslim women that wear Hijab because by doing so they prove themselves are moving in life towards perfectness and true human by understanding the secrets of the creation of mankind by Allah (S.T).
      However, if my style of writing in that sentence have made you understand what you have written, I sincerely apologies for the content of that sentence but my dear sister look at the entire article before you judge about my way of thinking about Islam and particularly Muslim women. Thank you very much for this and I hope you read my article again.
      Surely, from analyses of the sentence it is clear that my way of thinking was from the perspective of other side who have done the severe out of imagination crime against an innocent women, her unborn baby that she was carrying and her husband that he came to rescue his dear wife but he was shot at by German police while the judges watching the scene of crime. The barbaric criminal activities against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady and her husband is crime against Islam that were well prepared by the German Authorities without any doubts.
      I believe all Muslims must leave Europe and take all their possession with them and all Muslim nations and Government must cut all relations with the European nations and Government for at least thirty years until these barbarians realize that Islam and Muslims are united regarding their enemies and the problems that they have.
      The only way of unity between all Muslims is that first they understand the true Islam and what is the True Islam because until there are differences between the Muslim religious leaders about the principles of Islam it will be impassible to reach unity. Please think about these issues and investigate how many Muslims nowadays they find the true Islam which is the Islam of Ahl-E-Bait (A.S), the Islam of Al-Mehdi (A.S) the coming Imam (A.S) to offer justice for all mankind. Muslims like you have very high responsibilities in these regards because you proved yourself to care about Islam and Muslim women and I say Merhaba Tania, JezcomAllah Bel Kheir, Allah protect you and all Muslim women like you.

    • Gholam Hossein Zakeri Dehvasati

      July 31, 2010 at 7:28 AM

      Dear Tania, thank you very much for your commend about my article regarding the Martyr of Hijab Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady. I must draw your attention to the point that certainly you have overlooked the entire article and the theme of the issues that I raised in my article in contrary you have focused on one sentence that if read it independently that sentence can be criticized as negative understanding of Islamic Hijab which is not true at all. I highly respect all those Muslim women that wear Hijab because by doing so they prove themselves are moving in life towards perfectness and true human by understanding the secrets of the creation of mankind by Allah (S.T).
      However, if my style of writing in that sentence have made you understand what you have written, I sincerely apologies for the content of that sentence but my dear sister look at the entire article before you judge about my way of thinking about Islam and particularly Muslim women. Thank you very much for this and I hope you read my article again.
      Surely, from analyses of the sentence it is clear that my way of thinking was from the perspective of other side who have done the severe out of imagination crime against an innocent women, her unborn baby that she was carrying and her husband that he came to rescue his dear wife but he was shot at by German police while the judges watching the scene of crime. The barbaric criminal activities against the Martyr Dr Marwa al-Sherbini the 32 years old pregnant Egyptian Lady and her husband is crime against Islam that were well prepared by the German Authorities without any doubts.
      I believe all Muslims must leave Europe and take all their possession with them and all Muslim nations and Government must cut all relations with the European nations and Government for at least thirty years until these barbarians realize that Islam and Muslims are united regarding their enemies and the problems that they have.
      The only way of unity between all Muslims is that first they understand the true Islam and what is the True Islam because until there are differences between the Muslim religious leaders about the principles of Islam it will be impassible to reach unity. Please think about these issues and investigate how many Muslims nowadays they find the true Islam which is the Islam of Ahl-E-Bait (A.S), the Islam of Al-Mehdi (A.S) the coming Imam (A.S) to offer justice for all mankind. Muslims like you have very high responsibilities in these regards because you proved yourself to care about Islam and Muslim women and I say Merhaba Tania, JezcomAllah Bel Kheir, Allah protect you and all Muslim women like you.
      I write this reply but if you find any mistake please forgive me because my intention is to write and explain about the nature of that sentence that it seems negative but if read the entire article it is positive. Surely, for interpretation of even one verse of the Holy Quran the interpretation must be based on understanding the entire of the holy Book Quran and not interpret the verses of the Holy Quran individually as some Muslims do and they believe they have understand the Holy Book of Quran and cause so much problems for all Muslims.

      • sebkha

        July 31, 2010 at 1:09 PM

        You have nothing to apologize for Gholam. For anyone with a 6th grade level of reading comprehension, your point was completely clear and obvious. It was an effective, poignant use of sarcasm, and it’s not your fault that there are people out there who don’t understand context.

