Al-‘Izzah: Forgotten Concept, Lost Virtue

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  1. AsimG says:

    ooo good intro

  2. Dawud Israel says:


    Finally talking about what the crux of the problem is! If it helps…I had a post regarding honor and dignity on my blog a while back:

  3. Siraaj says:

    Salaam alaykum guys,

    Strap yourselves tight, it’s a 5 parter, and I have to admit, its one of the few writing projects in which I invested a lot more time and effort than normal to craft the message correctly.

    We’ll be running the gamut of issues in this series AND providing a practical solution to this ‘Izzah issue that is both individual and community targeted, insha’Allah.


  4. Abd- Allah says:

    The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “If you deal in usury and hang unto the tails of cows, being satisfied with cultivation and ceasing to take part in Jihad, Allah will inflict a humiliation upon you which will not be removed until you return to your religion.” (Reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawud and graded as authentic)

    SubhanAllah, the prophet peace be upon him, in just one hadith, described the causes, identified the symptoms, diagnosed the disease, and gave us the cure to what the Ummah is suffering from currently, which is the humiliation and loss of ‘izzah and honour.

  5. Masha Allah, sounds excellent! I can’t wait to read further!

  6. Ghareebah says:

    Assalaamu Alaykum

    Hey guys… Come on… Hurry with the revelationt… After all we should strike for the best right..?
    So you share the secret with the rest of us… I’m all ears..

  7. SaqibSaab says:

    Finally this post is coming out, hehe. Looking forward to the rest iA.

  8. I was waiting for this to come out for a while :) Jazaakum Allahu khayran (Amatullah)

  9. AnonyMouse says:

    Gotta admit… I’m kinda nervous about it :)
    BTW people, you better enjoy this because these are going to be my last ‘major’ posts for MM! Insha’Allah after this, I’ll be on my way to beginning a new chapter of my life… so you can all take your last stabs at me right now!

  10. Amatullah says:

    Assalamu Alykum

    Please can we have an article on the recent Swat, PK event…its really distressing to see that flogging on TV..can we have an Islamic response to that?

    JazakAllahu Khair,

  11. Siraaj says:

    Gotta admit… I’m kinda nervous about it :) BTW people, you better enjoy this because these are going to be my last ‘major’ posts for MM! Insha’Allah after this, I’ll be on my way to beginning a new chapter of my life… so you can all take your last stabs at me right now!

    Nervous? Dont be nervous – be ready for an all-out comment battle royale that’s sure to be one heck of a slobber knocker, insha’Allah.


  12. ilmsummittee says:

    One of my favorite subjects, looking forward to it inshallah………………………. I remember writing my LuL maghrib HW about Allah (jalah jalaluhu)’s name, Al-Mu’iz.

    May Allah make us of those who bring izzah to the Muslim Ummah and are blessed with the izzah of Islam. Ameen.

  13. Dawud Israel says:

    Anonymouse: Nooooo!!! There aren’t going to be any more Canadians on here anymore… :(

    Siraaj: I have a feeling these comment battles will be more constructive and proactive than usual…hopefully, it will result in Anonymouse and yourself in posting an extra article to share the tips from the comments!

    Baraka Allahu feek!

  14. we need a canuck flavor on this site, or else who’s going to stand up to the yankees. :(

  15. Muhib says:

    We should qualify the usage of the word “superiority”. Honor is not about being superior over others. Rather it is about responsibility and courage for the welfare of others. A lot of zealous Muslim brothers and sisters justify their lack of interaction with non-muslims because they mistakenly feel that Allah has made them “superior” to “kuffars”.

  16. Sadaf says:

    Why Anonymouse? Where are you going? And what new chapter?
    Look forward to the series.

  17. sheik hyder says:

    I think If a muslim believe in himself and the meaning of his being Muslim then no self confidence class or course required for him. and there should not be any inferior complexity touch him.Allah has created every thing in this world for his true servant. And finally the Izzah is only and only for The Allah,His messenger(S) and for Muslim Ummah!

  18. Rimsha A.Hussain says:

    We are more into materialism these days…. We want more and more….have stopped being thankful to Allah for whatever He has blessed us with……

  19. Ibn Masood says:

    MashAllah. May Allah swt reward you abundantly for this post :)

  20. ComplexitySimplified says:

    Who are the best of people?

    Is it really us? Do we really command the good and forbid the evil?

    You are the best of people among all peoples, for you command Al-Maruf and forbid Al-Munkar, and you submit [in belief] to Allah. 3:110

    How often are those who forbid the evil, written off as intolerant and divisive?

    Why is it that we find that we have to sign agreements of cooperation with people of innovations and desire and commit not to forbid each other’s evil desires and innovations in order to be ‘unified’?

    Unity upon baatil is not honour – it is disgrace.

    Let us unite upon the truth and be forthright in commanding good and forbidding evil, even if doing so means people of innovation and desire part way from us and we from them.

    (And) lo! those who believe and do good deeds, they are the best of creation. (al-Bayyinah, 6-7)

    Let us look at our beliefs and deeds. Are these truly pristine, sincere and in accordance with the Sunnah or are our belief’s and deeds based based upon ignorance and desires? What good deeds do we have? Are they really of that calibre of goodness and magnitude that they elevate us to the ranks of best of creation?

    May Allah help us to command the good and forbid the evil, whenever and to whoever as required, in the best of ways and purify and perfect our belief and maginfy our good deeds in such a way that we are truly worthy of being the best of creation.

  21. Sister: No nonsense, Please! says:

    A very beneficial topic, jazakallah khair.

  22. slaveofAllah says:

    Subhanallah, Brother\sister
    You have spoken my mind I have came accross those comments many times and I had the answer in my mind but wasn’t able to answer it in these clear words, Alhamdolilah I was very please to see someone answer this.
    JazakAllahuKhairan and May Allah help us get our Izzah back Aameen

  23. Naseer aka mr cracker says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Thank you very much for the explanation. I’ve asked members of Islamic forums, search by google, and came up with nothing a faw years ago.

    Which is suprising when you consider it’s high importance in Islam and it being one of the 5 things held sacred in Islam. It’s also something (one’s honor) muslims are supposed to carry, defend, and hold highly.

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