        • Gholam Hossein Zakeri Dehvasati

          July 31, 2010 at 2:56 PM

          Dear Sebkha
          Thank you very much for your commend.
          However, when there are commends about any written martial that concern many people it is the duty of the Author to clear any misunderstanding, otherwise the wrong concept will be transmitted to others and cause further misunderstandings.
          However, again I thanks you my dear for your understanding and commend. Surely, Allah (S.T) will reward you and your family. All Muslims have Divine responsibilities to introduce the True Islam at this Historic Era of the World in order remove all the afflictions that has been carried out deliberately and on purpose against the Nation of Islam and other nations all over the world. I pray for you and your family. Thanks again.

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  63. Islamic portal

    February 26, 2011 at 10:39 AM

    Whatever they would do , islam will inshallah win

  64. Aziz Gul

    September 5, 2012 at 3:05 AM

    Assalam O Alikum to All brothers & Sisters of Islam,

    it is too late to say something about great Martyr of Hijjab,but as we all are knows that Martyr are alive and Allah having his special blessing upon them, may Allah keep her blessing upon her soul. . yesterday our TV news channel were showing about international Hijjab day and about Great Marwa Sherbini, every single female news caster was without hijjab and she was promoting International Hijjab day? it was so funny and shameful for a Muslim country.

    Merve Kavakci was a lady she won election for Turkish national assembly in 1999 general election, she was only lady who enterd with hijjab inside the assembly hall after 75 years of modern Turky, president Bulent Ecvet and his secular follower had a huge protest against her this action, in the end she gave the resignation from her membership but she not removed her hijjab,she said” I am cannot follow the man mad law which is against the law of our creature” Marwa name is symbol of braveness, every muslim man should respect a scarf wearing woman and encourage her to do this, because every man will be answers to almighty about their woman on judgment. may Allah give us a Qalb e saleem to understand of importance of head covering of our women. and may Allah keep save and protected to all muslim’s around the world from all kind of evils who living in minority. amen.

  65. Aziz Gul

    September 5, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    another Brave Marva Story……

    Merve Safa Kavakçı (born 19 August 1968, Ankara) is Turkish politician, who was elected as a Virtue Party deputy for Istanbul on April 18, 1999.

    On May 2, 1999, Kavakci was precluded from taking her oath in the swear-in ceremony by members of the Democratic Left Party
    due to her headscarf. Her Turkish citizenship was revoked following the
    parliament ordeal. Kavakci lost her seat in the parliament in March
    2001. The Virtue Party was closed down by the Constitutional Court in
    June 2001, banning five parliamentarians including Kavakci from running
    for office for a period of five years.

    In 2007, Kavakci won the legal case when the European Court of Human Rights found that Kavakcı’s expulsion from parliament was a violation of human rights. [1]
    Since then, Kavakçı has been an outspoken critic of Turkey’s
    secularization policy, traveling the globe in support of Muslim women’s
    rights, especially to the hijab. In addition to lecturing at
    universities throughout Europe and the United States, Kavakçı addressed
    the 2004 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Barcelona. Kavakci also
    addressed British Parliament House of Lords in London, England. She has
    lectured and spoke at myriad of American and European Universities
    including Harvard, Yale, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Duisburg and
    Cambridge Universities.

    Kavakçı is a Hafiz-al Qur’an. She received her master’s degree from Harvard University and her PhD from Howard University. Kavakçı is currently a professor at George Washington University and Howard University in Washington D.C. She is the mother of two, Fatima Abushanab, 21 and Mariam Kavakci,

    Kavakci is recognized among the World’s Most Influential 500 Muslims.
    She was recognized among “Women of Excellence” by NAACP and GWU in
    2004. She was awarded the Public Service Award in Tribute and in
    Recognition of efforts for the advancement of human rights and Muslim
    Women’s empowerment by International Association for Women and Children
    in 2000. She was awarded Service to Humanity Award by Haus Der
    Kulturellen Aktivitat und Toleranz in Vienna, Austria in 1999. She was
    granted Mother of the Year Award by Capital Platform of Ankara and
    National Youth Organization in 1999.

    Kavakci is a consultant for US Congress on the Muslim world and a
    columnist for Turkish daily Vakit newspaper. She sits at the Editorial
    Board of Mediterranean Quarterly. She is the author of six books and
    numerous articles.

  66. CG

    January 16, 2014 at 1:35 PM

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioun

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